20. Mpi Netherlands Chapter Bus Plan Strat Plan


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20. Mpi Netherlands Chapter Bus Plan Strat Plan

  1. 1. MPI Netherlands Chapter Business Plan 2007-2009 5/20/2009 1
  2. 2. Table of content Executive summary Current situation Basic information Vision, Mission, Values History Resources Chapter organization Products and services External environment The industry Market analysis Competitor analysis Competitive advantages Strategy and plans Objectives Business strategy Operating plan Financials Budget Risk analysis Overview SWOT Limiting factors Critical success factors Alternative scenarios Specific risks and their solutions 5/20/2009 2
  3. 3. Executive summary The successful “Dare to..” campaign has led to an increased awareness to MPI Netherlands members, across the boundaries of their reach, of their own boundaries and how to challenge them. A strong retention rate and a successful national conference were the results of relentless enthusiasm and efforts by volunteers to make things happen. Challenges were in the area of funding and sponsoring the activities. MPI Netherlands chapter is now daring to change its theme. Tref & Overtref in Dutch means, Meet & Exceed in English, where the idiom of Tref also has a triple connotation of 1) “to reach & touch on a deeper level” 2) “a chance or unique opportunity” Focus on running the association as a business. With funding having been identified as the number 1 obstacle in growing the chapter, a strong focus will be laid on that business principle before we attempt to expand volume. A sponsor adoption program (amongst board members) and increased awareness within MPI European HQ for the need of support in building that financial structure are 2 key themes. Autonomous tasks adopted at board level, allowing the committees to propel their initiatives will increase the need for a professional support structure. This we intend to do by centralising front and back office functionality in a paid external secretariat. Carefully examining the cost structure and making choices in what we can and cannot afford to do using flow through budgeting techniques. For our volunteer leadership experience we intend to start applying new sharing techniques. A state of the art online collaboration tools available to all our volunteers. This will allow them to co-create through web 2.0 publication and collaboration on a wiki farm platform. Gain experience in project working environments and adopt new technologies as they are coming more widely available. All these actions are for the sake and benefit of the members. They need to experience a smooth running high quality operation of MPI in the Netherlands. We will be exploring the threshold of growing the chapter to 300 members but with Dutch business rational. Will the current support structure be able to handle that volume? Will we need to make the business decision of employing a (part-time) executive director for the chapter in the coming 2 years to target growth? That we will determine in our 2008 board retreat. For now it is quality before quantity, retention before recruitment and user experience to grow the level of authority and recognition MPI has in the Netherlands. Current situation Basic data Name of Chapter : Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Netherlands Chapter Status : Foundation Office : MPI Nederland Secretariat, Rijnsburgerweg 159, NL-2334 BP Leiden Head Office : MPI Head Quarters, Dallas, Texas, USA Vision MPI International Build a rich global meeting industry community 5/20/2009 3
