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Pollution on environment (Hardworking Aviators)


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Published in: Education
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Pollution on environment (Hardworking Aviators)

  1. 1. POLLUTION ONPOLLUTION ON ENVIRONMENTENVIRONMENT Names : Earl Myrole Hafis Vinyitha Devaraaj Wency Puvaneshwaran
  2. 2. WHAT IS POLLUTION?WHAT IS POLLUTION? A huge contamination to the world. Do not give immediate reactions but disaster would occur in a long run. Kill many organisms even human beings. Pollution comes from varies ways/point of views.
  3. 3. ENVIRONMENTENVIRONMENT Why Environment? •Environment leads to climate & water pollution eventually. •If we try to reduce this pollution, start from environment which eventually reduces climate & water pollution.
  4. 4. WHAT WE SEE & WHAT WEWHAT WE SEE & WHAT WE WANT TO OVERCOME?WANT TO OVERCOME? What are the common problems that we human beings face in our daily lives? Do we want this to effect us in the future? What can happen if we do not act now? What are the solutions/methods can be done to help everybody and the earth from less pollution free?