Estoril Echo 1 : EAHIL2010 Newsletter


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This is the first digitized version of the Echo , the newsletter of the EAHIL published DURING conferences available in Slideshare.
Plan is to get all previous version up here as complete as possible.

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Estoril Echo 1 : EAHIL2010 Newsletter

  1. 1. Estoril Echo 1 Welcome by the LOC Chair and films, including the James Bond movie, On Her The Portuguese Association of Majesty’s Secret Service. Health Documentation and Information, PDIS (Associação The Library Tour will Portuguesa de Documentação e be at the Mafra Informação de Saúde) in Convento, a baroque collaboration with EAHIL - monument. Its library European Association for and infirmary will Health Information and certainly delight you. Libraries has the great pleasure of welcoming you to And finally, dinner in the 12th EAHIL Conference, in Lisbon, Portugal. the Casino in Estoril. This is the second EAHIL conference in Portugal but This Casino is a sure bet for everyone: for those who this time the Conference will take place in Lisbon and enjoy not only the challenge and suspense of the the Estoril and offers an extensive Scientific game, but also who want to enjoy a fantastic art Programme. gallery, theatres, restaurants and free places where people can listen to music. So, come and join us, in From the 14th and 15th June, 16 Continuing Education this great adventure of discovering new means to Courses will take place at the Fundação Calouste offer qualitative services to library users! Gulbenkian, in Lisbon. If you have time, try and visit Margarida Meira, Chair LOC the Museum with the Calouste Gulbenkian collection, the Art Library, one of the best in Portugal, the Countries attending the 12th EAHIL Conference Modern Art Centre, a museum of contemporary art Angola 1 Lithuania 3 and the beautiful Gulbenkian Park itself. June is the Antilles 1 Mozambique 2 month of the Lisbon Festivals. In the evenings you Australia 5 The Netherlands 21 can visit the old quarters round the castle, with its Belgium 9 Norway 24 Moorish characteristics and eat at the many varied Brazil 1 Poland 7 restaurants and listen to the specific fado music. Canada 2 Portugal 46 Cyprus 1 Qatar 2 From the 16th till 18th June, we will be in Estoril, at Czech Republic 7 Romania 2 the Centro de Congressos. The Estoril Coast´s Russian proximity to the sea, hills and forests combined with Denmark 13 Federation 2 its temperate climate make it a perfect venue for the S. Tomé and widest range of outdoor sports, from fishing to scuba Finland 13 Principe 1 diving and eco tourism to radical sports. France 8 Serbia 1 Germany 11 Singapore 1 The Welcome Cocktail Hungary 3 Slovenia 2 on the 16 June will be at the Estoril Palace Ireland 6 South Africa 1 Hotel, known for its Italy 27 Spain 35 elegant ambiance and Israel 1 Sweden 22 also by various Jordan 1 Switzerland 6 members of the Korea 1 Turkey 5 royalty, British and Latvia 1 United Kingdom 50 German spies and other important people that stayed Lebanon 3 U.S.A 12 there during World War II. Later, these stories of Total = 360 intrigue and espionage inspired various famous books
  2. 2. Estoril Echo 1 Welcome to the 12th Conference organized on effective, robust, shared) information infrastructure. behalf of our 23 year old EAHIL. Sustainability in libraries is more than recycling paper, turning the heater down or reduction of waste. EAHIL has established the Librarians are part of the information chain: ecologic tradition of biannual conferences thinking is required, we can use our purchasing power and workshops, and by doing so we and our educational roles to focus on ecology and have been able to make friends and sustainability. to create a strong and cooperative network of professionals all over So take advantage of meeting your colleagues in Europe and beyond. By tradition formal and informal sessions, and even to talk with every conference and workshop is representatives of the companies about sustainability. different, thanks to the authentic Sustainability must be our compass to creative thinking of the local organizers. We gratefully DISCOVERING NEW SEAS OF KNOWLEDGE. acknowledge the enthusiasm and courage of Welcome to Lisbon/Estoril; enjoy meeting colleagues Margarida Meira and her team to take this and friends! responsibility in Portugal. More than in other years it Suzanne Bakker, President EAHIL is felt what it means to be responsible and to cope with unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstances. MEMBERSHIP OF EAHIL Have any of you realized how dependent we were on smoothly operating air traffic before the volcano Are you a member of EAHIL? spread its ashes over Europe? Our association Have you renewed your membership for depends as much on communication technologies as 2010? on conferences: the web-based membership database Are you one of the 420 who have not renewed and the discussion lists are the heart of our this year? cooperative projects. It is foreseen that we shall have If you have not renewed by 1 August you will to move to other hosting systems but luckily there are be deleted from the EAHIL database; affordable alternatives to choose from. In our Remember membership is FREE so renew or professional practice we are facing threats to the become a member today! sustainability of our services. The economic crisis is a major one, which goes beyond the survival of individual libraries or librarians or even our Association. Sustainability of access to scientific Some useful phrases in Portuguese sources in which medical knowledge is condensed, Bom dia! Hello! / Good morning! kept and transferred, is essential to the further Boa tarde! Good afternoon! development of medicine, to the education of new Boa noite! Good evening! / Good night! generations of physicians and for the support of Olá! Hi! quality health care. By sharing our experiences and joining forces, by forming coalitions, we might be Adeus Goodbye able to find new ways in taking up our professional Por favor Please responsibility to preserve the knowledge Sim Yes infrastructure in the biomedical field. If anything can Não No be learned from the financial crisis is that trust, fair Não sei I don’t know trade and fair share are essential elements, which Claro Of course unfortunately were not included or taken into account Onde? Where? by most economic parameters. Open access, (Muito) obrigado / obrigada Thank you (very much) institutional repositories, consortia are initiatives by Como está? How are you? responsible parties aiming to provide a better (cost
