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Information about Heuristic Play


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Some useful information about Heuristic Play

Published in: Education
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Information about Heuristic Play

  1. 1. Heuristic Play History of Heuristic Play According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘heuristic’ means helping to find out or discover; proceeding by trial and error. Elinor Goldschmied and Sonia Jackson coined the term heuristic play, they explained this was more of a structured opportunity for chil- dren. Heuristic play ’ provides exploratory play for children and offers plentiful opportunities. Things to think about when offering Heuristic play  Think about your resources wisely  Display resources in an inviting way  As children are reluctant to share, have duplicate items  Don’t offer to many objects at one time  Support children and ask open opened questions  Make observations  Use language to support the play  Follow child’s lead  Help children to develop their problem solving skills