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An overview of Ear infections & Ear pain - statistics and treatment


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Ear infections are very common in children as well as adults. Here is a short summary of data on ear infections, and a focus on a solution for ear infections - the Eardoc.

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An overview of Ear infections & Ear pain - statistics and treatment

  1. 1. Causes & Treatments
  2. 2. Ear infections in the USA: About 75% of children 5 will suffer from at least one ear infection by theage of 5. The ear pain and the infections are often caused byaccumulation of fluids in the middle ear. Air travellers and divers sufferfrom a similar problem of pressure on the ear drum. Approximately 400,000 dangerous Ear tubs operations are performedannually in US alone (one of the 10 most common surgeries) . The cost of medical and surgical treatment of Otitis Media in the UnitedStates is estimated at between $3-4 billion annually. 30 million doctor visits annually are related to ear infections, OtitisMedia, and ear pain in the US alone.
  3. 3. What are the available treatmentsFor ear infections:Numeroussyrups, eardrops andantibiotics.Medicaldevices suchas the earpopper andEardocAlternativehealers anddevices.Ear tubesurgeryunderGeneralanesthesia
  4. 4. The Eardoc in a non-invasivemedical device that opens theEustachian tube and treats OtitisMedia, ear infections and othercauses for ear pain.
  5. 5. EARDOCEARDOC ™ generates vibration waves that open theEustachian tube and drains the trapped fluids, reducesthe pressure and pain from the eardrum.For further explanations: Eardoc video
  6. 6. The Eardoc as a treatment:• Non-invasive• Treats the problem not the symptom• Instant reliefHow?• Sending Subtle vibration to mastoid bone• Open the Eustachian tube• Drains the fluid/air trapped in the middle earEfficient for:• Children• Adults• Air travelers• divers
  7. 7. Users SatisfactionA satisfaction survey was conducted on the users of the Eardoc:• 60.38 % Reported that the pain was relieved or eliminated fully.• 33.96% reported temporary relief of symptoms such as pain and fullness inthe Ear.• 94.3% would use the EARDOC in the future if they suffered from ear pain.
  8. 8. Many reviews and testimonialsHave been done on the Eardoc: