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B2B Summit 2013 Crunched


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All the expert views and insights from the 2013 #b2bsummit hosted by B2B Marketing ( Featuring all the best quotes, facts and statistics for business to business marketers on everything from changing buyer behaviour to content marketing and social media crunched by Earnest.

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B2B Summit 2013 Crunched

  1. 1. B2B SUMMIT 2013CRUNCHEDEverything you need to knowfrom the people in the know.♯b2bsummit
  2. 2. 400 B2B Marketing professionals,34 expert speakers,4 workstreams,2 keynote presentations,1 unmissable day in JuneThe B2B Summitwww.earnest-agency.com18 June♯b2bsummit
  3. 3. www.earnest-agency.comWe came, we saw, we crunched…Image: © Kyle, Creative Commons
  4. 4. 42% of B2B Marketers are moreconfident of delivering improvedresults in the next 12 monthsversus 33% of B2C Marketers.James SmeePurestoneThe grass islookinggreener onthis side ofthe fence:“”Image: © cdsessums, Creative Commons
  5. 5. The B2B buyingjourney is startingonline.But B2B marketersneed to adapt as theway people buy ischanging…More than 2 out of 3buyer journeys startwith a Google search.Jasper BellAmazeImage: © Automatic hotlinks, Creative Commons““””
  6. 6. 60% of the sales cycleis over before a buyertalks to a sales person.Kieran FlanaganHubspotImage: © Sam Cartelli, Creative Commons“”
  7. 7. We are all receivinginformation throughconstant jumpsbetween personal andprofessional networks– blurring the lines onwhere we are happy toconnect with brands.James SmeePurestoneImage: © Richard Rhee, Creative Commons“”Welcome to theconsumerisation of B2B…
  8. 8. Where it’s all aboutengaging B2B buyersemotionally…James SmeePurestoneWhat they wantMake me look goodTeach me somethingEntertain meImpress meGive me a momentGive me an experienceMarket with me not at meDo not sell to meTalk my languageImage: © AndyWoo, Creative Commons
  9. 9. In the way they want tobe engaged...Mobile is a primary businesstool for 56% of B2B audiences,rising to 73% for under 40s..”“Google Thinkb2bImage: © chrishamby,Creative CommonsJasper BellAmaze
  10. 10. Mobile is shifting everything –keep pace with your changingaudience.James SmeePurestoneImage: © Giovanni Novara, Creative Commons”“
  11. 11. If you really understand thecustomer – you win.“”Paul HigginsTalkTalkImage: © Cliff Hellis, Creative CommonsAll this matters because:
  12. 12. B2B buyers sayonly 1 in 10 salesconversations gavethem the valuethey wanted.Graham WylieDecision PointImage: © Ian Britton, Creative CommonsHowever, take note:“”
  13. 13. When it comes toinbound andoutboundmarketing – don’tcompletely turn offone tap, as youwon’t be able toturn the other onfast enough.“”Steve KemishCyanceImage: © Funny Games, Creative CommonsSo inbound and/or outbound?
  14. 14. Everyone is goingCONTENTCRAZYImage: © theisabelfish, Creative Commons
  15. 15. Great content is the bestsales tool in the world.@saleslion“”Kieran FlanaganHubspotImage: © Dominika KomendaCreative Commons
  16. 16. Like Coca Cola,think liquidcontent that canwork everywhere.“”Jasper BellAmazeImage: © Funny Games, Creative Commons
  17. 17. Scott McKeeBirddogThere are two types of story:man goes on a journey ora stranger comes to town.And it’s true even in the worldof B2B.Image: © Jorge FigueroaCreative Commons“”
  18. 18. Amanda PhillipsVolumeIf it’s all abouteducating youraudience, why isn’teLearning part ofyour contentmarketingstrategy?Image: © Tim EllisCreative Commons“”
  19. 19. Salespeople spend on average 40 hours amonth creating their own content forpresentations - and 90% of what marketinggive them is discarded.Graham WylieDecision PointImage: © Ben Cummin,Creative Commons“”
  20. 20. 99% of people are content consumers. 1% ofus are content creators. How can you turn100% of people in your business intocontent creators?“” Scott McKeeBirddogImage: © half alive,Creative Commons
  21. 21. A great tool to helpyou track interactionwith your contentTynt:A tool that allowsyou to track whohas copied andpasted yourcontent, andwhere it hasbeen shared.Steve KemishCyanceImage: © Ben Cummin,Creative Commons
  22. 22. Content should drivecampaigns instead ofcampaigns driving content.“Time for a re-think?”Paul Higgins,TalkTalk BusinessImage: © adamthelibrarian,Creative Commons
  23. 23. 3 sentence ideas arebeing turned into 36page eBooks.Microsites full of theobvious disguised asthe profound.Video interviews thatmight as well besubtitled Yadda-Yadda-Yadda.“Content creators beware”Jasper Bell,AmazeImage: © James Tworow,Creative Commons
  24. 24. Keep the bar high. Put out goodcontent. Forget frequency.“”Maria Burpee,DellImage: © Sponzone,Creative CommonsQuality is everything:
  25. 25. Were in a content armsrace. Soon therell be amassive content standoff,then a treaty to banproduction of new content.“”Via @philhaslehurstImage: © RMH40, Creative Commons
  26. 26. This social thingisn’t going awaysoonSocial networkswill eliminateemail.”“Scott McKeeBirddogImage: © macattck,Creative Commons
  27. 27. Maria BurpeeDellThe three keytricks to social:Listen. Engage.Sustain.“”Image: © Selvin Kurian, Creative Commons
  28. 28. The lifetime of amessage onTwitter is 17minutes.“”Maria BurpeeDellImage: © Sven-Kare Evenseth, Creative CommonsBut bear in mind…
  29. 29. A great tool to help with your social place to search forand connect with thewho’s who on Google+Ian DuncanMediaCoImage: © Alex Mestes, Creative Commons
  30. 30. Success is hard toquantify and evenharder to track.We’re still struggling tomeasure real results…”“Samuele Papi,Reading RoomImage: © Ian MacPapica, Creative Commons
  31. 31. But some measures arebetter than others…If you can’t change howyou behave, it’s a badmetric.”“Maria BurpeeDell Image: © Mark Van Laere, Creative Commons
  32. 32. Target audience www.earnest-agency.comDon’t forget creativityas it’s the thing thatseparates your processand plans fromeveryone else.”If you really want tostand out…“Paul Higgins,TalkTalk Business.Image: © Niels Linneberg, Creative Commons
  33. 33. Kieran FlanaganHubspotAnd brand matters more than everBe a brand that peoplewant to spend time with.“”Image: © Moyan Brenn, Creative Commons
  34. 34. Telemarketing is5x as effective ifyour prospectsknow your brand.“”Sylvia JensenEloquaImage: © Thomas Levinson, Creative Common
  35. 35. The only way you cantruly run an integratedcampaign is if you have asystem to pin it alltogether.“”Paul HigginsTalkTalk BusinessImage: © Coen Versluis, Creative Commons
  36. 36. Just do some stuff.Take the first steps.The worst that canhappen is you will feela bit stupid. The best?You begin torevolutionise yourmarketing.“”Paul HigginsTalkTalk BusinessImage: © Jjack Keene, Creative CommonsIf there’s only onething you take away…
  37. 37. That was the B2B Summit 2013 crunched a big thank you