  4. 4. Vision MPI Netherlands To build an enriched Dutch Meeting Industry Community To exceed in growth (knowledge and members); value (members) and authority Theme for 2007-2008 Meet & Exceed (in Dutch = Tref & Overtref) Mission Make our members successful by building connections to: - Knowledge/Ideas - Relationships - Marketplaces Values - As a chapter we: • Are member centric • Flawlessly execute our programs • Forge powerful partnerships with our members, headquarters and other groups • DORIS Brief history of the Chapter and current status The Chapter Leadership had accepted a two year term when the Chapter was created. For this year that means that all positions were open for elections. 50% of the original Board has accepted another 2 year term in different positions and we have 4 positions with new board members (coming from the respective committees). The Netherlands Chapter Charter Date : 12/9/94 Chapter Location : Amsterdam, Netherlands Chapter Website : www.mpiweb.nl Actual year Total year end Target Total Current Year end Per Expected end membership 2006-200 2006 membership numbers month total YTD membership total 7 2007 total 05/06 projection achieved 06/07 Netherlands 84 7 63 84 233 233 233 200 Retention Target AVG 2006- Jun 2005-200 2007 6 Netherlands 79.39% 75% 85,43% 85,15% 5/20/2009 4
  5. 5. Resources The Netherlands Chapter has a history of being financially sound. To begin with, the owner’s equity is roughly € 30.000 and as per July 1 2007 we have € 24.000 on our bank account (Rabobank Our Chapter resources consist of funding, time & talent of our volunteers and MPI resources. Funding: Our chapter has a total of € 67.000,-- , to fund chapter activities this year (See appendix A for the budget). Time & talent: Our chapter has 11 board volunteers, who, in total, can devote an average 2 hour per week* to our Chapter. We have a structure of 19 committee volunteers (Educational 8 volunteers, Membership 5 volunteers, Educational 6 volunteers) who, in total, can devote an average 1 hour per week* to our Chapter. Next to the volunteers we have chosen for a paid secretary in our chapter that we can utilize as both a back and front office. In this way we have an extra 8 hours per week* devoted to our Chapter in addition to the above mentioned number of hours. *: based on 42 weeks per year the total of man/woman-hours is 11x2x42 + 19x1x42 + 1x8x52 = 2138 hours) MPI Resources: Our chapter will make full use of the tools and assistance* provided by headquarters. Organization and management The Board of Directors shall be composed of planner and supplier members. The chapter may use the best effort to maintain balanced ratio. Effective with the installation of chapter boards for the 2007-2008 fiscal year, the following positions constitute the minimum requirement for chapter board structure: President : planner President-Elect : not applicable yet Immediate Past President : supplier VP Membership : supplier VP Education : planner VP Finance : planner VP Communications : supplier Any additional board (and committee) positions will be at the full discretion of the chapter. Other board and committee positions that are in place in this chapter are: VP Administration : planner Director of Community Outreach :- Director of Monthly Programs :- Director of Publications :- Director of Educationals : planner (= Director of Education and PD) Director of PR and Marketing : supplier Director of Sponsoring : planner (= Director of Strategic Alliances) 5/20/2009 5
  6. 6. Director of Recognition and Awards :- Director of NL Conference : planner (= Director of Special Events) Paid staff : external secretariat office Lisiting of all Board members: See Appendix E Listing of all Committee members: See Appendix F Products and services MPI offers its members a wide range of products and services. In addition to the general MPI services (such as member solutions, research, educational conferences, magazine, website, newsletter) and tools (Skills Assessment, Resource Centre and CultureActive tool) the Netherlands Chapter offers: - Education - 6 educationals per year, general assembly with speaker and our annual 'NL-Conference' - Networking opportunities during chapter and industry events - A chapter website and in 2007-2008 an email newsletter will be re-instated - Member support through a paid administration - MPI Netherlands is also present at most industry events and strives to provide benefits and discounts for its members. Market analyses The Industry (economy, trends): Our chapter is particularly affected by: • An upmarket trend as far as the economy is concerned nationally • Increased international competition & pressure on Dutch destinations & city marketing organisations • Increased pressures on members to devide attention • Strong Euro versus foreign currencies The local industry: Our chapter is particularly affected by: • Traffic congestion • Focus on the Randstad area as main economic hub • Attention for development in secondary / feeder cities • Increased business reasoning and focus on performance and productivity • Aversion to too much international influence • Tendency to focus on Dutch Market place and domestic issues Market analyses/ who are our potential members MPI members in The Netherlands are typically from: • corporations (event managers, meeting managers, meeting procurement professionals) • associations (meeting planners, organisers) • government (meeting officials, organisers) • independent meeting planner organisation (PCO’s, DMC’s, AMC’s, Travel and Meeting management organisations) • suppliers (venues, hotels, av-companies, meeting services, support services) 5/20/2009 6
  7. 7. Competitor analyses • Genootschap van Event Managers (100 members, planner only), national association o Specifically this association overlaps with MPI on the planner side as it is focused on membership and services to Corporate Event Managers • HSMAI (750 + members), national chapter of international association o Predominantly supplier oriented (s&m professionals), competes with MPI through highly appreciated educational sessions • Centrum voor Live Communicatie (CLC 250 members Industry/Trade Association), national association o As trade association completely different services are provided, but on educational content members (suppliers and independent organiser companies) will have a choice. MPI should consider teaming up incidentally on educational content • SITE (100+ members), national chapter of international association o Focusses mostly on incentives and is not perceived as real competition for mpi Competitive advantages 1. Membership value through exclusive tools (Self assessment, CultureActive Tool) 2. Most international and comprehensive network 3. Open structure with peer-peer assistance and knowledge bank 4. Exceptional educational experiences and offerings 5. Rewarding closeknit network of MPI minded professionals 6. Preferred buying experience from MPI member to MPI member and from non member to MPI member. Strategy and plans MPI’s 2007 – 2009 Strategic Imperatives: • Build a Great Organization – Create a remarkable culture and structure • Evolve from Association to Global Community – Deploy programs, knowledge platforms and brand architecture to align with vision • Reinvent Business Relationship with Chapters – Invest in chapters to create channel partnerships around community results • Elevate the Member Conversation and Experience – Elevate programs and services to a higher level of experience and business return Objectives Objective 1 – Create professional development pathways and resources that enable members to evolve their careers toward positions or perspectives of strategic understanding and influence Objective 2 – Aggressively pursue opportunities to influence executives about the value meetings bring to their organizations. Objective 3 – Intensify business opportunities for supplier members. 5/20/2009 7
  8. 8. Operating plan Membership Plan (Nico Meyer) Objectives How to get there Target Date Budget Measure- Lead Expected ment Criteria Contact Outcome 5/20/2009 8
  9. 9. Membership – Create and implement January Tba - Conversion VP - Improve Exceed a net ‘prospect contact plan’ for 2008 rate from Member- conversion membership of potential members, with prospect to ship + into 300 by July 1st thorough contact and member committee member-ship 2008 follow-up steps to ensure - MPI - Drop rate that conversion from member after first 2 suspect to prospect and statistics years to member is conducted - drop rate reduced by optimally 25% Recruit new members in Actions Tba - MPI VP Grow areas where MPI deployed in member Member- member-ship Netherlands is not yet Q1&2 2008, statistics for ship + to exceed represented well, both by result to be chapter committee 300 net by member type and expected by July 1st 2008 geographically Q4 2008 Focus on transparacy and added value of member benefits (both general and chapter specific) 90% Retention of Create transparancy of Throughout € 500 – - # attendees VP 90% excisting member benefits and the year € 8.500 to Member- retention membership show added value of Results per (amounts informationse ship + membership by special July 1st 2008 depends on ssions committee printed materials in whether - Evaluation Dutch, informational European of sessions sessions, emailings, Council - Needs personal visits en Marketing Assessment dedicated sessions Grant is - MPI during NL Conference provided member reports Focus on new members Plan ready Tba # of members VP (0-2 years) with intensive by Q4/07. cancelling Member- ‘contact-plan’ in order to Exit ship + prevent drop-outs + interviews committee conduct exit interview implemented with every member that in Q1/08 leaves Conduct needs December Tba We strive for VP - 60% assessment among 1st 2007 a 60%+ Member- response membership to determine return on the ship + areas where chapter is survey committee strong and where improvement is needed. Also provides valuable information on topics/education etc Recruitment Recruitment Per month Retention goal goal 2007-2008 goal 2006-2007 2007-2008 2007-2008 Targets by MPI International 84 98 8 78% Target by MPI Netherlands 84 65 5 90% Education Plan 5/20/2009 9
  10. 10. (Nicolette van Erven, Caroline van Egmond, Jochem Treu) Objectives How to get there Target Date Budget Measurement Lead Expected Criteria Contact Outcome Meet and • alliance with Alliance = € 6.000 Quality Nicolette exceed the speakers October 2007 benchmark on van Erven quality of the platform Think Tank member present • Install a Think Q4 2007 experience at professional thank (of Multiple levels educationals = education meeting in Report card levels professionals educationals level figure = 8 ) by Q1 2008 out of 10 • To organize educational Target and tracks in deadlines for multiple actions listed levels or above to be segments determined and communicated to board by Q3 2007 in Business plan format Educational planning: See Appendix B Communications Plan (Jeroen Sirag & Michiel Middendorf) Objectives How to get there Target Date Budget Measurement Lead Expected Criteria Contact Outcome Meet & Exceed Keep up to date with Target and international objectives from Dallas / deadlines for communications Luxembourg -> actions listed developments on a synergi. below to be local level Create ‘out of the box’ determined ideas to communicate and new theme ‘Meet & communicated Exceed’. to board by Q3 2007 in Business plan format Allign website Reserve specific ‘web mpiweb.nl with budget’ in order to mpiweb.org keep up to date with 5/20/2009 10
  11. 11. MPI brand standards. Re-connect with web peers from Dallas / Luxembourg. MPI most present Content Management. association in Alligment with Dutch media preferred media partners. Become leading authority and knowledge leader. Establish a ‘great’ and strong relationship with key media influencers. Leading authority Content Management. and knowledge Alligment with leader sprekersplatform in order to secure quality of speakers educationals. Innovation in Research into new internal and possibilities and external opportunities e.g. communication second life. Explore creative ideas. Keep up to date with trends. Attract new Adopt new sponsor by sponsors boardmember. Build MPI to ‘A’ status