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Oracle Fusion 11G BPM POSTER

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  1. 1. eaiesb Interactive User Tasks ActivitiesComplex User task Initiator User Task Call Activity Complex user task uses a complex routing The initiator pattern is used to create a process The call activity allows you to call a reusable process flow that is defined within the human task. instance from within the current process.FYI User Task Management User Task Sub Process Bases assignment on the participant, role or Management user task uses the management Sub process allow you to group BPMN flow objects group defined in the swim lane. FYI activity Chain pattern where the assignee is set to the together to make your process more readable does not wait until completion before management chain pattern for the process continuing participant belonging to the group or role assigned to the swim laneGroup User Task User Task Event Sub Process An Event Sub-Process is placed into a process or Group user task uses the group vote pattern. The user task represents a part of your process sub-process. It is activated when its start event gets The assignee for the is automatically set to where a process participant is required to triggered the role/group associated with the Lane. perform work. Task Types Flow MarkersSend Task Manual Task Sequence Flow The Send task sends a message to a system Manual Task represents a task performed by It defines the execution order of activities or process outside the current process. process participantsReceive Task Service Task Conditional Flow In contrast to the send task, the receive task The Service task enables you to communicate waits for a message from a system or process with other processes and services. It has a condition if the condition is true conditional outside the current process. flow is executedBusiness Rule Task Script Task Default Flow Business Rule Task is a container that Script task is used to change values of data objects encapsulates specific functionality logic. within process It is the default branch to be chosen if all other conditions evaluate to false Gateways Activity MarkersExclusive Gateway Event Based Gateway Sub process Marker Sequential Marker The exclusive gateway enables you to split The event-based gateway enables you to Your process into two or more paths. anticipate the possibility that several types of events may occur at a special point in your process.Inclusive Gateway Complex Gateway Loop Marker Parallel Marker The inclusive gateway enables you to split It enables you to define a condition that your process into two or more paths determines if instance can continue even if not all of the tokens have arrived at the complex gateway MeasurementsParallel Gateway The parallel gateway is useful where your process must perform multiple tasks in parallel Events Start Intermediate EndEvents Top Level End Sub Process End Sub Process Catch Boundary Event Boundary Event Throw End Interrupting Non Interrupting Interrupting Non InterruptingMessageSignalTimerErrorTerminate