How mobile changed marketing


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How mobile changed marketing

  1. 1. How Alexander Graham Bell changed marketing
  2. 2. A look at the future... 27% of UK adults now own a many 12-15 year olds do? 30% 47% 5% 90%
  3. 3. A look at the future... 27% of UK adults now own a many 12-15 year olds do? 30% 47% 5% 90%
  4. 4. The picture today: The always on generation •Today 40% of the 2bn devices connected to the internet are mobile – by 2012 10 of the 11 billion devices will be mobile.
  5. 5. Bye bye to the PC.... Well maybe not... ‘As people rely more heavily on the web from everything from shopping to social networking, they need to access to computing power in more places’
  6. 6. Why is mobile on the rise? Three big reasons: The millennial are willing to absorb technology at a stunning rate The possibilities are endless Apple is now the world’s biggest fashion label
  7. 7. People are consuming more media than ever...and the world is a busy place 45% of their waking hours either watching TV or consuming media through mobile devices and PCs... ...not only this but 24% of that time is spent consuming media simultaneously...with 9.5 hours consumed in just 6.5 hours of real time What does this mean? Brands have to work harder to stand out from the crowd
  8. 8. Mobile is now how this generation of consumers and business buyers will interact online Last year mobile searches increased by 247% A real shift? Well yes...The volume of searches fell by 5% on PC People are going to discover brands using their mobile phone, so we need to deliver an optimal experience.
  9. 9. So what does this mean for marketing today? Mobile is now dominant in how customers access information online and consume media This means brands need to be agile, flexible and adaptive to rapid changes is more important than ever for brands to deliver a positive user experience online
  10. 10. Where is the opportunity for us and potential clients in the future? Mobile e-commerce •Last year 23% of people conducted an online transaction on a mobile device •As a real life example – ebay makes one sale every second on a mobile •Meaning the mobile e-tail market will exceed $12bn by 2014 Location based services •In 2010 there were 6 million check ins on 4 square •More importantly 26% of mobile users regularly use a map, tool or service to determine their current location giving instant data for highly personalised Mobile ads, directory apps and wifi ads to name but a few!
  11. 11. Where is the opportunity for us and potential clients in the future? QR codes •The growth of mobile does not mean traditional channels are redundant •QR codes should be used to bridge this gap...and for some other clever uses... Apps •48 billion app downloads by 2015 •In the UK 17.2 m people actively use apps on their phone (17% of these are in the sport and ents space) •67% want brands to provide interesting and exclusive content through apps... •...and 81% seek further interaction with a brand after using an app
  12. 12. Some examples...
  13. 13. What we think for the future... This is the way the world is moving. Mobile and social media should not just be an add on but an integral part of how you pitch and sell to clients – new and old Just the start of the road for mobile and this technology... It is important to make brands interesting and engaging and mobile is part of the puzzle