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Building proficiency 365


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This fall I shared how to encourage proficiency in the target language anytime, anywhere 365 days a year!

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Building proficiency 365

  1. 1. Building Proficiency 365 Beth Leidolf ICTFL 2015 Twitter: @bleidolf67
  2. 2. In this session: Part 1-What is Proficiency? Part 2-Learn more about existing proficiency tools for your program. Part 3-Create your own proficiency program of study for your curriculum. Chatzy Collaborative Space:
  3. 3. Proficiency What IS it? What IS it NOT?
  4. 4. Proficiency definitions ACTFL What individuals can do with language in terms of speaking, writing, listening, and reading in real-world situations in a spontaneous and non-rehearsed context. National Standards (World Readiness Standards) Ability to understand and to be understood in the languages of the worldwide neighborhood.
  5. 5. Examples of Proficiency? ___ 1. Repeat words/phrases after the teacher. ___ 2. Fill-in-the-blanks with the correct conjugated verb. ___ 3. Group work translates a small passage from English to Spanish. ___ 4. Practice memorizing dialogues. ___ 5. Interview each other on a topic such as “talk about your family.”
  6. 6. Examples of Proficiency? ___ 6. Complete a written paragraph using appropriate grammar and punctuation. ___ 7. Watch videos and answer given questions about the content. ___ 8. Give a short presentation to the class such as speaking about their likes and dislikes. ___ 9. Read a short paragraph and answer predetermined questions. ___ 10. Listen to a short recording and summarize in Spanish verbally or in writing.
  7. 7. Thinking about your own program of study/curriculum...
  8. 8. Anywhere, anytime Move to create this environment in our classroom and outside of the school day Technology to the rescue!
  9. 9. ★what students do ★how students learn, interact ★how we communicate ★how much we communicate helping to foster an anytime,anywhere global participant ! Technology is Changing...
  10. 10. Existing tools that build proficiency...
  11. 11. Build proficiency with ACTFL AAPPL conversation builder
  12. 12. Build proficiency with ACTFL Use public tasks or create your own!
  13. 13. Connect globally with Skype
  14. 14. Connect globally through projects Global Collaboration with iEARN Other organizations: Rotary Int’l
  15. 15. Write with the global community class blogging and Quadblogging
  16. 16. other great resources presentational interpretive
  17. 17. OR...Create your own anytime/anywhere environment to encourage proficiency!
  18. 18. Benefits to creating your own program... - customized to your students, ability level - complements what you already have in place - encourages building language proficiency away from classroom, keeps skills fresh!
  19. 19. All done easy with a few tools... free gift today! Language Tune-Up Template
  20. 20. Plan and Integrate with Google!
  21. 21. Create Presentational /Interpersonal Speaking Tasks
  22. 22. Example of a speaking task...
  23. 23. Add-in your writing tasks...
  24. 24. Add in listening/reading tasks...
  25. 25. Let’s encourage reflection!
  26. 26. Valuable data on students!
  27. 27. Considerations when planning... ● Thoughtfully plan activities around modes-use existing or create your own to match your target level of proficiency. ● Support and training- T knowing tools is key ● Who will monitor? ● Timely communication is key with Ss. ● Follow-up on progress/feedback is key to growth
  28. 28. Cheers & Challenges Successful student participation! Positive feedback from parents and students! Will be used as a supplemental piece during school year Completion of all activities by participants How to identify & reach those most in need? How to advertise and market to all? Communication within unit district/non-unit district?
  29. 29. Build Those Bridges... Encourage skills and provide growth opportunities! Supporting your bridge: Twitter: @bleidolf67 Email:
  30. 30. Your evaluation please!
  31. 31. Resources Santillana PD series for teachers World Readiness Standards ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines iEARN Quadblogging Language Tune-Up Template Interpersonal Speaking (example of a Vocaroo file)
  32. 32. Example of a Vocaroo Audio File