brand. Translate sponsor opportunities (MPI tools etc.) in a clear and efficient way. Detailed programme will follow it the forthcoming months. Finance & Sponsorship Plan (Max Schreuder & Jarno de Boer) Objectives How to get there Target Budget Measurement Lead Expected Date Criteria Contact Outcome Increase Professionalize Set up Appr.10% Number of new JdB Increase in number of new committee, account sept 08 - of income sponsors cash sponsors management by all Ongoing on sponsoring board members, and process sponsoring and better just contact potential relation to sponsors, invite guarantee a potential sponsors for high level of 5/20/2009 11
  12. 12. a drink/lunch before retention in educational or the future activities High retention Account End of € 500,- 5 out of 6 JdB in current management august current sponsors sponsor committee 08 sponsors assign board //List of member to individual sponsors and sponsor & involve in account team account management by Q3 2007 task. sponsor lunch Hire external If granted by MPI Chapter JdB.Board Increase sponsor EMEA Grant MPI sponsor company (5000 euro) income Leadership Plan (Ruud Janssen, president-elect & Chris Lindeboom) Objectives How to get there Target Budget Measurement Lead Expected Date Criteria Contact Outcome Ensure Start nomination April 08 Suitable CL President for preparation of committee per candidate 2009-2011 leadership for january 08 president elect position per April 08 Check suitable Visit committees and January Personal visit RJ/CL Board chapter leaders involve committee 08 committee members in committees chairs in evaluation meetings and or throughout year election by by RJ & CL nomination committee Evaluate Quarterly evaluation 1 Member & RJ/PO Tender or performance and of Secretariat October board member contract training of Paid 2007 satisfaction extension Secretariat rating Monitor Board Develop Board Bi- Tbc Report card RJ Benchmark Performance Monitor online for bi- monthly figure Board tool for board monthly check and Monitor performance reporting In case of paid administrator in the chapter, don’t forget to plan for training and development for this person. Administration Plan (Patricia Oosterhof VP Administration & Monique Hak, Paid secretariat) 5/20/2009 12
  13. 13. Objectives How to get there Target Budget Measurement Lead Expected Date Criteria Contact Outcome To establish a Managing paid As per Fee versus delivery/ PO professional secretariat direct performance back and front office Improved January 12500-16350 More hours (read PO/ MS balance in 2008 money available) secretariat for paid contract to secretariat. service Actual hours: 8 membership Preffered hours: 12 adequately at least VP Admin is August Decrease of Milestones of PO/RJ process 2007 4000 of Burg reporting & project manager of & de Raadt delivery board issues and increase of secretariat for finance handling Integrated financial January Tbc Debt ratio and term, PO/MS administration for 2008 efficienty and MPI NL and MPI improvement in Conference NL tracking and administrative support Automatic renewal October PO/MvB membership 2007 Collaboration tool September Central RJ boardmembers 2007 Desktop : (Central Desktop € 873 Mindmapping eg) per year Mindmanage r € 3000 one off Innovate website October 2007 MPI International to JS/PO (more information) create satelite site for local website 5/20/2009 13
