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  • From AMC: Betsy WintringerFrom AMR: Steve DrakeFrom Bostrom: Jeannie SheehyFrom Kellen: Russ LemieuxFrom Sherwood: Greg Schultz
  • Consider the desired outcome when developing a social media strategy and make sure it aligns and is supported by your marketing plan. They must both work towards the same goals.
  • Via Joe Pulizzi and the Content Marketing Institute. www.contentmarketinginstitute.com1 = something daily (news update on website, thought for the day, Tip of the Day, etc.)7 = Something each week (Tip of the Week, weekly eletter, etc.)30 = Something monthly (magazine, newsletter, webcast, etc.)4 = Something quarterly (Webinar, etc.)2 = Something twice a year (white paper, research report, etc.)1 = Something annually (conference?
  • When the National Pasta Association launched its PastaFits campaign to promote pasta as a healthy food choice, it developed a unified brand to implement into its web site and all of its social media. This brand has consistent color schemes, logos and messaging in Facebook and Twitter.
  • The American Pediatric Surgical Association wanted to find ways to engage its 900 member surgeons. Busy, and not necessarily on the leading edge of social media technology. So we set up a Social Media Bar at the APSA Annual Meeting. A social event with kiosks where staff members would set up smartphones with the organization’s twitter feed and linkedin group, as well as show the docs how to use it and explain how it would help them stay connected as well as support the organization’s community and goals.
  • When putting together an integrated marketing plan for your meeting, layout the exact content/messaging that is approved for use and define exactly what content is going to be delivered where – this eliminates a lot of repetitive messaging hitting the same audiences over and over again. For TRI we highlighted different components of the meeting benefits/messages and identified ahead of time what was emailed, posted on LinkedIn and put on the web site.
  • Engaging your members: Don’t be afraid to ask your members to get involved with the launch of your organization’s Twitter Strategy—just make sure they have the tools to get the job done! Train your members on the goals, encourage them to get involved, help them be successful and recognize them for doing so! (Onsite/online training sessions, guidelines, guest posts and “Thank You” stickers)Social Media Activity Increases at AAHPM Annual AssemblyDue to the large number of attendees tweeting at the 2012 Annual Assembly, attendees reached nearly 368,000 people which equates to 5.5 million impressions (contacts). More than 637 contributors posted 4,969 tweets during the 5 days in Denver (#hpm hashtag). The numbers represent an impressive 250% increase from last year’s statistics.
  • Combining live, physical events (e.g. town halls) with live streaming/tweeting/online chat. Social media can be a great compliment to a live event with the proper promotion. (i.e. USFRA Food Dialogues)
  • NYWICI engages Twitter followers with periodically scheduled posts. NYWICI directly interacts with other twitter users by responding to their tweets, referencing them with an “@” or re-tweeting their tweets. NYWICI’s twitter program not only keeps its audiences informed about important happenings, but it also develops a personal relationship with them.
  • The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology participated in a virtual tweet up event around National Fossil Day. The event was organized by a coalition of organizations interested in promoting public availability and education around fossils and science. SVP members were encouraged to tweet as much as possible throughout the day, and content ideas were provided.
  • If you’re just starting out there are some great tips for writing content from Andy Crestidina of Orbit Media and the Content Marketing Institute. When opened up my Twitter account for TRI I simply started following people talking about tile roofing and responded to blogs and tweets – ensuring I was using my key words in all my tweets too!
  • Consider using a QR Code on the cover of your brochure to drive members and prospects to a personalized message from your Board President.
  • Core functionsAgendaSpeakersFAQHotel mapsSponsor Profiles and pictures of state CIOs 2012 we added all speaker pictures and bios and left out the speaker bios and pictures from the printed program (saving money and space).In 2012 we added a charity project for our conference. The mobile site allowed participants to easily make their donations via their phone during the conference.What we have launched is a mobile site, not an app. A mobile site can easily be bookmarked and used for a conference without the need for an actual app. This cuts down on the process of having it approved.
  • When the Airline Passenger Experience Association developed a new mobile application, it was able to test its success by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows companies to review various statistics about web traffic such as total number of hits by location and referral source. A company can also review the average pages per visit and bounce rate as well as break down the visits by mobile and non-mobile users. When Apex made its site functional with mobile devices, it was able to track mobile visitors using Google Analytics. It discovered that, since implementing the mobile site, the mobile audience doubled and total visitors for the APEX web site increased by 20%.
