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Ethiopian agricuture portal


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Ethiopian agricuture portal

  1. 1. Ethiopian Agriculture Portal Why This Portal? To improve access to research outputs, information on “best-bet” technologies, information on the current status and outputs Your getaway to information on Ethiopian agriculture development !! of agricultural projects being carried out in the country, To improve access to all kinds of information resources, which is often cited as one of the major challenges facing public sector service providers and other stakeholders in Ethiopian agriculture sector. Therefore, the Improving Productivity and Market Success (IPMS) of Ethiopian farmers project, implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), developed this portal to make such access to information easier. The broader goal of this endeavor is to contribute Photo to the efforts of the Ethiopian government in transforming Ethiopian agriculture from subsistence suggestions farming to that of commercial agriculture. Who are Target Audiences? EAP is most useful to policy makers, experts in the extension system, researchers, agricultural students, NGOs, Community Based Organizations, and other stakeholders in Can This Effort be Sustained? How? Ethiopian agriculture with access to web-based resources. Content suitable for the portal is identified, collected, and uploaded in collaboration with various stakeholder in the How does EAP Make Access to agricultural sector The technical infrastructure of the portal is designed in such a Information Easier? way that it can be maintained easily by existing ICT team of The portal makes access to information easier because the Ministry of Agriculture. it brings together information from diverse national and international sources under one gateway in a Why not just use Google or simple and yet logically structured user interface. The focus is on availing important documents on Yahoo? agricultural commodities by digitalizing those that have The portal provides focused results which increases your limited distribution and collecting specific documents probability of finding what you look for on Ethiopian on Ethiopian Agriculture Agriculture Documents on Ethiopian agriculture are added to the Documents on the portal are often digitized from hard copies portal after careful screening for its relevance, and would not have been available on any search engine timeliness, accuracy, and level-of-complexity in light of results. the target audience. • What else can the portal do? What were the design • EAP provides links to websites of key stakeholders in Considerations? Ethiopian agriculture – including but not limited to; national & international agricultural research centers, national Ease of use, ease of maintenance, sustainability, agricultural universities, and agriculture sector projects ability to scale-up currently being implemented in the country further add value Procedure for uploading/managing EAP is to the potential services. relatively easy– even for non-web technologists. EAP is powered by a powerful database engine that can easily accommodate a large number of documents. Improving Productivity and MarketContact Address: Ethiopian Agriculture Portal Tel:+251-11-646-3302 , +251-91-114-1205 E-mail Url Success of Ethiopian Farmers