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French center opening


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French center opening

  1. 1. Welcome to EnlightenNext center in Paris Cores’ house ENext center 5 meters 
  2. 2. We used the scaffolding around the center (the façade is being renovated) to create a kind of tent where was put a gorgeous buffet. Andrew’s quote  Louis XIV’s quote
  3. 3. We also decorated the tent with luminaries' portraits. People loved that very much. The buffet was made of vegetarian sushis and gourmet sticks. Bon appétit!
  4. 4. Outside in perspective!
  5. 5. Follow the guide… Discussion hall Meditation hall Pictures of our sisters and brothers, and ENext centers
  6. 6. The kitchen (under the plant )The office
  7. 7. The entrance
  8. 8. Around 100 people attended the opening. The center was fully packed and Andrew hardly came to the stage. Andrew gave an wonderful talk and unveiled the EnlightenNext name plate. Thank you Andrew, the French students and all our international brothers and sisters for all your gifts, help and support that made that opening possible. Vive EnlightenNext! Success and Evolution!
  9. 9. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU!!!!! See video :