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Educational Technology Webquest


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Educational Technology Webquest

  1. 1. Student Page [Teacher Page] Study Abroad…the Web! Title A WebQuest for High School: Spanish 1 Introduction Designed by Task Elizabeth Gates Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits Based on a template from The WebQuest Page
  2. 2. Student Page [Teacher Page] Title Introduction Introduction Task Get ready for an opportunity of a life time: Process Studying Abroad…the Web! You have been Evaluation granted the opportunity to discover another Conclusion country, expenses paid for! You will “study abroad” to Spanish speaking countries’ websites and select your favorite travel experience. Afterwards, write an essay in Spanish demonstrating your knowledge of the culture, history, and any other information you find to be important. Credits
  3. 3. Student Page [Teacher Page] Title The Task Introduction Task General knowledge of Spanish speaking Process Evaluation countries obtained Conclusion Use of Spanish language ability A development of cultural understanding Understanding contents of a valid web source Writing an essay in Spanish You will be using Microsoft Office Word as well as the Internet. Credits
  4. 4. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Process Title 1. Before your traveling abroad experience, you will need to do some research on the Introduction following countries by visiting all of the links provided below- Task Mexico: Process Evaluation Conclusion Spain: Puerto Rico: 2. “Travel abroad” by collecting important information about each country including history, culture, dialect, customs, traditions, food, and other factors you find to be important. 3. After selecting your travel destination and traveling to that location, you will write an essay in Spanish about your “discoveries and experiences,” or rather the information you collect on the internet. Credits
  5. 5. Student Page [Teacher Page] Evaluation Scor Title CATEGORY 4-Excellent 3-Good 2-Fair 1-Poor e Organization Information is Information is Information is The information   Introduction very organized organized with organized, but appears to be Task with well- well-constructed paragraphs are not disorganized. 8) constructed paragraphs. well-constructed. Process paragraphs and Evaluation subheadings. Quality of Information Information Information Information has   Conclusion Information clearly relates to clearly relates to clearly relates to little or nothing to the main topic. It the main topic. It the main topic. do with the main includes several provides 1-2 No details and/or topic. supporting details supporting details examples are and/or examples. and/or examples. given. Amount of All topics are All topics are All topics are One or more   Information addressed and all addressed and addressed, and topics were not questions most questions most questions addressed. answered with at answered with at answered with 1 least 2 sentences least 2 sentences sentence about about each. about each. each. Mechanics No grammatical, Almost no A few Many   spelling or grammatical, grammatical grammatical, punctuation spelling or spelling, or spelling, or errors. punctuation errors punctuation punctuation errors. errors. Credits
  6. 6. Student Page [Teacher Page] Title Conclusion Introduction Task Welcome Home! After your study abroad Process experience, not only should you have Evaluation learned a great amount of cultural Conclusion information, but also gained language ability! This WebQuest has hopefully stimulated ideas to study abroad and see the beautiful lands of the world. Credits
  7. 7. Student Page [Teacher Page] Credits & Title References Introduction The links given for the students’ use are: Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Spanish Standard Information was taken from: I received the template for this WebQuest from the following links: The WebQuest Page and The WebQuest Slideshare Group Credits
  8. 8. [Student Page]Teacher Page Curriculum Standards (Teacher) Title Spanish Standards Addressed Introduction •Students understand and interpret written and Learners spoken language on a variety of topics Standards • Students present information, concepts, and Process ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a Resources variety of topics. EvaluationTeacher Script •Students demonstrate an understanding of the Conclusion relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture studied Not only will students be thinking creatively while conducting this product, but they will also be encouraged to think critically while writing their essays in Spanish. Credits