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Making plr-work-for-you-a-step-by-step-content-marketing-plan


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  • It helped me somewhat. I just don't what I need to pull out from the PLR zip file. I want to use a book as a give away but don't know where to start or organize that zip file. Any more tips? Where can I go to learn how to do this? Thanks
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Making plr-work-for-you-a-step-by-step-content-marketing-plan

  1. 1. Making PLR Work for You A Step-by-Step Content Marketing Plan Distributed by Leona L©2010 Cindy Bidar Page |2
  2. 2. Share me with a friend… THIS REPORT COMES WITH GIVEAWAY AND MASTER RESALE RIGHTS.That means that you DO have the right to  Share it with your friends and colleagues  Use it as an opt-in incentive  Give it away as a bonus  Sell it  Send it to your list  Bundle it with other productsYou DO NOT have the right to alter or change it in any way.Some Legal Stuff:Affiliate Disclaimer. This report may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase fromany of the vendors mentioned in this report, you should assume the author and/ordistributor of this report will earn a commission from that sale.Earnings Disclaimer. The author and/or distributor of this report make no claimsregarding potential income. This report is for informational purposes only, and neither theauthor nor her affiliates or partners assume any responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions.Always consult the appropriate licensed consultant (attorney, accountant, etc.) in your areabefore making any business or financial decisions.©2010 Cindy Bidar Page |3
  3. 3. Defining Content MarketingIf you make money online, chances are good youre engaging in some kindof content marketing campaign. You might have a blog, submit articles todirectories, distribute press releases, build Squidoo lenses, upload videos toYouTube, or offer free downloads on eBook sharing sites. Every article youwrite, video you upload, and eBook you produce is acting as your salesforce. They introduce you and your product or service to potentialcustomers, help build brand loyalty, and position you as an expert in yourfield.And the more content you produce, the more effective your campaign willbe.Using PLR for Content MarketingOf course, as a small business owner it can be tough to produce goodcontent on a continual basis. Finding the time to blog regularly can be nearlyimpossible for a busy entrepreneur who is simultaneously trying to findenough work to keep the lights on, entertain a toddler, and round up thedust bunnies before they take over the house.By starting with private label rights content you can reduce your workloadand lower your stress levels. Think about how much more you couldaccomplish if you didnt have to spend hours every day writing new content.Blogs and eBooks arent the only use for PLR, either. In fact, they might noteven be the best use. Consider these content marketing techniques thatcould all begin with PLR:  Email campaigns  Audio books  Printed fliers  Printed material (through  Press releases Lulu or Create Space)  Facebook fanpages  eCourses  Brandable reports  How-to manuals  Power Point presentations  Video scripts  Bonus materials for  eBooks for Kindle information product sellers  Niche blogs you can flip for  Quick tips for Twitter profit  Membership site content  Link wheels  Discussion points for  Handouts for local business teleseminars events  Podcast scripts©2010 Cindy Bidar Page |4
  4. 4.  Conversation starters for  Marketing tools for affiliates forum owners  Article marketing campaigns  Training materials for your  Opt-in incentives staff  …and dozens moreThis list is just a small sampling of the ways you can use PLR. There arehundreds more, and while not all of them will suit every business, you areonly limited by your imagination. Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Using PLRStep One: Get ItFinding private label rights content is easy. Finding really good PLR is a littleharder. And lets face it, if you start with garbage youre just going to makemore work for yourself. Ive encountered some PLR that was so badlywritten – not to mention lacking in facts – that it was truly unusable. Youveprobably seen it, too, but I hope that didnt discourage you from ever usingPLR again, because the good stuff is out there.To find high-quality private label rights content  Ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. They are your best resource when it comes to finding new PLR sellers.  Buy from sellers you know and trust so you dont have to worry about copyright issues.  Look for limited quantity packages. While this doesnt guarantee quality, it does significantly increase the value of the content, since only a handful of your competitors will have access to the same product.  Keep in mind that you do get what you pay for – 100,000 articles for $4.00 isnt a bargain if you cant use them.  Get samples if you can, or at the very least take a look at the other content a seller puts out. Does she have a blog? Did she write an eBook? These should indicate the level of quality you can expect from her PLR packages.Another important reason to start with quality PLR from a reputable seller isusage rights. Its easy for unscrupulous vendors to scrape content fromother websites and call it PLR, when in fact they dont have the right to sell©2010 Cindy Bidar Page |5
