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Twitter for Beginners


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This slideshow gives some information about the basics of how to get started with Twitter, and some things for Beyond the Basics.

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Twitter for Beginners

  1. 1. Twitter for Beginners Making sense of @#
  2. 2. Today: - learn basics of Twitter (tweet, @, #, , RT and DM) - Twitter Time Out - investigate edu. hashtag groups, expand PLN - Twitter Time Out - Beyond the Basics (#27-29): Twitter Lists, Managing Multiple Feeds
  3. 3. What’s Twitter? - online information networking service that allows users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets” - micro-blogging platform - accessed through website interface or mobile app
  4. 4. Why use Twitter as an Educator? - share your ideas/posts/website - discover latest news related to topics/approaches you are interested in - connect to other educators around the globe - participate in group discussions on best practices - expand your views on education
  5. 5. What’s on your Twitter Page?
  6. 6. What’s a Tweet? - A message of 140 characters posted to Twitter - May contains photos, videos, links, even a poll!
  7. 7. How do I send a tweet? - use the “tweet” button - share 140 characters, (116 w/photo) - abbreviations acceptable - share photos, videos or links!
  8. 8. Twitter speak- What’s this? - Twitter handle - It is your username/identification - Your username is always preceded by @ (Katy Perry is @katyperry)
  9. 9. - People use Twitter @username to contact or mention each other, send messages or link to other content @yorkhighschool @yorkathletics @yorkactivities
  10. 10. - Colleagues in the building using Twitter @KatieDiebold @JillHeat @bleidolf67 @chambersatYork @Diana_Smith1 @Ms_KWalsh @WendyLAlbert @abendelow @MsGwiz @mahoneykirsten @nancywolski @yorklibrarian @Mrs_O_C @laurencyun @MeganEwald1
  11. 11. Want to chat off the grid? - Direct Message, also known as a “DM” - private text conversation between 2 or more people - must be following each other to DM to send/receive DMs go to your message area on your main page
  12. 12. Twitter speak- What’s this? when people like your Tweets it shows in your notifications area - the “like” button - quick way to tell someone you like their Tweet
  13. 13. Twitter speak- What’s this? - a “retweet”, a “RT” - tweet that you want to forward to your followers - pass along news, ideas when people “retweet” you it shows in your notifications area
  14. 14. talk about likes and retweets!
  15. 15. Twitter speak- What’s this? - the “hashtag” - any keyword/phrase/idea (one word) - hashtags categorize Tweets done with that keyword #thisisyork #d205learns #yorkshares16
  16. 16. Hashtags give opps to express! Twitter users can express opinions, share ideas/stories and weigh in on social topics, events, trends under hashtags!
  17. 17. Educational hashtags #plearning #pblearning #edleaders #literacy #1to1 #flipclass #futureready #education
  18. 18. Dropping in on #yorkshares16 Let’s Bookmark it!
  19. 19. Twitter Time Out ★ Send out your first Tweet ★ Discover and start following some Tweeps! ★ Like or retweet something ★ Search for and read tweets using a hashtag(#) #yorkshares16 #thisisyork
  20. 20. So much on Twitter, where do I start? ★ Follow a hashtag (or two) of interest ★ Visit a hashtag that has a designated weekly time for a Twitter chat (real time convo on relevant topics in education) Make connections!
  21. 21. Feel like a chat? #edchat #bfc530 #gtchat #reflectiveteacher #iledchat #satchat #pblchat #ntchat
  22. 22. How do I find a Twitter chat?
  23. 23. Twitter Time Out ★ Browse the educational chat list to find one you might like to participate in ★ Jump in and participate on the #yorkshares16 Twitter chat that’s happening now!
  24. 24. Good practices with Twitter ★ Start with a small focus/area of interest ★ Look at who other educators follow ★ Build your voice with retweet, reply, react ★ Be aware you create a digital footprint ★ Have fun!
  25. 25. Beyond the Basics: LISTS - Used to organize a select group of Twitter people you follow - Lists allows you to quickly see what these people are tweeting about Here’s Katie’s list called Elmhurst Educators
  26. 26. Beyond the Basics: MULTI-TASKING! Want to see what’s happening in multiple hashtag feeds at the same time? Start using one of these social media apps!
  27. 27. Beyond the Basics: MULTI-TASKING! Snaphot of a TweetDeck dashboard
  28. 28. Tweet,tweet! (Thankyou!)