Winning SEO 2013 - High Level Approach


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A quick presentation on the place of search engine optimisation within overall marketing strategy, and the high level approach to winning Google.

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Winning SEO 2013 - High Level Approach

  1. 1. Winning SEO 2013+ Tomas Vaitulevicius @earnedmarketing Rightmove
  2. 2. ON TARGET Who would like 12 million free visits every month?
  3. 3. ON TARGET The Plan What is SEO? Who needs it and why? What does Google really want? How do you “Do” SEO? The crystal ball
  4. 4. ON TARGET What is SEO?
  5. 5. ON TARGET It’s Search Engine Optimisation, but for a while now it’s really been – Optimisation for Google Source: Rand Fishkin –
  6. 6. ON TARGET Who needs it and why?
  7. 7. ON TARGET Pinterest don’t need it that badly Source:
  8. 8. ON TARGET Google doesn’t need it at all Source:
  9. 9. ON TARGET Dollar shave club are not really after nonbranded searches Source:
  10. 10. ON TARGET Rightmove needs it Source:
  11. 11. ON TARGET Moneysupermarket really need it Source:
  12. 12. ON TARGET Searches on Google a day By now it’s well over 4,000,000,000 Source: Rand Fishkin – Evolution of SEO opportunities
  13. 13. ON TARGET “Eighty-nine percent of consumers surveyed use Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions, punctuating the need for a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.“ Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive Study Source:
  14. 14. ON TARGET Paid Marketing: ~10% of traffic ($40 Billion of investment in 2012*) Inbound Marketing: ~90% of traffic (but only $5 Billion of investment in 2012*) Source: Rand Fishkin – Don’t buy marketing - earn it; Forrester’s Interactive Marketing 2012 Report
  15. 15. ON TARGET Source:
  16. 16. ON TARGET What does Google really want?
  17. 17. ON TARGET Earn more & more & more money Mission - organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful Focus on the user and all else will follow Provide the best user experience possible, a.k.a give users the best answers to their questions!
  18. 18. ON TARGET “The internet is fast becoming a "cesspool" where false information thrives” "Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.“ "Brand affinity is clearly hard wired. It is so fundamental to human existence that it's not going away. It must have a genetic component.“ Google CEO, at the time, Eric Schmidt
  19. 19. ON TARGET Source:
  20. 20. ON TARGET How do you “Do” SEO?
  21. 21. ON TARGET Opinions of people with the same tastes How would you decide whether to watch a movie if there was no internet? Friends opinions Authority opinions
  22. 22. ON TARGET Ranking Factors 2002 50% 25% SEO: 1 Stuff the tags 2 Stuff the copy 3 Manufacture links 25% Page Tags Page Keywords Quantity of Links
  23. 23. ON TARGET Optimise long-term business ROI 2002 - cheating your way into Google was easy, cheap and not that risky BMW ban JCPenney ban 1,000,000s of others 2013 - Not anymore
  24. 24. ON TARGET “If there is something easy, effective and scalable that you can do to improve your SEO rankings Google will have no choice but to take it away.“ Will Critchlow
  25. 25. ON TARGET Ranking Factors 2013 19% 21% 15% SEO: 1 Build a competitive offering with a USP 2 Build a user friendly website with relevant useful content 3 Tell Google how to find it 10% 8% 8% 5% 7% Domain Link Authority Page Content Domain Brand Social Domain Quality 7% Page Link Authority Page Quality Usage Domain Topic Source:
  26. 26. ON TARGET Source: Fuzz One
  27. 27. ON TARGET Don’t try to squeeze this square peg into a round Google hole (it’s not what Google wants in their search results)
  28. 28. ON TARGET Neither this one
  29. 29. ON TARGET Nor this one
  30. 30. ON TARGET This one though, will do great even with minimal amount of technical SEO and will not carry any risk of being penalised by Google Source:
  31. 31. ON TARGET Not like these guys And it does Not like these guys
  32. 32. ON TARGET The crystal ball
  33. 33. ON TARGET 2005 – 10 blue links sending people to other websites Source:
  34. 34. ON TARGET 2013 – Google trying to understand the user intent behind the search term and answer it directly on the search results
  35. 35. ON TARGET “A study of the search engine result pages (sample size: 10k) revealed only 15% had no news, no local, no video, no image, no knowledge graph, no paid inclusion, no authorship.” Source @dr_pete: Beyond 10 Blue Links