Target’s neimanMarcus HolidaycollectionBy: Doug Earhart
Agenda   Target Audience   Digital Strategy   The Contest   Measuring Goals   Budget   Summary                      2
The Buyer: “Target’s Guest”                              3
The Strategy: “A Social Media Holiday”                                         4
Strategy: “Get those likes”                              5
Strategy: “Tweet Tweet”                          6
Strategy: “Fast Beautiful Photo Sharing”●Post creative photos of the ●Link to twitter and Pinterest                       ...
Strategy: “Pin-it”                     8
Strategy: “Blog-it”       ●Create Blog for the        Holiday Collection.         ●Provoke buyer          comments and    ...
Strategy: “Google-it”                        10
THE CONTEST: Pinterest                         11
Measuring Goals: “How’d we do?”                                  12
Budget: “What’s the Cost”                            13
Summary: “Bring it home”                           14
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Target presentation


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  • This slide will introduce the presentation talking about how Target teamed up with Neiman Marcus to bring designer products into Target stores that were created by 24 different designers. This is a holiday collection that will be brought to the stores. This is why the presentation will have a small Christmas theme. Target is a company that is attempting to position itself the fashion and apparel segment so this campaign is huge for them.
  • The agenda will simply explain what the course of the presentation will say. Starting off with the target audience for the campaign. Then Talking about all that goes into the digital strategy. Then the big idea for the campaign which is the Pinterest contest. The will talk about how to measure the work we have done and the budget. The wrap it all up in a summary.
  • The target audience for this campaign would be a fashion forward affluent female who is aged 16-45. Target’s usual “guests” (their word for customer) is a late thirties to early forties female who has two kids, makes $63,000 a year and spends on average $42.52 each visit to a Target store. So we want to hit that demographic. This is the audience that will be most excited about these products and will be buying nearly all of them thus they are the target.
  • One of the main points of the strategy will be to involve social media. We will be using Facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest.
  • Facebook will be a key part of the strategy. The strategy behind the Facebook page will be to post pictures of the products and create posts that will encourage people to comment and provide feedback. Ideally this page will gain a great deal of likes and shares. We want likes because it will gain us attention online and theoretically drive and increase in sales.
  • Twitter will be another key part of the digital strategy in that we will plan to tweet about our products. The “Target” and “Target Style” twitter will be a major promoters of the holiday collection. Then we will retweet the designers as well as people who tweet creative ideas about the collection and its products. The idea behind this is to get a stronger presence on social media. This will get us more customer awareness and ultimately drive sales.
  • Instagram will act in the same way as Facebook and twitter have in that it is another form of social media. Here we will post pictures of the 50 products. We will also tweet the pictures and put some of them on instagram as well as incorporate them with the blog. Most of the pictures that we will be taking of the products will be through the instagram. From here we will send them off to the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. We want to make the photos as creative as possible and possible incorporate the designers into the photos anything that will encourage comments and responses from people.
  • Pinterest will be the biggest for us in terms of social media because this is where we can influence our target audience the most because they are very active on it. You could say Pinterest was invented for us to display our Holiday Collection because we can post all of the products and get the designers to post their products. We would like to get as many repins as possible and start getting other people to post pictures of our products and uses for them. This will create a greater demand for our products and ultimately drive the business.
  • One other key component of the digital strategy is to create a blog. The blog will talk about the products, how they were created, how they should be used and any fun facts about them. All with the idea of informing the buyers about the products. Additionally we will use the blog as a place where people can give us feedback about our products and what we might be doing right or wrong. We won’t specifically ask for the feedback but we will simply observe. Also the blog will be linked to all of our social media sites using sharaholics.
  • We will be using Google AdWords to help advertise the holiday collection. We will use the pay per click plan and create a budget that will satisfy. Additionally we will add key words to use in the AdWords campaign that include: Target, Holiday, Collection, holiday collection, the names of the designers, Neiman Marcus, and various others. The idea would be to create more awareness online for the holiday collection. Also attempt to increase online sales, as Target has put a huge amount of money into creating a better online shopping experience at
  • The big idea of the digital strategy is to create a contest on Pinterest. The contest will consist of liking the Facebook page, following the twitter and Instagram, and then creating a board on Pinterest. The submission will be the board, which will be very open-ended and will be judged based on creativity. The only requirement is that is must have a product from the holiday collection in it. The winner will receive a shopping day with one of the 24 designers (they don’t get to chose) as well as $10,000 to spend on the shopping spree. This will create a tremendous increase in the social media usage as well as increased publicity about the collection.
  • In measuring the success of the digital strategy we must look at a few factors. First an most important would be increase sales online and in the stores. The idea of the campaign is to drive sales and the business. But ways to measure the online success is to look at the likes on the holiday collection Facebook page to see how much traffic there was through the page. Then look at how many people commented on the blog and how good the comments were. Meaning were they intelligent comments and worth while to look at. Additionally we will look at all of the followers of twitter and Instagram and see how many retweets and favorites we received on twitter and how many favorites and comments on instagram. The final measure will be to see how many more likes there were on the Target Facebook page then there usually would.
  • In creating the budget we had to look at a great deal of factors including how much time would need to be billed out to people running the social media platforms, the blog and then the Google AdWords account. We thought those would all be budgeted separate then the contest. The contest will have a high budget because it includes the prize money, paying the people working on it, paying the designer to go on the shopping spree, as well as logistical expenses for the prize winner. Thus in combination we believe it will cost about $200,000.
  • Defining a demographic for the target audience of the digital strategy of women ages 16-45 really allows Target to narrow down whom to focus their attention to. Using social media as the number one tactic and creating a contest on Pinterest that will garner even more participation on the social media platforms and ultimately drive the business. Using a blog to get people talking about it for advertising and observation purposes. Creating a pay per click Google AdWords account and advertising on Google’s Ad Platform. Will all create a terrific digital strategy that will reach the ultimate goal of a high sell through rate.
  • Target presentation

    1. 1. Target’s neimanMarcus HolidaycollectionBy: Doug Earhart
    2. 2. Agenda Target Audience Digital Strategy The Contest Measuring Goals Budget Summary 2
    3. 3. The Buyer: “Target’s Guest” 3
    4. 4. The Strategy: “A Social Media Holiday” 4
    5. 5. Strategy: “Get those likes” 5
    6. 6. Strategy: “Tweet Tweet” 6
    7. 7. Strategy: “Fast Beautiful Photo Sharing”●Post creative photos of the ●Link to twitter and Pinterest ●Incorporate with the Blog products ●Incorporate Designers 7
    8. 8. Strategy: “Pin-it” 8
    9. 9. Strategy: “Blog-it” ●Create Blog for the Holiday Collection. ●Provoke buyer comments and conversation. ●Observe, Adapt, and Stimulate to the conversation. 9
    10. 10. Strategy: “Google-it” 10
    11. 11. THE CONTEST: Pinterest 11
    12. 12. Measuring Goals: “How’d we do?” 12
    13. 13. Budget: “What’s the Cost” 13
    14. 14. Summary: “Bring it home” 14