  • Affectionately dubbed “The Q-Rag” -- The Association for University Technology Managers wanted to drive people to a new microsite. What better way than to provide the QR code link on a cloth for cleaning your mobile device screen. The premium was well received.
  • Use Facebook to engage your members for feedback. It’s quick, easy and let’s them member share in the outcome. Here AANN asked members to vote on photos for annual photo contest. The winning images would ultimately be included in marketing materials.
  • Don’t create a client-named LinkedIn group for members only. Instead make the LinkedIn group accessible to members and non-members by creating a forum for industry discussion rather than just association business.
  • Part of the NPA campaign is a Facebook page, which includes the option for pasta fans to ‘like’ Pasta Fits and communicate their passion for pasta as part of a healthy diet. To increase the amount of ‘likes,’ the PR team held a recipe contest with a big prize, hosted a twitter party, promoted the page to friends, asked NPA member companies to ‘like’ them and engaged a chef spokesperson who promoted Pasta Fits through her blog and social media postings, .
  • For many association boards, fear of negative posts to Facebook and other sites prevent them from getting the most from these platforms. But you can’t control it, and that’s part of the authenticity and allure for participants. The good news is that social platforms tend to be self-policing; inappropriate or incorrect posts are usually corrected by others quickly. If that doesn’t happen in a reasonable time frame, volunteer leaders will step in and make a correction. Sometimes it is appropriate for staff to respond, and we will do so. Only those posts that violate laws or association policies – defamatory, offensive, etc. are deleted.Generally, negative or untrue remarks about your association are an opportunity to educate and take the high road.
  • Facebook accounts can be targeted for specific purposes building a community around a certification program for example.
  • A slideshow on your website is a great way to showcase your member’s products. In this case, NFBA showcased all of their award winners. A creative way to highlightthe product to the public, while also adding value to your membership.
  • Common efforts – matching what we do nationallyWorking the local angle into your messages
  • New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) combines web branding, blogging, twitter, facebook and youtube into a cohesive marketing campaign. NYWICI’s blog, “Aloud,” regularly engages the community and develops NYWICI’s brand by publishing thought-provoking articles.
  • You blinked, and mobile-optimized is old news. Responsive and adaptive sites deliver the best experience and allow the best access possible to your content. This new way of developing sites is platform independent and allows features to be added progressively based on users device, browser and connection speed. Your customers don’t feel penalized or judged for not having the latest technology. In the slide, you can see the site scale and adjust its features for computer screen to tablet to smartphone screen sizes.
  • Google Analytics’ new features include mobile and social tracking tools, advertising tracking enhancements, and so much more. If you’re in charge of a site you can’t work without it.
  • AAHPM added value to an already valuable course. They created a new offering in conjunction with their regularly sold out Board Review Course—Premium Seating. For an additional $250, the attendee received preferred seating (in first few rows), a $25 discount on the course recordings, an invitation-only wine and cheese reception with the course faculty and a special gift from AAHPM ($10 Starbuck’s gift card, pen, box of mints and one of our books, The Primer of Palliative Care). They sold all 125 seats. A great way to add value for the attendee, and new revenue for the client.
  • From Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media. See Content Chemistry: the Periodic Table of Content.
  • Window Covering Safety technicalities can get dry, so Kellen developed The SuperBaby Safety Campaign on behalf of the Window Covering Safety Council. It is a series of online videos in which your host, Super Baby, explains how children can be kept safe with window coverings. What’s great about video is that it grabs audiences’ attention with visuals and sounds in addition to words. Online videos are also interactive if posted on Vimeo or YouTube because any user can comment.
  • The American Pediatric Surgical Association used a live audience response system to engage meeting participants in an interactive session. No special software was required, just accessing a web site. The system was coordinated by the AV firm and provided at no cost to the association.
