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Page 2 of 3 of handout of letters and sounds presentation


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Page 2 of 3 of handout of letters and sounds presentation.

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Page 2 of 3 of handout of letters and sounds presentation

  1. 1. ‹ What are the important benefits of having a rich language environment for children? ccpỵưuni 0 EIllyYean cueevv Qlu1iVIdlnỊDaỊNl's:V›s Lu 2015 Your outdoor area should also be full of language rich opportunities as this is just as important as your Índoor environment but why ? Cowlgcl 0 Evỳỵvears Cvoen oimwuơung Duy Nưvems Ltd lols Examples of Good and bad practice in supporting children's speaking and listening Good Bad 0 Model good listening c Interrupç çhi|dren skills 0 Display inappropriate I Give children time body language ' EnC°uFase Children 0 Finish off children's IO make sounds sentences 0 Help children listen u compare children's co sounds abilities 0 Look, listen and note ợ Rush children cowrýcio Enrỳỵvnzn :nm Qmưvúrự Duy Niưxerưq Ltd Z0i5 7/30/ 2015 Implementing phase one into your communication environment Ơ Use meaningful language ~ Use a wide range of literacy resources/props-think about using resources for particular activities eg song tlme 0 Use visual aids as well as gestures 0 Display environmental print at children's height O Ensure books are available Coppriýcl Q Ea‹l1Vun ‹'artqvs.oinstaruđirỵDüỵ Nnnự Lm 1015 Everyday Opportunities You can incorporate letters and sounds into everyday opportunities through Ơ Daily planned speaking and listening activities and experiences. 0 Adult led activities Ơ Spontaneous Child led activities 0 incorporating opportunities into your daily routine. cøọμtgμt 0 Eariỵvcqn cmm oimwudmgbty Nllsulu Lư-1 Iols How to embed the Letters and Sounds programme into everyday practice Each aspect has three strands 0 Tuning into sounds 0 Listening and remembering sounds 0 Talking about sounds cupỵvumi 0 Earỳỵvun ùm thưlstzndlrỵbty Numra Lin lũi 5