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Caso washington post


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Clases primer semestre 2016

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Caso washington post

  1. 1. Can the Post maintain its legacy?
  2. 2. “The Post on its worse days is better than most newspapers on their best days” Robert G Kaiser “We had the best weather, the best comics, the best news report, the fullest news report. Today, there's a competitor who does every element of what we do, and many of them do it better. We've lost our edge in some very profound and fundamental ways.”
  3. 3. Investigative Journalism Maintains proactive tradition Variety of topics
  4. 4. Post’s Coverage of Crises Strengths •  Focus on Washington DC bubble •  Comprehensive policy coverage •  Editorials provide factual understanding of events •  Holding officials accountable •  Well organized website •  Supplemental & interactive materials online •  Effective in national and international news •  Learning lessons from past crises •  Innovative sources Weaknesses •  Focus on Washington DC bubble •  Subjective opinions in “news” pieces •  Dramatization •  Lack of unique information from the ground
  5. 5. Washington Post’s Foreign Bureaus
  6. 6. Conclusions •  Learning and adapting from their mistakes •  Continuing to walk the line within the DC bubble •  Maintaining a proactive stance, emphasized online, especially with political coverage •  The international coverage is adapting and improving upon mistakes, but the national policy coverage is the true unique trait of the Post and how the Post in-part lives up to the Watergate legacy