  14. 14. Financials In the frame work of this strategic plan we ask you to establishing a budget: A budget is a description of the monetary requirements to accomplish goals and objectives and the expected income from chapter activities. Process of establishing a budget: - Board of directors determines chapter goals (actie Board) - Committees establish their objectives for the year (actie committees) - Committees submit expected income and expense relating to objectives - Budget and Finance committee (or VP of Finance) reviews all submissions and prepares a complete chapter budget - Budget and finance committee presents proposed budget with recommendations for revision of committee budgets - Board of directors approves budget ( Action Board meeting September) - Budget and finance committee periodically reviews the budget and income and expenses. Revisions in the budget should be made on a timely basis (actie Max 1x per kwartaal & report in board) - At the end of the year a communication of the Chapter’s financial situation should be given to all board members (actie Max & Chris voor 2006-2007, actie Max & Ruud 2007-2008, 2008-2009) Next to this the MPI bylaws require the following financial statements to be created and reported back (All three reports are due to MPI on or before the first working day in October): (Actie MAX) - Balance sheet - Statement of Income and Expense - Audit (review) of Chapter Finances and audit statement See appendix C for sample budgets (both committee budgets and chapter budgets) and samples of the financial statement documents. 5/20/2009 14
  15. 15. Risk Analysis SWOT – Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threaths 5/20/2009 15
  16. 16. Limiting factors Critical success factors 1. Team work within the Board based on the DORIS model (Duidelijkheid, Openheid, Respect, Integriteit, Samenwerking) (oftwel the CORIC model Clarity, Openess, Repect, Integrity, Cooperation) 2. Accept a task only if we fully understand it and ask for help or support when that is required to fullfil the task within the deadline and expectation of the commitment. 3. Something is good when we achieve the results we have set out to reach 4. Quality is only quality and relevant when it leads to more satisfied and more members. 5. Speak -> Speak out -> Discuss -> Agree -> Adress // Spreken -> uitspreken -> bespreken -> afspreken - > aanspreken 5/20/2009 16
  17. 17. Monitoring and Evaluation Tools (Actie Chris/Ruud nav sessie Board retreat olv Paul) To ensure that we accomplish our plans and remain committed to our objectives, we will: 1. Board Monitor to monitor board member interaction, satisfaction and effectivity 2. Team work within the Board based on the DORIS model (Duidelijkheid, Openheid, Respect, Integriteit, Samenwerking) (oftwel the CORIC model Clarity, Openess, Repect, Integrity, Cooperation) 3. Accept a task only if we fully understand it and ask for help or support when that is required to fullfil the task within the deadline and expectation of the commitment. 4. Something is good when we achieve the results we have set out to reach 5. Quality is only quality and relevant when it leads to more satisfied and more members. 6. Speak -> Speak out -> Discuss -> Agree -> Adress // Spreken -> uitspreken -> bespreken -> afspreken - > aanspreken 5/20/2009 17
  18. 18. Appendix A CONCEPT Budget MPI The Netherlands 2007/2008 Description Expenses Income Saldo 1. General 1.750,0 Board expenses 1.750,00 0- 750,0 Stationary 750,00 0- 16.350,0 Secretarial expenses 16.350,00 0- 1.500,0 Accountant + Financial administration 1.500,00 0- 100,0 Bank costs 100,00 0- 50,0 Membership chamber of commerce 50,00 0- 1.500,0 Board retreat 1.500,00 0- 22.000,0 Sub total General 22.000,00 - 0- 2. Educationals & Social Events 500,0 Committee costs 500,00 0- 500,0 Presents 500,00 0- 6.000, Educationals 6.000,00 00 - 33.000,0 NL Conference * 33.000,00 0 39.000,0 1.000,0 Sub total Educationals & Social events 40.000,00 0 0- 3. Communications 500,0 Committee costs 500,00 0- 1.000,0 Hosting and domain costs website 1.000,00 0- 2.500,0 Upgrade website 2.500,00 0- 7.000, 7.000,0 Sponsor packages - 00 0 500,0 500,0 Internet advertising - 0 0 7.500, 3.500,0 Sub total Communications 4.000,00 00 0 4. Membership 5/20/2009 18
