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Colour Deficiency and Presentations


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Jim Donnellan has made a presentation all about the issues that can arise for those with colour deficiencies or colour blindness.

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Colour Deficiency and Presentations

  1. 1. Colour Deficiencies 3rd Year Project Results
  2. 2. What’s the Problem?A considerable amount of information is presented to computer users throughcolour without a text alternative. This means if a user is colour blind, and thereforeunable to distinguish between certain colours, this information could be lost. A recent usability study conducted by the UK Disability Rights Commission, found that colour accessibility is the second most recurring problem for disabled users whilst accessing information on the web.
  3. 3. Which Graph is Easier to Read?In a room of 250 people,split 50% male and 50%female, it is said thatthere will be more thanten colour deficientpeople in that audience.As a result, it is possiblethat if graphs andcoloured text are usedto display importantinformation, then thistype of media may bemissed.
  4. 4. Creating an Interface Showing the user interface to a modern pumping station
  5. 5. Not everything is what it seems.. “The hospital is the yellow building” Color Doctor filtering an image to what a typical Protanope would see.
  6. 6. Suitable colouring Although no specialist hardware or software is required for users with colour deficiencies, such as adapted input devices or screen readers, consideration needs to be made for colours of font, background themes, and buttons. This is especially true for buttons which change colour when you roll over them or text when it is highlighted. Bright colours are less confusing than similar shades of a colour, with black and white being the most opposed.
  7. 7. Results Problems reading certain websites that have poor color setups that make the text blend into the background. Other then that, not much outside having people ask me what color something all the time. School projects,street light,cannot be a cop... How often does colour blindness effect you at a computer? as an electrical engineering student, resistors and capacitors pose a problem for me. Others around me will help read the colors, I will still decode them. Never 6 Im an extreme red/green deficient and because of that, i cannot do all the aspects of graphic design like i would like to. Also, in many cases, i cannot tell if the robots lights are evenNot Normally 41 working not knowing the difference between underlines in Microsoft word, not being able to see sbtle Often 61 distincitions in pictures or in life. sometimes graphs on computers are red-green in order to show intensitiy and i cant read themAll the Time 18 mostly recognition when reading legends with a map, or Excel graphs Small difficulties at work. Sometimes I have to work 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 with map making software Responces background colours making text hard to see As a web developer, I cant name the colors Im using or be sure my work is aesthetically pleasing. It also affects me when I come across blinking traffic lights.
  8. 8. MapProject