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  1. 1. E. Ashleigh FagergrenTopic: CloudsGrade Level: FourthObjective: This Webquest is designed for students to learn more about clouds ( wherethey come from, how they form, the different types, why they are white, differentaltitudes clouds can be found, etc…).You are about to embark on a journey to learn all you can about clouds. You will visitthe following websites to find the answers to the questions. Please record in yourjournal notebook the answers to the following 10 questions. You can work in groups oftwo or by yourself. Enjoy!1) are clouds?___________________________________Why are clouds white?___________________________________2) many different levels of clouds are there?_____________________________________
  2. 2. Name the different high-level clouds__________________________________________________________________________3) do you think is the main process behind cloud formation?_________________________________________When water changes phase from a liquid (water) to a solid (ice) we call this:_________________________________________4) are the four basic cloud types?___________________________________________True of False, clouds need clean air to form?___________________________________________5) do cirrus clouds look like?__________________________________________What do cumulus clouds look like?__________________________________________6) altitude would you find Cirrus clouds?___________________
  3. 3. What altitude would you find Stratus clouds?___________________7) are the names of clouds given a prefix?_____________________________When a cloud is producing precipitation, what prefix is it given?_______________________________8) on the link on the website that says, “View Quicktime” and watch the three minutevideo on clouds. What did Dr. Chambers put in the metal tin when making a cloud?___________________________Dr. Chambers listed four particles that clouds form around- name two.____________________________________________________9) in the blanks: Water on land or in the ocean _____________, turning from a liquid toa gas called water _________________.Besides moving _____________ around from one place to another, clouds play a veryimportant part in maintaining Earths ____________________.
  4. 4. 10) or False:Clouds can be different colors___________________________.Water droplets collected in stratus clouds can be flat__________________.
  5. 5. Answers: 1) A) A cloud is a large collection of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals. B) They reflect the light of the sun. 2) A) Three B) Cirrus, Cirrostratus 3) A) Condensation B) Freezing 4) A) Cumulus, stratus, cirrus, cumulonimbus B) False 5) A) High altitude, wispy clouds B) Puffy with distinct edges 6) A) Above 18,000 feet B) Below 6,500 feet 7) A) Indicates what level in the atmosphere it is in. B) Nimbo (or Nimbus at the end of the word) 8) A)Ice Cubes B) Sea Salt, man-made pollution, dust, volcanic aerosols 9) A) evaporates, vapor B) water, temperature 10) A) True B) True