  19. 19. 500,0 Committee costs 500,00 0- 500,0 Recruitment costs 500,00 0- 1.000,0 Sub total Membership 1.000,00 - 0- 5. Various 17.500,0 17.500,0 Rebates MPI Europe 0 0 3.000, 3.000,0 MPI's equity (EV) 00 0 Unforseen - - - 20.500,0 20.500,0 Sub total Various - 0 0 67.000,0 TOTAL 67.000,00 0 - * see separate budget CONCEPT Budget NL Conference 2008 Description Expenses Income 1. General 1. Registration fees 500,0 Board expenses Members 5000,00 0 1.000,0 Accountant + financial admin non-members 3000,00 0 50,0 Membership Chamber students - 0 2.450,0 Secretarial costs + postage early birds 14000,00 0 4.000,0 22.000,0 Subtotaal General Subtotal 0 0 2. Speakers 2. Sponsorships 6.000,0 Hoofdsponsor / partner cash 7.500,0 Dagvoorzitter en sprekers 0 bijdrage 0 6.000,0 Subsponsors / Tabletops cash 3.500,0 Subtotaal Sprekers 0 bijdrage 0 11.000,0 Subtotal 0 3. Communications 750,0 Huisstijl ontwikkeling 0 Vooraankondigingen (3 x 1.500,0 5/20/2009 19
  20. 20. teaser) 0 8.000,0 Publiciteit en advertenties 0 750,0 Drukwerk 0 500,0 Fotograaf 0 2.500,0 Aanpassing website 0 Subtotaal 14.000,0 Communications 0 4. Ledenwerving 500,0 Actie voor potentiële planners 0 new member breakfast - 500,0 Subtotaal Ledenwerving 0 5. Suplliers Venue - Registration - 4.000,0 Banqueting 0 AV techniek - 1.000,0 Hotelrooms 0 1.000,0 Hostes bureau 0 6.000,0 Subtotaal suppliers 0 6. Various 1.500,0 Decoration 0 1.000,0 Unforseen 0 2.500,0 Subtotal various 0 33.000,0 33.000,0 TOTAL costs TOTAL income 0 0 5/20/2009 20
  21. 21. Appendix B Planning Educationals 2007-2008 Subject/The Venue Speaker Date Responsible me ALV 2007 RAI Strand Annual Meeting, August 24 Benjamin Dare to Zuid followed by a Nicolette change the speaker, sports theme… and bbq Movernpick Frank Wouters Ingmar Educational, hotel 18 Nov 07 Sloothaak Meet the Marketing Guru and exceed your orginal expectations Amstel Caroline van End of year or Intercontine 18 January Egmond New Years ntal 2008 meeting tbc NL Conference February Task Force Meet & Exceed! NL Conference 9 Caroline van Educational Jaarbeurs April //Session Egmond Utrecht as part of the educational program of the trade fair “Evenement” tbc Caroline van Educational 5 June Egmond tbc Caroline van ALV2008 29 August Egmond 5/20/2009 21
  22. 22. 5/20/2009 22
  23. 23. Listing of all Board members Appendix E COMMITTEE NAME FIRST LAST NAME ADDRESS LINE 1 CITY ZIP DAY PHONE FAX NUMBER EMAIL NAME CODE NUMBER President Ruud Janssen PO Box 302 Amsterdam NL-1000 +31 20 5040264 +3120 5040 225 ruud.janssen@congrex.com AH Immediate Past President Chris Lindeboom Generaal Rijswijk NL-2288 +31 70 4141500 +3170 4141510 clindeboom@chagallgroup.com Eisenhowerplein 1 AE Vice President Patricia Oosterhof- Koninginnegracht 43 The Hague NL-2514 +31 70 3107979 +3170 3622174 organizing@oosterhof-denhaag.nl Administration Sanders AD Vice President Finance Max Schreuder Van Marumstraat 9 Amsterdam NL-1098 +31 655374774 m.schreuder@maxxeffect.com RN Vice President Education Nicolette Van Erven P.O. Box 77 Harmelen NL-3480 +31348 443251 +3134 8446920 vanerven@mccm.nl DB Vice President Membership Nico Meyer W. Klooshove 20 Nieuwegein NL-3438PP +3130 6300688 +3130 6300117 nmeyer@qmatters.com Vice President Jeroen Sirag Museumplein 9 Amsterdam NL-1071 +3120 3052255 +3120 3052613 jeroen.sirag@stage- Communications DJ entertainment.nl Director Public Relations Michiel Middendorf Churchillplein 10 Den Haag NL-2517 +3170 3066206 +3170 3557299 m.middendorf@worldforumcc.co JW m Director Marketing Michiel Middendorf Churchillplein 10 Den Haag NL-2517 +3170 3066206 +3170 3557299 m.middendorf@worldforumcc.co JW m Director of Educationals Caroline Van Egmond A.J. Ernststraat 55 Amsterdam NL 1083 +3120 3010 334 +3120 3010338 c.egmond@nivra.nl (Director of Educations & GR PD) Director of Sponsoring Jarno de Boer P.O. Box 83005 Amsterdam NL-1080 +3120 679 3218 j.deboer@ics-online.com (Director of Strategic AA Alliances) Director of NL Conference Jochem Treu Postbus 113 Geldrop NL-5611 +3140 2852212 +3140 2851966 jochem@mediscon.nl (Director of Special Events) KE Paid Staff Monique Hak Rijnsburgerweg 159 Leiden NL-2334 +3171 5191094 +3171 5175835 info@mpiweb.nl BP 5/20/2009 23
