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Authentic File Gateway (eAFG)


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Authentic File Gateway (eAFG)

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Authentic File Gateway (eAFG)

  1. 1. eAFG Best ideas for your Business Technologies of the 21st century for your business: Take complete control over “authority” based file transfers • Supports Multiple Transport Protocols “eaiesb Authentic File Gateway” allows organizations to take complete con- trol over file transfers with Trading Partners. • Easy Trading Partner on boarding wizards Built on Oracle Fusion Stack (SOA, B2B,BPM and ADF), Authentic • Flexible Management & Monitoring capabilities File Gateway offers a scalable architecture and a centralized file gateway with the capabilities necessary to monitor, administer, route and transform high • Easy schedules, Real Time & Batch Processing of volumes of inbound and outbound files. Companies deploying Authentic File data Gateway recognize a lower cost of ownership, an accelerated time to revenue, • Huge Payload Processing and improved Trading Partner satisfaction. • Encryption, Decryption and Resubmit Capabilities Ongoing efforts to lower operating costs and the need for real-time visibility across the supply chain continue to drive growth in col-laboration between organizations and their trading partners. The types of data being exchanged are not accommodated byEDI transactions; as a result organizations are faced with supportinghigher file transfer volumes, varying file sizes and formats, numerouscommunication and security protocols and more demanding timelinesto complete the onboarding process. Phone: 91-9704179993 | USA: 978-306-3751 |
  2. 2. eAFG eaiesb Authentic File gatewayWe make it your Business to be like a Good Neighbor A centralized gateway enables the consolidation of dis- Security parate file transfer activity with intelligent routing and content- • Encrypt & Decrypt - In-flight driven transformations capabilities help optimize file delivery - Off-line processes. Subsequently, IT staff and users become more ef- • Auditing and Logging ficient and platform consolidation helps reduce total cost of • Encryption standards ownership. -PGP • Single Sign-On. eaiesb Authentic File Gateway features: Transport Channels • A single, secure solution for “Superiority” based file transfer— • Industry protocols Handles large files and high volumes in any format, Any proto- - FTP col, and any number of external connections. - FTPS - SFTP Reduce costs and facilitate • Onboarding Wizard and reusable templates – expedites Trad- - B2B organizational efficiencies ing Partner setup to accelerate time-to-revenue. - JMS - DB • Enhanced security and risk management—Offers secure pro- - Oracle Health care With Authentic File Gateway, the ben- tocols, encryption methods, certificate types, digital signatures • Compression efits of a standardized file transfer approach and identity management tools to ensure data integrity. - Zip extend beyond the reliable and secure trans- • Visibility and self-service for better management—Leads to - GZIP mission of files with trading partners. better decision making, faster response, and more satisfied cus- Notifications tomers and business partners. • Email - Sucess Phone: 91-9704179993 | USA: 978-306-3751 - Failure |