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Website conventions


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Website conventions

  1. 1. iSO’s website Conventions James Eagle
  2. 2. Home Page • To maintain consistency I used the same background for the website that we used for the album cover. • Although I didn’t add any colour effects to make the text on the website easily visible. • Also the Black background conforms to Hip-Hop genre conventions • As with Kendrick Lamar’s website I have made the new album the focus of the website by putting it in the centre. • I added links to iTunes and Amazon to show how we could advertise our album release
  3. 3. Home Page Kendrick Lamar’s Home Page iSO’s Home Page
  4. 4. SHOP PAGE To open our store I created four basic products: • A Snapback • A branded t-shirt • A branded hoodie • An iPhone case • These four products will be our ‘basic range’ of products • As these are products that I identified all of our similar artists had on their website stores • As the website progresses I will add more ranges of products • Until eventually there is 30 products in total on the website • The products will be ordered in rows depending on what range they are in and I will make the first row exclusive limited edition items All of the products on the store page have a White background which is common on web stores
  5. 5. Product Example • After looking at similar artists stores for the website research I noticed a lot of the products were mainly Black • A lot of similar artists sell basic items of clothing such as t-shirts and jumpers featuring just a logo • Logic’s basic logo t-shirt is being sold at $25.00 roughly £16.00 So I thought our t- shirt should be £15.00 • As an upcoming artist all of our products should be slightly cheaper than established artists like Logic and Kendrick Lamar
  6. 6. Product Example The snapback will form part of our basic clothing range as it features just the ‘iSO’ logo Similarly to Logic our snapback will only be available in Black with an almost identical design Logic’s snapback was priced at $25.00 so I decided to price ours at £20.00 as it’s part of our basic range
  7. 7. News Page I have created a news page this is where the majority of the content will go. I have written two posts to start the blog that will be on the page. Similarly to Logic’s home page I will make posts that have regular instalments such as the playlist reveal post. This will mean fans can constantly check the page for updates The Featured Post section will be changed once the music video is finished. I will make the title latest release and add the music video just below it like on Logic’s home page.