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  1. 1. Photostory
  2. 2. ‫يوم واحد‬ ‫اسبوع‬ ‫اشهر‬ ‫سنين‬
  3. 3. ‫كيف اختار موضوع؟‬ ‫• من خبرتك‬ ‫– ‪Your own experience‬‬ ‫– هل يوجد موضوع يهمك؟ مؤثر في حياتك؟‬ ‫• الهبة‬ ‫– ‪Current Trends‬‬ ‫– ?‪What are people talking about today‬‬ ‫– مجلس االمه الريجيم الحوادث الصحة البطالة االزدحام غالء‬ ‫االسعار........‬‫‪You Have to believe in what you are doing‬‬ ‫• ‪Assignment‬‬ ‫يجب ان تكون مقتنع و مهتم بالموضوع‬ ‫– واجب او مهمة معينة‬ ‫– تسهل عليك التفكير بموضوع‬
  4. 4. Every photostory must have a Theme
  5. 5. Ask yourselfWill my theme get me good images?
  6. 6. Every photostory must show consistency• Same person• Same group of people• Same object• Same place• Same visual perspective or technique
  7. 7. Every photostory must have People
  8. 8. A photostory must have a Variety of Photos (Different distances and angles)
  9. 9. Every photostory must try to have a beginning and an end
  10. 10. Every photo in every photostory must have Captions
  11. 11. Some examples• Family coping with ill son• North Korea• Parkinsons disease• Mexican Workers• 10 years after• Venezuela• Hairy Crab• Sea Nomads