Foursquare presentation


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Foursquare presentation

  1. 1. Defining  your  compe//ve   Advantage   Presented  at     Foursquare  World  Mission  Centre    
  2. 2. Why  are  you  here?   •  In  the  World  Mission  Centre   •  In  Lagos   •  In  the  world  
  3. 3. My  Story   •  December  10th,  2005   •  Leaving  Nigeria  for  Canada   •  Coming  back  home  
  4. 4. Differen/ate  or  Die?   Immigra/on  job  seekers  die  in  stampede   March  15,  2014  
  5. 5. How  do  I  differen/ate   •  What  do  you  have?  (Exodus  4:2)   •  What  do  you  value  or  aspire  to?  (Psalm  37:4)   •  What  will  people  pay  you  for?  (Proverbs  21:5)    
  6. 6. Don’t  have  anything?   Time  to  upgrade   •  Plenty  of  online  resources  (Udemy,  Coursera)   •  Plenty  of  inexpensive  workshops   •  Further  your  educa/on  (you  can  do  it  online)  
  7. 7. Don’t  have  a  anything  to  aspire  to?   You  need  to  find  purpose   what does the world need? purpose what’s special about you?
  8. 8. Not  ge[ng  paid  enough?   Change  your  loca/on.   •  It  will  improve  your  compe//ve  advantage   •  Moving  to  a  smaller  market  reduces  your  costs   •  You  don’t  have  to  be  in  Lagos  to  succeed  
  9. 9. “Everything  around  you  that  you   call  life  was  made  up  by  people   that  were  no  smarter  than  you.   And  you  can  change  it,  you  can   influence  it,  you  can  build  your   own  things  that  other  people  can   use.”  –  Steve  Jobs    
  10. 10. God  Bless  You!   Email  :     Phone  :  07013217936    
  11. 11. One  more  thing…   If  you  are  a  young  professional,  signup  at  to  get  a  foreign  masters  degree   and  cer/fica/ons  online.