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Jorgan's Great Escape


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Jorgan's Great Escape

  1. 1. / JORGAN  Jorgan is a Varangian Warrior form Scandinavia He is on the run from his home town, as he has been summoned to death He was caught alone with Chief Olaf’s wife: The Beautiful, Irresistible Karina(He protests his innocence) The story opens with an old tavern and a thirsty warrior..Jorgan has been on the road for 5 days now and he needs a drink and a sit down
  2. 2. TAVERN ANTICS  Jorgan enters the tavern…and before he reaches the bar there is a drink waiting for him Although suspicious, he is extremely thirsty, so he skulks the drink back in one go and leaves the un-melted ice clinking at the base of the glass!! The glass is refilled straight away, this he finds strange and decides to leave… Before he leaves he uses the toilet, in the meantime another patron sees the ‘free’ drink and sips at it slowly-THEN DROPS DEAD!!!! WHY DID JORGAN LIVE AND THE OTHER MAN DIE?
  3. 3. A BRIDGE TOO FAR  Jorgan flees the scene Frightened by the ‘Tavern incident’ and reaches three bridges Before he crosses the bridges there is a sign which reads: “BEWARE YOUNG SOULS!!!! Only one bridge be safe to cross For under the other two be Viking-flesh eating trolls!! Can you figure out which bridge is safe for Jorgan to cross???
  4. 4. WHO AM I??!!  Jorgan makes it across the bridge!!! Pheeeeew!!! Beyond the bridge he bumps into a gang “We are SERGEJ gang.. Igor tells him..we are running away fromsomething also, feel free to join the 5 of us in our journey1. I’m Aleksandr, I am brilliant with the mason, I can face 10 men in battle!!!2. My name is Artjom, I shot 7 men and my arrows never miss a target!3. I am Ivan the Kruel and me and my mighty battle axe have been in 8 battles so far4. I am Anton, nobody is as skilled as me with my trusty dangerous dagger, I got 4 notches on my hilt!!! WHO IS THE FIFTH MEMBER OF THE GANG????
  5. 5. THE HEIST  Jorgan & SERGEJ gang have robbed the nearby rich village, there is lots and lots and lots of loot to go round But together they can only carry 40kg of weight to still be able to escape freely from the sceneUsing the grid above, decide which items they shouldtake to gain maximum profit!
  6. 6. HOW MANY?  Jorgan has decided to part ways with the SERGEJ gang So they must separate the loot up between them!! The gang are quite generous and tell Jorgan that he can take as many gold bars as fit into his back-pack1 Gold Bar measures: Length: 20cm Width: 10cm Height: 4cmJorgans back-pack has a capacity of 6400cm3Can you figure out how many gold bars Jorgan cantake to fill his back-pack?
  7. 7. RESTLESS SOULS  After leaving the gang, Jorgan continues his journey to Constantinople, when passing the Alps he meets some ‘restless souls’ Can you solve the conflict between the 4 restless souls and return peace to the mountains, by figuring out: WHO IS LYING?
  8. 8. THE STAND OFF   Jorgan has finally reached Constantinople  But his enemies are behind him in great numbers  Help Jorgan figure out the best strategy to defend Constantinople and himself: Jorgan needs at least 9000 willing guards to protect the 2 gates of the city The second gate is double the width of the first, so he needs twice as much men as for the first gate You need 15000 guards to protect the 3 City districts: The Market, The Slums and The Wealth As the Lords & Ladies demand additional security, they require as many guards as are stationed at the 2 front gates On the other hand, The Slums only need half of the guards stationed at The Wealth How should you station the GUARDS to meet all these requirements?
  9. 9. THE ANSWERS Jorgan lived because there was POISON in the ice, the second man unfortunately drank the drink in his leisure, which let the ice melt into the drink! Its bridge C, because its the only one which is directly touching the water, so the troll would not be able to stand under it and wait for his prey Igor is the fifth member of the gang, he is Jorgans first encounter with the gang members They should take B, D, E, F, this would give them the maximum profit of 13500 euros The answer is 8 Gold Bars. It is a simple volume mathematic equation Its Rainhold who is lying. He claims that he was pushed from behind, but as you can see from the harnessing rope which they are secured together with, he is the LAST in the line, so therefore there is no way that he was kicked from behind 3000 Guards at the small gate, 6000 Guards at the big gate, 9000 Guards at the wealth, 4500 Guards at the slums and 1500 Guards at the Market.
  10. 10. CONTACT  Bernhard Raml > Eadaoin Dempsey > THANK YOU!!!