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Voice thread

  1. 1. VoiceThread The Talk of the Education World!
  2. 2. Just click here and take a listen… http://voicethread.com/#q.b119840. Never heard of VoiceThread?
  3. 3. Objectives • See an example of a classroom-related VoiceThread • Learn the basic steps in creating a VoiceThread project • Learn some “extra” VoiceThread features that will help with editing and enhancing your VoiceThread • Create your own simple VoiceThread project • Receive time for questions and feedback
  4. 4. Overview What is VoiceThread? • An online subscription application that combines graphical images and digital voice commentary • Actually created on the Internet so there are no files to copy and download • Requires one or more simple graphics (picture, drawing, diagram, etc.) • Requires a desk microphone or computer with built-in microphone • Final project can be emailed so that others can provide their own comments
  5. 5. Subscribing to VoiceThread • To access the VoiceThread site, go to www.voicethread.com – you will see the screen displayed above • To subscribe for free, click on the K-12 solution and register
  6. 6. • Once your account is created, you’ll be prompted to login – when you do, you’ll see a screen that looks like the one above • The MyVoice tab will display VoiceThread tutorials as well as any VoiceThread projects you have created – the tutorials can be very helpful and they’re short
  7. 7. • To start your project, click on the “Create” tab • On the Create screen, you’ll see three choices – Upload, Comment, and Share – those are the three steps for creating a VoiceThread
  8. 8. Step 1 -- Upload • First, you’ll want to upload your images – you can select files from your computer (My Computer) or from a site such as Flickr (Media Sources), or you can enter a URL for a Web site (URL) • For this example, we’ll upload images from My
  9. 9. • Determine the location of your images, then click on the ones you want to upload • By holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys, you can click on multiple images and upload them all at one time • Remember that you can also upload videos
  10. 10. • Here’s an example of the Create screen when you’ve uploaded multiple images • You can click and drag the images if you want to change the order of them
  11. 11. • For our example, we’re only going to use one image • Click on “(Add a title and description)” to enter your title and some explanation of the image
  12. 12. Once you’ve entered your title and description, click on the “Save” button
  13. 13. • Now, click on “Comment” to begin recording the comments that will accompany this image • If your computer doesn’t have an internal mic, be sure to have your desk microphone plugged in and ready (on the MyVoice screen, you can view tutorials for setting up the microphone) Step 2 -- Comment
  14. 14. • For each comment in VoiceThread, there needs to be an image to go with it – some kind of graphic to represent the voice – these images are called “Identities” • When you create a VoiceThread, you automatically become the first Identity • When you click on Step 2 to begin making comments, you can add an image for your own Identity and/or add images and Identities for the other people who will be making comments • Let’s start with adding an image for your own Identity. . .
  15. 15. • Below the main picture and to the left is what looks like a thimble – click on it to create your Identity image • Until you select another image, the thimble will be associated with your name
  16. 16. Click on “Create another identity” to attach an image to your name and/or to create other Identities
  17. 17. • To change the image attached to your name, click on “Edit” – you’ll be able to change your name and/or change the image to go with it • To add other Identities, click on “Add an
  18. 18. • Each time you add an Identity, you’ll see a screen like the one shown below • Enter the name, then click on “Select an image” to choose an image to go with that Identity - you may use a photo or any other picture file as an image • Once you have entered the name and added the image, click on “Save”
  19. 19. • Once you’ve created all your Identities, you’ll be able to choose one each time you record a new voice • Click on “Close” to go back to the Comment screen
  20. 20. • The picture to the left of the “Comment” and triangular “play” buttons indicates the Identity that will be associated with the next comment recorded • To choose another Identity, click on the picture and select another Identity • When you’ve selected the correct Identity, click on “Comment”
  21. 21. • There are two types of comments – a recorded comment and a typed comment • To record the Identity’s voice making a comment, click on “Record”
  22. 22. Begin speaking, then once the recording is complete, click on “Stop recording” and then “Save”
  23. 23. To type the Identity’s comment, click on “Type”
  24. 24. • A small window will appear – begin typing and when you’re finished, click “Save” • Continue to select Identities and either record or type the comment for each one until you’ve completed the comments
  25. 25. • Once your comments are completed, you’ll see images (Identities) on each side of your picture • When you click on each Identity, the recording associated with that Identity will begin (or the typed comments will appear)
  26. 26. • Now it’s time to share your VoiceThread creation with others – just click on Share • You can share your VoiceThread in one of two ways – either by sending an invitation or by getting a link • To send an invitation, click on “Add+” below “My Contacts” Step 3 - Share
  27. 27. Add the email address and name of each person who you think would like to see your VoiceThread – after you enter each name, click “Add”
  28. 28. • Once you’ve added all your email addresses, click on “Send Invite” • To get a link that you can share with others, click “Get a link”
  29. 29. • VoiceThread asks if you want to copy the link and allow anyone to view or comment on it • Click on the “View” and/or “Comment” boxes to indicate which of the two options you choose, then click on “Copy the Link”
  30. 30. The red message “Copied to clipboard” means that VoiceThread has created a link and copied it to your computer’s clipboard – now you have to open a document and paste the link so that you’ll have a record of it
  31. 31. • When your VoiceThread is accessed by someone else, they’ll see it in the same format as the picture below • If you checked the box indicating others could comment on your VoiceThread, then they can add their own voices to your creation!
  32. 32. Some Extras - Editing • Once your VoiceThread is completed, you’ll be able to access it from the MyVoice tab • Click on the “Menu” button in the bottom right corner of the VoiceThread – click “Edit” and VoiceThread will take you back to the main VoiceThread screen • You can now make changes and since VoiceThread is online, anyone accessing yours will immediately see them
  33. 33. Some Extras - Doodling • Doodling allows you to draw or write on an image while you talk • In the Comment mode, if you click on either “Record” or “Type”, you’ll see a color palette wheel appear below your image; a white crayon will also appear • Click on “Record”, then click on one of the colors, and click
  34. 34. Some Extras – Changing Voice Order • If you’d like to change the order in which the voices play, go to the Comment screen • Below the red arrow in the picture above, you’ll see a gray line with notches in it – each section of the line represents a voice • Click and drag a section to move that voice to another spot on the line
  35. 35. Now let’s take some time to allow YOU to create a VoiceThread creation!
  36. 36. Questions, anyone?