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  1. 1. Eamonn Maguire, CERN
  2. 2. What is it? HEP Scattering experiments going back to the 1950s Each group of scientists will analyse particular signals by processing large numbers of collision. The resulting analysis will be published as a paper. But where does the processed data go? RE P P --> X SQRT(S) IN GEV SIG IN MB 7000 95.35 ± 0.38 (stat) ± 1.25 (sys,experimental) ± 0.37 (sys,extrapolation)
  3. 3. What is it? HEPDATA Physics paper Table description RE P P --> X SQRT(S) IN GEV SIG IN MB 7000 95.35 ± 0.38 (stat) ± 1.25 (sys,experimental) ± 0.37 (sys,extrapolation) RE P P --> X SQRT(S) IN GEV SIG IN MB 7000 95.35 ± 0.38 (stat) ± 1.25 (sys,experimental) ± 0.37 (sys,extrapolation) Table 1 Table 2 (F1) HEPData is the go to place for physicists to get access to the data underlying plots and tables in a publication. It also links to the scripts and ROOT files for instance used in the analysis (for reproducibility).
  4. 4. What is it?
  5. 5. What are we doing? Redesigning the interface from it’s current old school style Creating a new system based on invenio Building an interactive data visualization component Supporting a more streamlined data submission process
  6. 6. Submission Archive {JSON} Data Record {JSON} Data Record ROOT PYTHON C++ ROOT submission.yaml data records External data files & links
  7. 7. HEPdata submission archive RE P P --> X SQRT(S) IN GEV SIG IN MB 7000 95.35 ± 0.38 (stat) ± 1.25 (sys,experimental) ± 0.37 (sys,extrapolation) HEPDATA Table 1 {JSON} Tables and plots Processes YAML file, inserts records in to database and links publication record with data and files. Web Server Table description Plots rendered automatically using a custom library built upon D3.js Tables rendered from JSON DownloadScripts
  8. 8. The System - Demo
  9. 9. Comprehensive Review System
  10. 10. Dashboard for Submission Management
  11. 11. Interactive Plotting Library
  12. 12. Versioning
  13. 13. Sandbox
  14. 14. Sandbox
  15. 15. Getting Data in, getting data out… Converter Convert from YAML to ROOT, YODA, CSV Validator Validate the YAML input to ensure a stress free submission Install via PIP, use as a web service, and contribute to more conversions! Install via PIP, easy to use API.
  16. 16. Conversion to many formats
  17. 17. Everything on Github!
  18. 18. Acknowledgements Eamonn Maguire Jan Stypka Salvatore Mele HEPData @ CERN Graeme Watt Michael Whalley Frank Kraus HEPData @ Durham Questions? Lukas Heinrich HEPData @ NYU Kyle Cramner Alumni Laura Rueda-Garcia Michal Szoziak Summer Student and all the Inspire team including Javier Martin Montull, Jan Age Lavik, and Samuel Kaplun for their help!