  5. 5. it. Protect yourself and your business by purchasing good quality, freshcontent from trustworthy vendors.Step Two: Organize ItIf you cant find it, you cant use it, and one reason marketers miss out onthe potential value of PLR is simply because theyre disorganized. They buyand download PLR packs with the best of intentions, but never move themout of the download folder. Or they unzip the files and stash themsomeplace for later. Only when "later" arrives, that carefully stored pack isnowhere to be found.Heres an idea for keeping track of the PLR youve accumulated. Make a newfolder called PLR (hows that for original?) and put it someplace prominent,like on your desktop. Inside that folder, make another folder for each nicheyoure in. Within those folders, you can even create sub-folders for articles,reports, and blog posts if you like.Now, go find every PLR package youve got stored in the far corners of yourhard drive and move them to your desktop. Once youve collectedeverything, its time to clean house. Go through each package, toss out thestuff you know youll never use and delete the file types you dont careabout. No sense in having two copies of everything if all you want is a textfile, right?And dont hang onto stuff thinking "I might want it someday." This is thesame attitude that causes your closets to overflow and your garage to burstat the seams. If you cant bring yourself to delete it, at least move it toanother folder labeled "MaybeSomeday" or some other name that will makeit clear whats inside. Rename the files to something meaningful to you, sonext time youre looking for something you wont have to open every singlefile to find it.Now, here is the most important part. Each time you purchase new PLR, youmust immediately unzip it, toss the stuff you wont use, and file the rest.Every time. Getting organized and keeping it that way will make it easier foryou to find and use your content later, so dont lose control.Step Three: Reformat ItPLR comes in a wide variety of styles and formats. You can buy articles, blogposts, email series, eBooks, special reports, even videos and Power Pointpresentations. But just because it began life as an article doesnt meanthats how you have to use it.©2010 Cindy Bidar Page |6
  6. 6. In fact, one of the best ways to make PLR content unique is to change theformat. There might be 100 copies of that article package out there on theweb, but when you turn them into a short report, youll be creating acompletely new product.So if you need articles for your blog or Squidoo lens, consider chopping aneBook into small pieces. Need a special report? String together a series ofarticles. Of course, if youve got something you must use in the same formatfor whatever reason, you can always rearrange the content. Moveparagraphs and chapters, add a new cover, and in a very short time youllhave something that no longer looks like the PLR you bought.One final step is to create a worksheet, checklist, mindmap, or other uniqueelement to include, especially for special reports or eBooks. If you changenothing else, doing this one thing can really set your offer apart from theothers who purchased the same PLR package.Step Four: Polish ItOnce youve got your content arranged the way you want, its time to give ita little polish. Depending on how much time you have, you might do a line-by-line edit (or hire someone to do it for you) resulting in a product that nolonger resembles the original. If youre short on time or money, a little spit-shine will do, though. Change up the title and the subheadings, rework thefirst paragraph, and youre done.In addition to shining it up a bit, you might also want to tweak your PLR tomake it timely. Adding references to current events and pop culture will giveyour product a fresh new look, even if its been around a while.Step Five: Publish ItNow that all the work is done, all that remains is to get your content outthere where the world can access it. Post it to your blog, build a Squidoolens, email your list to tell them about your new free offer, contact JVpartners to let them know its time to roll out their promos.But dont stop there! Now that youve got those articles, reports, and eBooksall reworked and formatted to fit your unique style, you want to make sureyou get as much mileage out of them as you can. Thats where re-purposingcomes in.Do you need a quick guest post for a blogging colleague? Rewrite a part ofyour best-selling eBook. Want to stay in touch with your email list? Sendthem an excerpt of your latest special report. And even if you dontrepurpose your material, you should be reminding your readers about older©2010 Cindy Bidar Page |7
  7. 7. resources, like blog posts that fell off the front page long ago, and reportsyou released last year but which are still available. Remember, you gain newreaders every day, and they probably havent found all the hidden gems inyour archives yet.On the Internet, content really is king. The more you produce, the morereaders (and customers) you will attract. Private label rights content is apowerful tool in your content marketing arsenal. It can help you save timeand money on content creation, while allowing you to reach a far greateraudience than you would otherwise. In short, it makes your life easier, andwho doesnt want that?Heres to your content marketing success!Cindy©2010 Cindy Bidar Page |8