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21 Flavors of Medication Adherence: One Sheet of 21 ideas presented


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Here are 21 ideas on how to increase or improve medication adherence for patients, as presented by the respective speakers at the Butler University COPHS CE Symposium on July 25, 2013.

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21 Flavors of Medication Adherence: One Sheet of 21 ideas presented

  1. 1. How  might  we   help  engage  diagnosed   children  with  asthma  and   their  parents  in  the  asthma   management  process?   Read  a  children’s  book     on  asthma,  He  Huffed  &   Puffed  But….   How  might  we    engage  children  in  an   asthma  ac4on  plan?   Create  an  interac5ve     game  for  children  on   tablets  that  integrates  a   game  with  an  asthma   ac5on  plan.     -­‐Dr.  Erin  Albert   -­‐Dr.  Sarah  Sa1   How  might  we    engage  pa4ents  in   conversa4on  with   mo4va4onal  interviewing   (MI)?   Care  management  Central   (for  training  staff  on  MI)   And  Health  Coach  4  Me   (for  pa5ents).    -­‐Dr.  Laura  Buelt   How  might  we   predict  irra4onal   behavior  of  pa4ents  in   medica4on  adherence?     Understand  irra5onal   behavior  by  reading  the  book,   Predictably  Irra5onal.    -­‐Dr.  Nick  Sciacca   How  might  we   teach  pharmacy   students  empathy  for   pa4ents  regarding   medica4on  adherence?   Require  a  pillbox  simula5on   assignment  for  students.   -­‐Dr.  Alison  Walton   How  might  we   quickly  assess  pa4ents’   health  literacy  before   counseling?   U5lize  the  Rapid  Es5mate     of  Adult  Literacy  in  Medicine  –   Short  Form  &  USP’s   Pictogram  library.   -­‐Dr.  Kate  Klyczek   How  might  we   help  perform  a     complete  medica4on   reconcilia4on  &  help  keep  an   accurate  medica4on  list?   Write  an  Excel  Spreadsheet,   or  use  MedCoach  app  or  My   Med  List  for  smartphones.   -­‐Dr.  Tracy  Costello   How  might  we   put  choice  forward   in  healthcare  to  engage  &   empower  pa4ents?   Offer  dosage  form  op5ons  to   pa5ents  for  medica5ons.   -­‐Mr.  Joe  Holman   How  might  we   unearth  what  truly   mo4vates  our  pa4ents   to  be  healthy  &  take  their   medica4ons?     Find  true  mo5va5ons     for  each  pa5ent,  as  they     are  different.   -­‐Dr.  Julie  Koehler   How  might  we   improve  communica4on   between  the  pharmacist  &   the  physician?   Reach  out  &  touch   someone;  pick  up  the  phone  &     call  when  a  pa5ent  doesn’t     pick  up  his  meds.    -­‐Dr.  Stewart  Brown   How  might  we   help  pa4ents  swallow   their  medica4ons?   Take  several  drinks  prior  to   taking  medica5ons;  eat  soU  foods   like  Jell-­‐o,  applesauce,  then  take   medica5ons,  &  do  not  crush   medica5ons  without  asking   a  pharmacist  first.   -­‐Dr.  Eric  Farmer   How  might  we   eliminate  silos  in   healthcare?   Collaborate  through  partner-­‐   ships,  like  The  Community  Health   Network  &  Walgreens  Take   Care  Clinics  with     shared  EMRs.   -­‐Dr.  Stacey  Bailey   How  might  we   u4lize  technology  like   tex4ng  to  improve   medica4on  adherence?   Help  pa5ents  set  reminders   on  their  phones,  or  use   technology  like     FrontlineSMS.   -­‐Dr.  Lisa  Fletcher   How  might  we   as  pharmacists  help   our  pa4ents  put  their     medica4ons  in  pill  boxes?   Pharmacy  pill  boxes  with   color  coordinated  lids  on  vials   with  boxes.    In  the  future,   wireless  pill  box  filling  data   delivered  wirelessly.   -­‐Dr.  Megan  Dorrell   How  might  we   make  medica4ons   more  affordable  for  pa4ents?   A  medica5on  assistance     program  (MAP);    &  crea5ng  an  accurate   medica5on  list,  esp.  when   pa5ents  shop  at  many   pharmacies.   -­‐Ms.  Jennifer  Koehler   How  might  we   have  automa4c  med   lists  &  prac4cal,  usable   informa4on  for  pa4ents  on  it?   MyChart  in  EPIC  is  a  start  from   the  handwriZen  med  list;  is  a  tool   as  well.   -­‐Dr.  Emily  Papineau   How  might  we   help  pa4ents   manage  their  medica4ons   via  smartphone  app  for  free?   Try  My  Med  Schedule  mobile   app  (for  pa5ents,  this   is  a  free  applica5on).   -­‐Dr.  Joe  Owen   How  might  we   make  medica4on   packaging  more  friendly  &     faster  to  use  for  pa4ents?   Switch  from  mul5ple-­‐dose   containers  to  single-­‐dose   containers  from  drug   manufacturers.   -­‐Mr.  Jim  O’Donnell   How  might  we   u4lize  wearable     technology  to  improve   our  pa4ents’  healthcare?   Watch  Jawbone  UP   wristbands,  Pebble  E-­‐Paper   watch,  Google  Glass  &  other   wearables  for  helping   pa5ents.     -­‐Mr.  Jim  O’Donnell   How  might  we   get  to  know  different   pa4ents  with  different  disease   state  challenges  with   medica4on  adherence?   U5lize  the  4/5As  of  smoking   cessa5on  across  all  pa5ents.   -­‐Dr.  Kathleen  Haynes   How  might  we   decrease  hospital  re-­‐   admissions  due  to  poor   medica4on  adherence?   Ensure  pa5ents  leave  the   hospital  with  the  medica5ons   they  need.     -­‐Dr.  Alex  Ansara