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Earnest's B2B Sponsorship Activation Breakfast Crunched

Earnest got some of the biggest brands and sporting events in a room, gave them breakfast and asked their thoughts on how to make B2B sponsorship work in a better way for everyone. We've crunched some of the key insights and put them on this handy slideshare to help you plan campaigns more effectively.

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Earnest's B2B Sponsorship Activation Breakfast Crunched

  1. 1. B2B Sponsorship Activation Crunched November 2014
  2. 2. Sponsorship Activation Breakfast Earnest Offices, Thursday 6th November 2014
  3. 3. The way B2B brands and sport come together in sponsorship activation has changed forever One thing is clear
  4. 4. Sponsorship should enable us to do extraordinary things that we couldn’t do otherwise JPMorgan
  5. 5. With sport sponsorship B2B brands need to work harder to get exposure and compete with B2C brands QBE Europe But we need to get better
  6. 6. So what should we do?
  7. 7. © Earnest (London) Ltd 2013 To be an effective partner our sponsors need to communicate their wider marketing strategy and goals IRONMAN UK Set objectives
  8. 8. It’s important for sports and events to deliver against the specific objectives of its sponsors, rather than delivering a ‘one size fits all’ Goodwood
  9. 9. The best way B2B sponsors and sports can work together is by delivering shared marketing assets, adapted for different audiences Earnest Collaborate more
  10. 10. It’s important to align our sponsors to wider grassroots objectives to ensure we get more than one off opportunities LTA
  11. 11. Bringing sponsorship to life is the biggest challenge, brands need to go in with their eyes open and give it time JPMorgan There are challenges
  12. 12. © Earnest (London) Ltd 2013 Activation and brand education is the main thing for us. Business development is important, but we need to build the brand to help build the business QBE Europe
  13. 13. We’ve seen really positive internal engagement and awareness when players have come in and met staff First Utility But the benefits are clear
  14. 14. The best campaigns we’ve delivered have given B2B audiences meaningful content, creating a real emotional connection Earnest
  15. 15. Time for B2B and sport to come a little closer?
  16. 16. To find out more or take part in our next breakfast, get in touch Alistair Gammell Managing Director Sport and Entertainment Earnest 12 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 8BZ Direct line: (0)20 3463 9451