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ComputeNext & Cloud Service Providers


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A brief overview of why public cloud providers are partnering with the Expedia of the cloud, ComputeNext.

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ComputeNext & Cloud Service Providers

  1. 1. Global Cloud Marketplace: Infrastructure Partners
  3. 3. WHY PARTNER? Cloud Infrastructure / IaaS Providers that partner with ComputeNext are: » Generating demand on excess data center capacity » Leveraging cloud brokerage as a channel sales strategy » Competing in new markets
  4. 4. MARKETPLACE We Market and Sell Your Cloud Servers, Storage, and Software Direct. Software Vendor / SaaS SME IT Organization App Developers
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION Our Platform is Sold as a White-Label to Larger Distributors Who Also Sell Direct to Their Customers.
  6. 6. PLATFORM AGNOSTIC End-users choose infrastructure without worrying about compability.
  7. 7. SOLVING UNIQUE PROBLEMS Media & Content Producer Needed geo-located cloud storage in Paris, France. Broadcast TV Needed scalable infrastructure for media file transfer in EMEA during a high-value, yet seasonal project. Enterprise: App Monitoring SaaS Company Enterprise SaaS Needed 5-10 Cloud Servers in 50+ cities worldwide to deliver a new product offering to 1000s of customers. ISV Wanted to deploy and sell their software on multiple cloud providers without investing extra resources.
  8. 8. GET STARTED! Cloud Service Brokerage Further Inquiries: Partner Agreement: