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Introducing EADD

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Dairy news vol 1

  1. 1. EAST AFRICA DAIRY DEVELOPMENT NEWS EADD is a Project of Heifer International in Partnership with ILRI, TechnoServe, ABS TCM and ICRAF Welcome! Karibu! Tubanirizza! Murakazaneza! EADD is proud to introduce to you a quarterly e-newsletter The DairyNews with lots of new and exciting things coming your way. We bring you highlights on project implementation from the different project sites as well as latest updates on the dairy industry and expert advice on dairy management. The views, opinions and lessons we will be featuring will not only strengthen the dairy sector in the project areas but in the developing world as a whole. We welcome your feedback and contributions as we endeavor to keep you informed. If you would like to contribute an article, please send an e-mail to Beatrice Ouma at (beatrice.ouma@eadairy.org). A side from chilling plants I am pleased to note that all the other milestones on all activities are all but within Vol.1 November 2008 In This Issue reach of the team and I once again urge all partners and clusters not to let their eyes off the prize. Articles As the year draws to a close I wish to remind all teams Welcome note..........page1 that performance will be primarily measured on the basis A Message from Regional Director..........page1 EADD at a Glance ..........page1 of milestones delivered on site by site cluster by cluster. A New Hub is Born..........page3 True achievement of EADD vision, objectives and Of Cows and Breeds: 50 AI Trainees Graduate..........page4 milestones will only be realized by pulling together while Milking the Benefits of Partnerships .........page4 carrying one’s own weight. How to get to the top.........page5 ................................................................................. Regular Features Yes we can! Getting to Know Your Dairy Team ..........page5 Dairy Diary ..........page6 Moses Nyabila Tip of the Month..........page6 Humor Corner ………page6 Photo Galllery……….page6 EADD at a Glance The East Africa Dairy Development Project (EADD) is 10 year regional industry development program From the Regional Director’s Desk implemented by Heifer International and a consortium of partners including TechnoServe (TNS) and International Let us all give a toss to Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). The project is funded the communication team by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of an for pulling the inaugural agricultural development grant designed to boost the newsletter together! With yields and incomes of millions of small farmers in Africa all the usual challenges and other parts of the developing world so they can lift associated with the themselves and their families out of hunger and poverty. commencement of a project as complex as EADD, EADD envisions improving the lives of many poor juxtaposed against the families by doubling household dairy income through backdrop of the disruptive integrated intervention in dairy production, market access post election turmoil that and knowledge application. engulfed Kenya during the early months of the year, I In order to improve market access, EADD will develop local cannot help but appreciate hubs of business development services and chilling plants what has been achieved to that facilitate sales, linking producers to formal markets date. News from Kenya and Uganda is that four sites through processors and increase producer benefit from have met all requirements of a chilling plant and another traditional markets. two are well on their way to doing the same. Our goal is to deliver all the ten chilling plants and I urge all the The project operates in specific districts chosen for their cluster leaders to ensure this happens.
  2. 2. suitability for smallholder dairy development in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The regional office is located in Nairobi, Kenya and is headed by the Regional Director, Moses Nyabila. The office illustrates the project management relationship among the partners, as well as the supporting relationship of project advisory committees at the regional and country levels. The regional director leads a team dedicated and enthusiastic staff, both professional The team in Uganda poses for a group photgraph with Dr. and support. Sahr Lebbie Heifer International Vice President for Africa Area Program and Moses Nyabila, EADD Regional Director ...in Rwanda- Charity Murorunkwere EADD Rwanda country office is located in Nyagatare District in the Eastern Region of Rwanda. The project operates in three districts of Gatsibo, Nyagatare and Rwamagana. The project is already working on six existing chilling plants and a further four new chilling plants are in the pipeline. Since the onset of the project, several activities have been undertaken at the different sites and at country level including value chain study, feasibility studies on existing chilling plants and training of management committees. Other activities also include fodder farmers’ Part of the regional office team training, training of artificial inseminators and training of community animal health care workers. ....in Uganda-Beatrice Nabwire In Uganda, the project is being implemented in the central districts of Sembabule, Masaka, Mpigi, Wakiso, Mityana, Kiboga, Nakaseke, Luweero, Nakasongora, Masindi, Mukono, Kayunga and Jinja. EADD has earmarked ten milk collection hubs with chilling plants where farmers will bring raw milk for bulking and chilling before pick-up by commercial dairies. There will also be an additional 5 traditional hubs (TMs) whose activities will seek to achieve multiple goals including providing a range of business services to farmers and traditional traders, leveraging farmers’ position with traditional traders through collective Part of the Rwanda team bargaining and improving the demand for quality milk. For the remaining period of 2008, the project is focusing on establishing two chilling plants and one Traditional …In Kenya- Jane Kithuka Hub. The chilling plants are based in Kiboga and The Kenya country office is located in Eldoret town, a Masindi while the Traditional Hub is based in Bubusi. distance of 310 Kilometers Northwest of Nairobi. The project is working towards setting up 13 new chilling Currently, the Kiboga West Livestock Co-operative plants and boosting 4 old cooling plants during the 4-year Society has about three hundred and eighty five pilot period. These are largely to benefit at least 110,000 registered farmer members who have already raised smallholder dairy families and 10,000 fodder farmers. about 17 million Uganda Shillings in share equity towards investing in a chilling plant with a capacity to Currently, pilot is being implemented in eight districts hold 5000kgs of milk. In Masindi, over in Rift Valley including: Bomet, Buret, Keiyo, Kipkelion, two hundred and eighty registered farmer members have Marakwet, Molo, Nandi North, Uasin Gishu and West already raised about 1 Million Uganda shilings in share Pokot and two districts in Central Province: Nyandarua equity towards the same. and Nyeri districts. The project is also working closely with the already established cooling plants in Kipkelion, Ol Kalou, Kipkaren and Siongiroi to improve on their efficiency and their profitability through various trainings on service delivery enhancement.
  3. 3. This year, the project is working in two major sites, namely their production of high quality raw milk and linking Metkei and Lelan. In Metkei, farmers from four different them to the markets. This will be achieved through This will be achieved through co-oparatives have joined forces to form one company, coordinated, farmer-focused interventions that are Metkei Multipurpose Ltd. The company has brought integrated to develop smallholder profit-participation in together 1,990 smallholder dairy farmers who have the dairy value chain. These interventions are expected contributed Kshs.1.8 million in share equity to procure a to generate information and develop innovative solutions, 10,000 kg cooling plant. The farmers have also formed expand dairy markets and market access for the farmers, 132 Dairy Management Groups (DMGs) for the purpose and sustainably increase dairy productivity. of training provisions and demonstrations. While in Lelan, over 3,600 smallholder farmers have registered the Lelan Highland Dairies Ltd and have since raised over Kshs.1.5 million to invest in a chilling plant. The launch offered a training opportunity to many farmers The Kenya Country Project team …Of Cows and Breeds: EADD Successfully Trains 50 Artificial Inseminators-Charity M. A New Hub is Born-Dominic Menjo Rwanda-Following a previous successful training of 24 Last month marked a new chapter in Tanykina Dairy practicing private AI service providers, EADD trained a Plant in Kenya. The chilling plant was transformed into further 26 artificial inseminators in October 2008. This a dairy hub, the first by EADD in Kenya. Over 3000 brings the number of artificial inseminators trained so farmers were trained in dairy production and marketing far to 50. The latter group of trainees comprised of of high-quality milk with an aim of doubling their income. veterinary assistants attached to and employed by dairy cooperatives in the districts of Gatsibo, Nyagatare and EADD’s unique approach of hub concept aims at Rwamagana. The training which lasted 10 days was introducing and strengthening service and input delivery a unique partnership between EADD and the Rwanda in both existing and new chilling plants. This involves Animal Resources Development Authority (RARDA). linking all the dairy services, inputs and output to the chilling plants. The service providers were trained in basic animal physiology, animal health care and disease The EADD team has been able to strengthen these management, basic animal breeding principles and links in Kipkaren division where Tanykina Dairy practices, dairy cattle feeding and general nutrition as Plant is located. Consequently there was a need to well as milking practices and hygienic milk production, formalise these linkages and sensitize both the service The participants also underwent 7 days of hands-on providers(BDS) and the consumers(farmers). The hub animal handling for successful artificial breeding. The launch brought together all these players while at the trainees were given full AI kits by RARDA who will same time forming a second mobilization strategy. continue to work jointly with EADD in monitoring and evaluating the quality of service delivery in the field. The launch was presided over by the Rift Valley Director of Livestock, Mr. Luke Kessei and assisted by a number The next major activity in this area is the decentralization of other guests including the area MP, Mr David Koech. of essential supplies such as Liquid Nitrogen (LN) and semen. In accordance with the estimated numbers of Speaking during the launch, Mr. Kessei thanked EADD cattle and service providers, Gatsibo, Rwamagana and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the timely and Nyagatare districts will have 3, 3 and 4 locations, project which will give the farmers in the area financial respectively, where liquid nitrogen and semen tanks stability through dairy farming. He noted that with the will be maintained for the convenience of the service increase in milk production, farmers in Kipkaren will able providers. Establishment of the locations will be done to participate fully in the whole process of marketing with participation of the local authorities and service ensuring that they sell milk at competitive prices. He providers to maximize the effectiveness of the system. further urged farmers to take advantage of the training Key issue will be safety and proper maintenance and opportunities by EADD to further develop the dairy management of the supplies. The whole system is industry in general. expected to be in place and ready to function by end of 2008. EADD’s vision for Tanykina Dairy Plant Limited is to double the incomes of the dairy farmers by increasing
  4. 4. their families, their communities and their countries. TNS brings to EADD time-tested experience in value chain operations, including business development, business planning, organizational, operational support and marketing For more information visit www.TechnoServe.org African Breeders Services Total Cattle Management Limited (ABS TCM LTD) ABS TCM is a distributor for American Breeders Services (ABS Global), the world leader in bovine genetics and artificial breeding technology. ABS TCM brings to EADD AI trainees proudly display their certificates during high quality genetics (semen), training and support their graduation ceremony services and will help farmers increase their incomes by providing a total cattle management package. Milking the Benefits of Partnerships For More Information visit www.abstcm.com Building partnerships and pooling complementary organizational strengths is the heart of EADD’s work. World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) By bringing together different partners with a common The World Agroforestry Centre is part of The Alliance of objective, the project benefits from a combined set of the CGIAR Centres — a global network of 15 centres, knowledge, skills and networks, thus ensuring that the funded by the Consultative Group on International beneficiaries maximize the resources available in the Agricultural Research (CGIAR). ICRAF’s vision is to dairy industry to improve productivity. transform Agroforestry in the developing world through a massive increase in the use of working trees on working EADD partner institutions are well established in their landscapes by smallholder rural households that helps areas of operations and each brings unique expertise ensure security in food, nutrition, health, fodder, shelter that when put together will largely contribute to the and energy, income and a regenerated environment. project’s vision of success. Ultimately, this collaborative ICRAF brings to EADD a wide expertise in developing framework will greatly benefit the thousands of small milk feed systems and feed options and dissemination of this traders by ensuring long-term, sustainable productivity knowledge to farmers. and a more diversified economic base. For more information visit www.worldagroforestry.org Heifer International Here’s How to Get Up.....and Stay Up!- Advice Heifer International is the lead partner in the project. It is a non-governmental organization working to end from HR-Jane Oduor Build your confidence, bit by bit hunger and poverty and to care for the earth. Heifer The way to find confidence is to search for it. Look brings specialized knowledge of livestock production and for challenge. Rock solid confidence and lasting self- sustainable, value-based development, with experience esteem cannot be handed over to you, no matter how spanning more than 60 years. Its mission is to alleviate well intentioned your benefactor may be. Confidence and hunger, poverty and environmental degradation by self-esteem come from the direct experience of meeting offering resource development assistance—including challenges. animals, training and technical assistance—that fosters Confidence is well worth the trouble. Bit by bit, self reliance in food production and income generation confidence is built. Don’t shy away from challenge. on a sustainable basis. Welcome it. Seek it out. It will teach you. It will For more information visit www.heifer.org discipline you. It will give you invaluable experience. With confidence in you, anything is possible. The sky International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) becomes the limit. ILRI is a non-profit, intergovernmental organization Confidence cannot be created out of nothing. Try to working at the crossroads of livestock and poverty, do that and you’ll only get arrogance, a poor substitute bringing high-quality science and capacity-building to which crumbles at the first tough challenge. Confidence bear on poverty reduction and sustainable development must be built. Just as strong muscles are building by for poor livestock keepers and their communities. ILRI lifting heavier and heavier weights, confidence is built by has expertise in livestock and livestock research with taking on bigger and bigger challenges. Challenges are significant experience in dairy development in East the bricks that make the strong wall of confidence. Africa, as well as other regions of the world. ILRI also Challenge will therefore build in you something, brings extensive experience in project development and which can help take you wherever you want to go implementation in developing countries. – CONFIDENCE! For more information visit www.ilri.org TechnoServe (TNS) TechnoServe is an international NGO whose mission is to help entrepreneurial men and women in poor rural areas of the developing world to build businesses that create income, opportunity and economic growth for
  5. 5. Governor in charge of Rwamagana sub-province in Get to Know Your Dairy Team... Rwanda and a Director in charge of Good Governance and Territorial Administration overseeing ten districts in Moses Nyabila-Regional Director the former Kibungo province in Rwanda. He possesses a Masters degree in the field of Public and Development Moses Nyabila is the Regional Management (MM P&DM) from the University of the Director of the EADD Project. He Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He is is currently providing leadership married with six children. in planning, management and delivery of the EADD project for Augustine Cheruiyot, Country Project Manager- far-reaching impacts on dairy Kenya farmer productivity in the three The Kenya country office is countries. being managed by Augustine Cheruiyot. Cheruiyot has over Moses is a seasoned business 10 years hands-on experience development expert with over 12 in the field of microfinance years experience in development and community development. and commercial sectors in east and southern Africa. He also has experience in Before joining EADD he served as regional business providing technical assistance development and marketing manager and investment in several areas such as project consultant in charge of emerging markets for Parmalat design, baseline surveys, institutional assessments and SA. He previously served as Regional Dairy Trade performance implementation. Prior to joining EADD, Mr. Specialist for Land O’Lakes in the Regional Agricultural Cheruiyot worked in several capacities with different Trade Support Project (RATES), Technical Advisor for the organizations and is credited with spearheading several Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association (ESADA), initiatives on microfinance and rural development. He Business Development Manager for Brookside Dairy oversaw the design and implementation of the global and Area Sales Manager for Coca-Cola SABCO. He Ford Foundation funded impact assessment project for has in the recent past among others carried out industry three years initially as an officer in charge of designing studies, facilitated sector strategy formulation, facilitated the research tools and implementation and later in multilateral trade negotiations, organized successful directing the implementation and provision of technical international industry conferences and events, advised support. He was also instrumental in the establishment on large trade and Moses holds a bachelor of commerce of community based financial services associations degree in marketing from the University of Nairobi and (FSAs) in various rural parts of Kenya. He pioneered certificate in export development from CBI Netherlands. the design of a credit and savings project for individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and thereafter William Matovu- Country Project Manager –Uganda oversaw its implementation. He also spearheaded the implementation of micro leasing products targeting EADD Uganda is in the able smallholder dairy farmers and cooperatives in rural hands of William Matovu as areas and Jua Kali artisans in Nairobi. Cheruiyot thus the Country Project Manager. brings to EADD a wealth of experience in research He is a development worker development worker and product development, monitoring and evaluations, with extensive experience gender mainstreaming, project implementation, capacity in working with communities building for both staff and rural communities, and strong especially resource constrained leadership skills. He posses a bachelor of Arts degree rural smallholder farmers. For in Economics and Mathematics from Egerton University over 10 years, he has facilitated in Kenya and a Masters degree in Economics from the development of communities by enhancing partnerships University of Malawi. between the civil society sector, public sector and the private sector to cause lasting changes. William holds a Masters degree in Social Sector Planning Dairy Diary… and Management from Makerere University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Resource Mobilization and Kenya Management from Uganda Management Institute. •Ol-Kalau Dairy Plant farmers’ training launch-Nov 20 2008 Emmanuel Munyandinda-Country Project Manager •Kipkellion Dairy Plant farmers’ training launch-Nov 25 Rwanda 2008 Emmanuel Munyandinda leads •EADD Uganda has a number of continuing and the team in Rwanda. He is upcoming activities the main ones being farmer trainings a skilled manager and brings which kicked off at the beginning of October 2008, farmer several years of leadership and equity mobilization, discussions with milk processors experience to the project. Prior who will be buying the milk and chilling plant installations to EADD, Emmanuel worked in which are expected to be realized in December 2008. several capacities as a teacher •In Rwanda, 60 Community Animal Health Workers from in Uganda. He was also Deputy the districts of Nyagatare, Rwamagana and Gatsibo are
  6. 6. scheduled to be trained starting from 5thNov 2008. •Rwanda field visits for Cooperative farmers in November 2008 Humor Corner… •Approximately 30 farmers to be trained on AI in December 2008 by EADD in Rwanda. You know you are dairy farmer when... Dairy Tip of the Month… •you know the price of milk per hundred weight but not by the gallon. Where cows gather shows where they are most •the medicine cabinet contains a container of Bag Balm. comfortable. A cow will choose to stand/lie/rest in the location where •you’ve ever gotten an award for fat (and were proud of she is most comfortable. Often times, dairy facilities it). will “encourage” negative behavior by cows because total cow comfort has not been considered. A common •your idea of a neighborhood watch is someone calling example is cooling (shade, misters, fans) near the you to let you know your heifers are out. feeding area. This is a good idea because it encourages feed intake and more frequent eating during hot weather. However, if the stalls are not cooled also, cows will not •your idea of overnight delivery is pulling a calf at three in rest. And the benefits of more frequent eating for hoof the morning. health and milk production will be more than offset by the negative effects of standing for too long. A corollary to •you can remember the name of every cow on your farm this idea is the fact that if you watch your cows, they will but the names of your children elude you show you the problems in the facility. Larry Jones, Dairy Development International •manure is a dinner table topic. Picture Gallery... EADD Regional Director, Moses Nyabila Hon David Koech, MP, for Mosop, Moses receives gifts from farmers during the Kip- Nyabila, Hon Danson Maazo, MP for Voi and karen hub launch on October 31 2008-Kenya Augustine Cheruiyot, Country Project Manager for Kenya inspecting the Tanykina dairy chilling plant during the launch-Kenya A traditional dancer follows the Kipkaren hub launch proceedings Farmer sensitization takes place in Kinyogoga site in Uganda Community animal health care workers proudly display their certificates after successfully completing a training in Rwanda
  7. 7. Kristin Grote from BMGF and EADD staff visit a small- Dr Sahr Lebbie, 2nd right, with some EADD team on a visit holder dairy farmer in Uganda to a women’s group project in Rwanda EADD Staff Sylivia Wafula inspects feeds during a field visit to farmers in Eldoret Farmer sensitization in Rwanda Farmers bring milk to Jessa Dairy Plant in Uganda EADD Staff John Kibor demonstrates AI to farmers Join Our Herd! To automatically receive an electronic copy of the DairyNews please send an e-mail to Beatrice Ouma at beatrice.ouma@eadairy.org to include you in our mailing list. You will get updates on project implementation, latest updates on the dairy industry as well as expert advice on dairy management.