  • Tracking ROI or the effectiveness of Social Media tools like Twitter – tools are,, and
  • Marketing tipcs in social media age

    1. 1. Marketing Tips inSocial Media Age: Sharing Solutions & Solving Problems 2012 ASAE Annual Meeting Dallas, TX1:30 – 2:45 p.m., August 12, 2012 #ASAE12 LD3
    2. 2. Intro• 5 panelists• 30 ideas• 6 categories
    3. 3. Agenda• Panelist presentations – Integrated Marketing – Twitter – Mobile – Facebook/LinkedIn – Blogs + – Wildcard• Seek your ideas in roundtable discussion
    4. 4. Integrated Marketing(connecting multiple platforms)
    5. 5. Integrated Marketing What’s Your Goal?membership meetings education content marketing other
    6. 6. Integrated Marketing Use Editorial Formulamembership meetings education content marketing other
    7. 7. Integrated Marketing Consistent Brand Messaging This is the space and size for your graphicmarketing  Company logo | Client logo 
    8. 8. Integrated Marketing Social Media Bar This is the space and size for your graphicmeetingseducation
    9. 9. Integrated Marketing Why They’re Importantmarketing
    10. 10. Integrated Marketing Any questions about these Integrated Marketing ideas?
    11. 11. Twitter &/or IM (one-to-one or one-to-many messaging)
    12. 12. Twitter and IM Engage Your Membersmembership meetings education content marketing other
    13. 13. Twitter and IM Combine Live & Digitalmembership meetings education content marketing other
    14. 14. Twitter and IM Build Twitter Relationshipsmarketing  Company logo | Client logo 
    15. 15. Twitter and IM Organize A TwitterFestadvocacy
    16. 16. Twitter and IM Finding Your Voicecontent
    17. 17. Twitter and IMAny questions about these Twitterideas?
    18. 18. Mobile &/or QR Codes (mobile tools)
    19. 19. Mobile Tools Personalize Your Invitationmembership meetings education content marketing other
    20. 20. Mobile ToolsMobile App Becomes Site for Conferencemembership meetings education content marketing other
    21. 21. Mobile Tools Utilize Your Data! This is the space and size for your graphiccontent  Company logo | Client logo 
    22. 22. Mobile Tools Make It Practicalmarketing
    23. 23. Mobile Tools Mobile Apps/Website Developmentmarketing
    24. 24. Mobile Tools & QR Codes Any questions about these QR Codes and Mobile Tools ideas?
    25. 25. Facebook &/or LinkedIn (social media platforms)
    26. 26. Facebook & LinkedIn Ask for Feedbackmembership meetings education content marketing other
    27. 27. Facebook & LinkedIn Industry group on LinkedInmembership meetings education content marketing other
    28. 28. Facebook & LinkedIn Enlist Member Companies This is the space and size for your graphicmarketing  Company logo | Client logo 
    29. 29. Facebook & LinkedIn Social Network Policemembership content
    30. 30. Facebook & LinkedIn Program Specific Accountsmarketing
    31. 31. Facebook & LinkedIn Any questions about these Facebook & LinkedIn ideas?
    32. 32. Blogs, Websites &/or Slideshare (web platforms)
    33. 33. Blogs, Websites & Slideshare Showcase Your Membersmembership meetings education content marketing other
    34. 34. Blogs, Websites & Slideshare Engage Members to Blogmembership meetings education content marketing other •THE BLOG ARMY WANTS YOU!
    35. 35. Blogs, Websites & Slideshare Content Drives Membershipmembership  Company logo | Client logo 
    36. 36. Blogs, Websites & Slideshare Adaptive is the New Mobilecontent
    37. 37. Blogs, Websites &/or Slideshare Power of Google Analyticsmarketing
    38. 38. Blogs, Websites & SlideShare Any questions about these Blogs, Websites & SlideShare ideas?
    39. 39. Wild card (whatever…)
    40. 40. Wildcard Added Value Adds Upmembership meetings education content marketing other
    41. 41. Wildcardmembership meetings education content marketing other
    42. 42. Wildcard “Edu-tainment” with Video This is the space and size for your graphiceducation  Company logo | Client logo 
    43. 43. Wildcard Mobile Audience Responsemeetingseducation content
    44. 44. Wildcard ROI Toolsmarketing
    45. 45. WildcardAny questions about theseWildcard ideas?
    46. 46. Roundtable Discussion At your tables: • Surface what you are doing in these areas • Print your ideas on a Post-it® note … 1 idea per card.
    47. 47. Contact InfoGreg Schultz Betsy WintringerVice President Director of MarketingThe Sherwood Group Association Management Center(847) BWintringer@Connect2amc.comwww.sherwood-group.comRussell Lemieux Steve DrakeGroup VP AMR Management ServicesKellen Company 859-514-9150404-252-3663 www.SCDgroup.netJeanne SheehyVP and