  24. 24. Listing of all Committee members Appendix F MPI Netherlands Membership Committee 2007-2008 COMMITTEE FIRST LAST COMPANY ADDRESS CITY ZIP DAY FAX EMAIL NAME NAME NAME LINE 1 CODE PHONE NUMBER NUMBER VP Membership Nico Meyer Qmatters W. Klooshove 20 Nieuwegein 3438 PP 030 - 6300 688 030 - 6300 117 nmeyer@qmatters.com member (past Esther Van der BCD meetings & Watermanweg 42 Rotterdam 3067 GG 020 - 5603725 020 - 5603725 esther.van.der.meer@bcdtravel.nl VP) Meer incentives member (will Ingrid Tuinstra Global Event Jachtwerf 26 Zoetermeer 2725 DP 079 - 3437381 084 - 2203384 ingrid.gem@mac.com leave Sept 07) Management member Anne De Haas Shell Exploration & Kessler Park 1 Rijswijk 2288 GS 070 - 4474544 070 - 4475486 anne.dehaas@shell.com Production member Brenda van Oel Amsterdam Stadhouderskade Amsterdam 1054 ES 020 - 6075572 020 - 6075567 brenda.vanoel@marriotthotels.com Marriott Hotel 12 member Marije Hooijer NH Conference Langelaan 3 Noordwijkerhout 2211 XT 0252 - 378430 0252 - 378891 m.hooijer@nh-hotels.com Centres member Simone Geerts Evoluon World Noord Eindhoven NL-565 040 -2504611 040-2504676 s.geerts@evoluon.com Class Conference Brabantlaan 1A 2 LA Centre member Liesbeth Van Disneyland Taurusavenue 9 Hoofddorp NL-213 31237993443 31237993512 Liesbeth.van.heiningen@disney.com Heiningen Resort Paris 2 LS Business Solutions Member Gijs Verbeek Helmsbrisco Int Schoterstraat 33 Haarlem 2010 HH 31235458509 31877841176 gverbeek@helmsbriscoe.nl MPI Netherlands Communications Committee 2007-2008 COMMITTEE FIRST LAST NAME COMPANY ADDRESS LINE 1 CITY ZIP DAY FAX EMAIL NAME NAME CODE PHONE NUMBER NUMBER Vice President Jeroen Sirag Stage Museumplein 9 Amsterdam NL-1071 +3120 305 +3120 3052613 jeroen.sirag@stage-entertainment.nl Communications Entertainment DJ 2255 Director of Jarno de Boer ICS International P.O. Box 83005 Amsterdam NL-1080 +3120 679 j.deboer@ics-online.com Sponsoring AA 3218 Director of Michiel Middendorf World Forum Churchillplein 10 Den Haag NL-2517 +3170 +3170 3557299 m.middendorf@worldforumcc.com Marketing & Convention Centre JW 3066206 Communications 5/20/2009 24
  25. 25. Member PR Nancy Uitdewilligen Starwood Hotels Schipholboulevard 101 Schiphol NL-111 + 31 20 316 + 31 20 316 nancy.uitdewilligen@starwoodhotels.com Amsterdam Airport 8BG 4320 4316 member Martijn Reinhold De Postbus 23213 Amsterdam NL + 31 31206963228 m.a.reinhold@amc.nl congresorganisatie 1100 DS 205668645 van het AMC member MPI Netherlands Educationals Committee 2007-2008 COMMITTEE FIRST LAST COMPANY ADDRESS CITY ZIP DAY PHONE FAX NUMBER EMAIL NAME NAME NAME LINE 1 CODE NUMBER Vice President Nicolette Van Erven P.O. Box 77 Harmelen NL-3480 +31348 443251 +3134 8446920 vanerven@mccm.nl Education DB Director of Caroline Van Egmond Koninklijk A.J. Ernststraat 55 Amsterdam NL +3120 3010 334 +3120 3010338 c.egmond@nivra.nl Educationals NIVRA 1083 GR Director of NL Jochem Treu Mediscon Postbus 113 Geldrop NL- +3140 2852212 +3140 2851966 jochem@mediscon.nl Conference 5611 KE member Jo-Ann Venema Bilderberg Vaalsbroek 1 Vaalsbroek NL- +31433089314 + 31 433089389 jvenema@bilderberg.nl Hotels 6291NH member Edwin Leenheer Hotel Theater Het Rond 2 Zeist NL-3701 +31 306927578 eleenheer@figi.nl Figi HS member Margreet Lubbinge GT Hotels, Inns Postbus 448 Amersfoort NL-3800 +31 332544800 + 31 023 566 28 27 Margreet.lubiinge@goldentulip.com & Resorts AK member Benjamin Rochet NH Hoteles Po Box 619 Hilversum NL-120 Krijgt nieuw adres, nog niet bekend. 0 AP member Sven Boelhouwer The Hague P.O. Box 85456 The Hague NL- +31 70 361 88 +31 70 361 54 59 s.boelhouwer@denhaag.com Convention 2508 CD 49 Bureau member Ingmar Sloothaak Moevenpick Piet Heinkade 11 Amsterdam NL-101 +31204181819 +31847376023 Ingmar.Sloothaak@moevenpick.com Hotel 9 BR Amsterdam City Centre Member René Vlieger Guideline Wembleylaan 22 Amsterdam NL-1098 +31 20 31 206635391 renevlieger@guideline.nl Meetings & WG 6920087 Incentives Member Peter Boogaard Cygnea Copikerhof 18 Schoonhoven NL-2817 +31 182 321 31 182 32 0127 P. Boogaard@cygnea.nl PV 0126 5/20/2009 25