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Co lab lunch and learn user experience

  1. 1. User ExperiencePresented by Mike Picher and MirceaCarasel
  2. 2. Here is what we will talk aboutUser experience is the single most important aspect of a UC solutioneZuce Verge multi-platform client • Releases 1 and 2eZuce Outlook add-ineZuce Verge MobileeZuce integrationFramework for application integration • Presence and communications enabled applications • Example: Zimbra integration
  3. 3. eZuce Verge Multi-Platform ClientYour communications hub • Communication makes collaboration social • eZuce Verge creates an immersive user experience • Different means of communication intersect • A new kind of client
  4. 4. Verge Demo
  5. 5. Verge Release 2Evolving from a 3PCC client into a real softphone • Verge 1 is a 3PCC (Third Party Call Controller) and a IM client in the same time • Verge 2 will evolve into a softphone with additional capabilities like Video and Screen Sharing • Pictures below outline some of the new features: 1. Incoming call, ongoing call, transfer the call 2. Video call 3. Escalate the call into the user conference, video conference
  6. 6. Verge Release 2 Versatile communications client for all your needsWill evolve into a fully functional softphone (voice, video, screen sharing)Available end of Q2
  7. 7. Immersive User Experience – Outlook 2010Presence initiated communicationCommunications enables Outlookwithout Lync and without ExchangeMost sophisticated Outlookproductivity add-on to dateEnhances employee productivity
  8. 8. Outlook Add-in Demo 8
  9. 9. Softphone IntegrationExample of easy application integration using Web Services API Softphone integrated with to initiate calls via click-to-call contact list and openUC address book access for direct dialing Multi-platform – also works on Mac Screen pops for incoming calls via Verge Availability end of Q2 Plan for release 2 to work with openACD for outbound campaigns
  10. 10. Verge MobileExtending the reach of communications Enterprise Mobile Access integration Conference Bridge Control Company Phone Book Missed Calls Place Calls Direct Voicemail Access Web / HTML5 basedAvailable end of Q2 for easy integration
  11. 11. Release 4.4 Client Integration APIsInitial set of capabilitiesRelease 4.4 API applicable to Web and mobile clients: • SIP and XMPP client APIs for native clients • HTTPS REST API to access user specific features and information • HTTPS SOAP API for admin relevant remote configuration • XML-RPC API to query XMPP presence
  12. 12. Release 4.4: Client Integration APIsopenUC / sipXecs client APIs
  13. 13. Framework for Application IntegrationFocus on application and business process integrationopenUC / sipXecs is meant to facilitate communicationsenablement of applications and business processesThis requires a versatile API applicable to Web and mobile clients • SIP and XMPP client APIs for native clients • HTTPS REST API to access user specific features and information • HTTPS SOAP API for admin relevant remote configuration • New: Push based BOSH API for XMPP over HTTP • New: Web Socket (WS) API for bi-directional information exchange with Web and Mobile clients • Deprecated: XML-RPC API for presence
  14. 14. Framework for Application IntegrationopenUC / sipXecs client APIs
  15. 15. User Experience is a Key Selling PointDiverse user community requires openness and integrationWe recognize the importance of user experience and weare focused on itThree key elements: • Our own clients that optimize unified experience • Third party clients to accommodate diverse needs • Easiest application integration following standardsEnable and drive browser based client innovation
  16. 16. Q&A