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MediaPaaS was created to offer you choice and flexibility to test-drive, build or buy media services on the cloud to build a customizable, end-to-end media workflow. MediaPaaS offers a collection of cloud services from industry leading ISV so you can custom tailor your Media Asset Management, Automated Video QC and Content Verification, Cloud Transcoding workflows.

MediaPaaS was featured at the 2013 NAB Start-up Loft and built on top of the ComputeNext cloud service marketplace, a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Service Brokerage 2013.

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MediaPaas - powered by computenext

  1. 1. A flexible media service solution brought to you by:more projects, faster – and for less.With the power of multi-cloud, you can accomplish
  2. 2. Weave together a wide selection of best of breed mediaservices and customize end-to-end workflow solutionsfor all media asset management and delivery needs.A UTOM A TED CONTENTANALYSIS & VERIFICATION
  3. 3. M EDIA ASSET M ANAGEM ENT Automated Custom Workflows Make Content Available Anytime, Anywhere Ingest, Edit, Transcode, Distribute Digital MediaEmpress eMAM OnlineMeet your workflow needs with eMAM Online to manageyour media assets using the cloud to store, archive,distribute, collaborate on the creation and distribution ofcontent with automated custom workflows and more:
  4. 4.  Transfer Tracking, Automation, and Notifications Progressive Transfer, Encode While you Transfer! Send Files of Any Size - Any Time, Real FastCarbon Accelerate and manage file transfers across yourproduction workflow. FileCatalyst securely and reliablyeliminates the effects that latency and packet loss have ontraditional file transfer methods like FTP, HTTP, or CIFS and:ACCELERATED FILE TRANSFERS100x FASTER THAN FTPUnlimi-Tech’s FileCatalyst
  5. 5.  Multi Format A/V QC Processes In-Depth Verification of Audio/Video/Container iTunes Verification Automated Analysis of Adaptive Bit Rate FilesUsing Pulsar, the fastest content verification & analysis toolon the market, you can automate content 24x7 from ingestto delivery and enable a seamless QC process for file-basedworkflows - at 4X realtime with:A UTOM A TED CONTENTANALYSIS & VERIFICATION
  6. 6.  Broad Format Support (Virtually Any) Automated Operation Transcoding FarmsUse ProMedia Carbon to Perform automated and scalablefile-based transcoding on-demand to facilitate theconversion of media to a massive array of acquisition,editing, broadcast, Web and mobile formats with:SCALABLE TRANSCODINGHarmonic’s ProMedia Carbon
  7. 7. Globally AvailableIngest and process data anywhere in the world with the widest variety of IaaS (and one API!)Save Money with Pay Per UseLeverage choice in infrastructure and tailor workflow to optimize price or performance.Scale Without LimitsRun your workflows on cloud IaaS to scale out on-demand globally.&Test Drive, Build or Buy Media Services.
  8. 8. 3 months freeaccess when youGet Started Today!Get in touch today, and we will designate a Workflow Team tocollaborate with you and identify how cloud and media services canhelp you bake efficiency back into your projects. First come, first serve.EnrollNow!