  3. 3. Estoril Echo 1 The CEC committee were CEC 13 HINARI - Training the trainers. Lenny Rhine pleased to welcome 63 CEC 14 Navigating the evidence base Andrew Booth participants from 30 CEC 15 Effective survey design. D. Charbonneau countries to the 7 courses CEC 16 How to develop a search strategy for a that ran on Monday, and systematic review Mala Mann were looking forward to Reports of the CEC courses in Lisbon greeting around 100 people on Tuesday at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. After a few misunderstandings regarding the transport from Writing for scientific / academic publications. Estoril to Lisbon, all went smoothly and the course António Vaz-Carneiro leaders and participants enjoyed the excellent facilities of the Calouste Gulbentian Foundation I really enjoyed this was well-structured and very useful and our teacher was very good. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is a charitable What I learnt today I can really use in my foundation established in Portugal in 1956 with university to further teach my student doctors to cultural, educational, social and scientific interests. Its write well for medical journals. However it founder, Calouste Gulbenkian, was an Armenian would have been nice if the coffee was included born in Turkey who worked in Britain and became a in the price of the course!! British citizen, lived in France and settled in Portugal. Maya Samaha, Lebanon He was multicultural and multilingual and spent his career bringing people from different cultures and nationalities together. Acesso aos textos integrais dos artigos. Two of the Continuing Education Courses were T.Costa, H. Donato, M. Montenegro specifically in the Portuguese language while the other 13 were in English all led by well known names in I found that the theme “Access to full text medical library education. The themes were varied articles” was well introduced and structured. It and all were current subjects. improved my knowledge to better work with information technologies and information. CEC 01 Acesso aos textos integrais dos artigos. Filipa Pereira, Portuguese Ministry for Health T.Costa, H. Donato, M. Montenegro Portugal CEC 02 Scholarly publishing and open access. Eloy Rodrigues First Timers Evening, 15 June CEC 03 BioMedical web nuggets. Friedhelm Rump CEC 05 Emerging technologies and tools Over a hundred (Portuguese). Pedro Príncipe First timers to an CEC 06 Emerging technologies and tools. EAHIL Conference Guus Van den Brekel plus Members of CEC 07 Writing for scientific / academic publications. António Vaz-Carneiro the EAHIL Board CEC 08 The use of group reflection to evaluate project. Executive and the Barbara Sen LOC gathered CEC 09 Bibliometrics: an introduction. together in Cascais, Suzanne Bakker a village close to CEC 10 How to design and start a library liaison Estoril on the evening of the 15th. They had the Program. Blair Anton possibility to visit two wonderful small museums, CEC 11 Strategic planning for health information near the sea, where they could enjoy a sunset and libraries Gabrielle Derriks have a drink. CEC 12 PICO workshop Hans Ket, Marion Heijmans
  4. 4. Estoril Echo 1 EAHIL Poster Prizes Portuguese History Portugal, like many European countries, once had an 52 entries will be on display from the following empire stretching from Asia to Africa and South countries America. In Lisbon and Estoril there is a thriving African community that is drawn from many former Belgium 1 Poland 3 colonial nations including Angola, Mozambique, France 2 Portugal 2 Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde. Other independent Finland 3 Serbias 1 states once under Portuguese rule include Sao Tome Germany 1 South Africa 1 & Principe (1522-1961); Goa (1510-1961); Timor Italy 9 Spain 18 (1511-1965); Macau (1557-1999) and the largest Latvia 1 Switzerland 2 former colony Brazil (1500-1822) Netherlands 1 United Kingdom 6 Norway 1 EAHIL is delighted to welcome people to the Conference from many of these countries. Judging the Posters In and around Estoril The team judging the posters are Beach – Access to find the beach in Estoril is from Antónia Pereira da Silva – Portugal an underpass located near the Tourist Information Pirjo Rajakiili – Finland Centre. (The beach is on the other side of the station) Aileen Wood – United Kingdom There are sandy beaches and a promenade with a Sally Wood-Lamont – Romania variety of cafes and tourist shops. The posters will be judged on the following criteria Casino – For those of you who are prepared the risk Technical your money the Casino is located near to the o Legibility Conference Centre. It has been described as “large o Material and rather loud in style”. The Casino is believed the o Visual appearance be the largest in Europe and has gaming tables, slot Content machines as well as restaurants, art gallery, concerts, o Title theatre and floor shows. Or if you prefer, walk o Author around the palm-lined park and enjoy the view and o Abstract ambience of Estoril. o Structuring Cascais – to the west of Estoril lies Cascais. The Judging the Oral Presentations Waterfront is lined with small cafes and bars. Stand near the water’s edge and get sprayed by the Atlantic Throughout the Conference a variety of people will breakers that roll in. Here you will find the Cascais be sitting in on the oral presentations. They will be Cultural Centre. This was opened in 2000 after a judging the oral presentations on the following lengthy renovation of a 17th Century convent. The criteria Centre holds exhibitions and concerts. o Content 10 points 2 areas Hidden Gems – Please let the Newsletter Team o Organisation 20 points know of any places, restaurants or other areas that 4 areas may be of interest to EAHIL Members. Our office is o Delivery 25 points just behind the Information desk at the Conference 5 areas centre. Written articles or e-mail items to: Sally Wood- Lamont and Aileen Wood (Editors) Good luck to all who are presenting! or