SXSW Tips for 2013


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A collection of tips and advice for people attending SXSW and SXSWi, curated by

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SXSW Tips for 2013

  1. 1. #SXSWtips for 2013 Curated by @eZangaInc
  2. 2. Since we’re about to head to Austin to exhibit atthe South by Southwest trade show, we werefeeling a little overwhelmed about going to such ahuge event for the first time. Of course, in 2013,when you want to find advice or help, you lookonline. We received excellent tips for SXSW thatwill be helpful from anyone from a fellow first-timer to the most seasoned SXSW veteran. #SXSWtips
  3. 3. Planning #SXSWtips
  4. 4. When you’re headed to SXSW, it’simportant to have a strategy thatincludes room for flexibility.- @JessicaNWarren Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  5. 5. RSVP for parties ahead of time: CheckEventbrite, Twitter, Plancast, and Facebook.The lines to get in are long, and you canalways decide that day which party you wantto go to. But if you are not RSVP’d, you’relikely not getting in at all.- @ChristineHarmel Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  6. 6. 40,000 people at SXSW Interactivemakes it hard to get data to yoursmartphone sometimes. Have anoffline back-up plan.- @Chuparkoff Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  7. 7. Plan 20% of your time for the“can’t miss” and “must meet”events, and then allow yourself toget swallowed up by serendipityand surprise with the other 80%.- @ATX Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  8. 8. You’re going to be on-the-go theentire day. Your phone will die.Bring an external battery to makesure that you always have juicefor your phone or tablet.- @digishopgirl Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  9. 9. It is extremely easy to get overwhelmed whenpicking out what sessions to attend. My pro tip isto always default to the larger ballrooms whendeciding between what sessions to attend that runat the same time. Presenters are placed in thelarger ballrooms for a reason. Usually they have adecent following in their niche and are known forproviding quality content.- @shawnjones Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  10. 10. Pack light because by the time youleave, your suitcase will beoverflowing with swag from SXSWand all of the companies handing outfree t-shirts, tote bags, and more.- @TaraBerkoski Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  11. 11. Marketing, PR, and Branding #SXSWtips
  12. 12. If you’re going to be giving outtrinkets, make them memorable. Thefact is, there are a lot of things beinggiven away at SXSW, so you want tostand out.- @digishopgirl Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  13. 13. If you’re going to be representing yourcompany, prepare to go big, be bold, andstand out. SXSW is so crowded withbrands that yours can easily get lostamong the clutter.- @JessicaNWarren Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  14. 14. Get your marketing collateral ready. You willrun out of things at SXSW, so plan ahead.Order business cards, order t-shirts, orderthings you want to give away. Order themahead of time and ship them to SXSW sothey’re waiting for you when you arrive inAustin.- @digishopgirl Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  15. 15. Prepare for endless distractionsand logistical challenges. Takethem in stride – it’s all part of theexperience.- @JessicaNWarren Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  16. 16. Grab an extra shirt for the evening. There’s a lot of alcoholat SXSW, especially in the evening. It’s great to wear thebranding of your company on a t-shirt or polo during theday, but if you plan on drinking in the evening, you maywant to consider changing. The fact is, we’ve all seenthose videos or pictures of people doing silly things at aparty. So whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or asmall startup, leave your t-shirt at home if you’re headingout to a bar.- @digishopgirl Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  17. 17. Networking #SXSWtips
  18. 18. Figure out who you want to meet upwith at SXSW before you come, contactthem, and set up some meetings anddinners. It’s a great opportunity to meetthose people you’ve wanted to meetfrom around the world.- @ChristineHarmel Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  19. 19. Don’t be bashful. People are there tomeet, network, and connect. Talk tothe person standing next to you atthe crosswalk. Don’t hesitate toattend a party by yourself.- @redstamplindsay Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  20. 20. Carry a power strip in yourbackpack. Charge your phone andtablet, plus meet 5 new friends atthe same time.- @Chuparkoff Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  21. 21. Food & Drink #SXSWtips
  22. 22. Look for the punch card tucked inbehind your badge. It’s worth freedrinks each day in the fencedcorral across from ACC.- @Chuparkoff Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  23. 23. If you use Twitter on your phone,keep a Twitter search open for“SXSW free.” With this, you’ll alwaysknow where the free food, drinks,and events are at (or when they haverun out!).- @JessicaNWarren Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  24. 24. Find the lounges. There are tonsof daytime lounges with drinks,Wi-Fi, snacks, and a place togenerally recharge and socialize.- @loricheeknyc Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  25. 25. Get a drink at The Driskill Hotel,where President LBJ met his wife.I’m pretty sure he was at SXSW forInteractive, and she for Music.- @Chuparkoff Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  26. 26. Follow @SXSWfreedrinks and@SouthByFreeNOMS for all thefree food and drink spots. Youmay even win passes!- @iGiveYouMoore Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  27. 27. Some of the best food in Austinwill be on the food trucks. Followthem on Twitter to see wherethey’ll be.- @Chuparkoff Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  28. 28. Moving Around #SXSWtips
  29. 29. Travel in small groups. Two peopleis best, and never more than 4. Itmakes transport and access toclubs very difficult.- @jman Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  30. 30. Rent a bike! Especially if you’ll begoing to sessions all over. It’s toofar to walk and the shuttles lastyear were overcrowded.- @lovinbrianne Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  31. 31. Pay attention to your SXSWshuttle route. Avoid full shuttledrive-bys by boarding closer tothe beginning of your route.- @Chuparkoff Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  32. 32. Miscellaneous Nuggets of Wisdom #SXSWtips
  33. 33. A badge isn’t necessary to take fulladvantage of the festival. There’s somuch going on outside of the actualconvention that you can meet everyonein town and the evening’s events makeeveryone a lot more approachable.- @loricheeknyc Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  34. 34. Get your badge as early as possible.The night before is best. Once youland, go straight to the conventioncenter and get your badge. The lineonly gets longer from there…- @ChristineHarmel Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  35. 35. Pace yourself with sessions andpick several for one timeslot, incase you can’t get into one. Can’tget into any? Walk around andmeet new people!- @ElizabethB Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  36. 36. Sleep in, stay out late. The actionstarts in the afternoon and goeslong into the night/morning.- @ChristineHarmel Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  37. 37. Most of the SXSW FeaturedSessions in Exhibit Hall 5 andBallroom D are also offered at theHilton as a video simulcast.- @Chuparkoff Click to tweet this tip! #SXSWtips
  38. 38. Did we miss anything? Tweet yourbest SXSW advice to @eZangaIncusing the hashtag #SXSWtips! #SXSWtips