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Ideas from the eaquals development group

development group

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Ideas from the eaquals development group

  1. 1. Project title Brief description Rationale – how will it help Eaquals and its members? A. Eaquals events in member countries Consider reviving the Eaquals national representative scheme to develop opportunities for local Eaquals events. • To promote Eaquals’ activities and services in national and local contexts • To encourage more language teaching professionals to attend Professional Development events with Eaquals representation • To provide regular PD opportunities beyond the annual Eaquals meetings and conferences, • To create and/or enhance Eaquals networks at national level • To enrich the exchange of professional ideas, research and projects • To increase Eaquals institutional and individual membership B. Certificate validation scheme for teacher development A teacher development certificate validation scheme, linking internal professional development to the EPG and the TD-FRAM • To help members review and develop their professional development programmes • To provide a framework for ongoing teacher development • To encourage structured in-house recognition of achievement • Employers who can offer such a scheme will attract better staff, and improve overall teaching quality in their centres C. Online bulletin board An online forum only for Eaquals members/partners where members can seek speakers for an event; promote a free course; seek partners for training, consultancy etc  To create more effective networking opportunities between and among members/partners beyond the annual Eaquals meetings and conferences;  To provide an ongoing platform that will help promote the exchange of professional ideas, research and projects  To provide a focused and filtered forum for the announcement and promotion of key events, calls and offers by members/partners D. Eaquals exchange programme To set up a scheme to facilitate staff and/or students exchange between members. To increase the visibility of the Eaquals network by using the international network in a tangible fashion, to encourage the development of joint projects between members, and to encourage the sharing of best practice. Eaquals Email: Postal address: PO Box 95 Budapest H-1301 Hungary Eaquals is a registered UK charity 1143547 Eaquals is a company limited by guarantee and registered 07727406 in England & Wales at 16 Stukeley Street, London, UK, WC2B 5LQ
  2. 2. 2 E. Online forum for academic managers An online forum for academic managers to exchange ideas and provide a support network. This would help all members but particularly those who cannot attend meetings every year. As Eaquals becomes more global, this would enhance communication between all members. F. Technology in the classroom special interest group Set up a Special Interest Group/project to focus on issues around using technology in language learning. As more members use technology to support language learning, sharing best practice could help the Eaquals network to test different ideas for classroom use. G. Interactive Eaquals CEFR resources bank Put the Eaquals bank of descriptors online, with the facility for people to upload / share teaching ideas and label them with relevant descriptors and topics. SIP groups could develop a bank of ideas to help users translate descriptors into classroom activities. To help Eaquals members use the CEFR in day-to-day class activities and develop a bank of classroom activities in different languages. H. Marketing special interest group Set up a Special Interest Group/project with a marketing focus.  To work together to raise local and market awareness of Eaquals as a whole  To promote benefits such as the Certificate of Achievement scheme  To share ideas for marketing which could benefit individual members. I. Publication of Eaquals’ inspection reports Make full reports or detailed results of inspections available to the general public. Some marketing departments would like to show customers how their Eaquals inspection results so that potential clients can compare them with other providers (the British Council have started uploading full reports to their website).