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Online Marketing Advice for SMB's


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During our "Small Business Marketing Spotlight" series, we asked online marketers working for small businesses what advice new online marketers need to know, where their priorities should be, etc. Here are some of our favorite responses.

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Online Marketing Advice for SMB's

  1. 1. Online MarketingAdvice to and fromSMB’s
  2. 2. We interviewed marketerson their experiences withonline marketing for smallbusinesses.
  3. 3. This is what they’ve learned intheir experience and want topass on to you.
  4. 4. “Focus on the content and focus on what you cancontrol. I’m a strong proponent of building outproperties you own…Think of it as a hub andspoke model. What you own is the hub and thespokes represent external and interchangeablechannels that you have less control over.”via Pink Cake Box
  5. 5. “When you have a product, service, or approachthat is unique in your space or addresses a needthat no one else is targeting, it will sell itself. Figureout what makes you relevant and relatable to yourclients, and make sure to communicate clearlyand repeatedly what sets you apart.”via Lexion Capital Management
  6. 6. “Create a lot of high-quality content that isgoing to be of genuine interest to yourpotential customers…If they find engaging,high-value content on the page then they willbe much more likely to convert into clients.”via Console & Hollawell
  7. 7. “I truly believe [the best way to improve youronline presence] is through a company’s organicplacement, which goes back to optimizing thewebsite to become search engine friendly andeverything else involved in SEO. In my opinion,this is where marketing dollars should be spent.”via StorkGifts
  8. 8. “You have to be committed. I’ve seen far toomany companies devote time to redesigning theirwebsite – but then they don’t touch it or update itfor months upon months. The same goes for socialnetworking profiles – there are far too manycompanies with inactive profiles on those sites.”via CBG Benefits
  9. 9. “It can be tempting to change your marketingprocesses based on the current state of yourbusiness. However, by setting long-term goalsand processes to achieve those goals, you candocument your successes and setbacks moreeasily and chart ways to improve your efforts.”via Formstack
  10. 10. “It’s all about testing and figuring whichroute/method is the best to take for you andyour organization…The key is to realize whichcombination is going to benefit you the mostand to not be afraid to test new methods, asyou never know until you try it.”via Hirease
  11. 11. “Identify who your customer is and howto speak their language. For example, ababy product company’s customer isnot the baby, but the mom (in mostcases). Solve a problem, a worry, orlighten their load.”via CastCoverZ!
  12. 12. “Go for the low-hanging fruit and put yourcustomer first. Start with the things that youcan do today to make the biggest difference.Eventually, you will run out of easy things andhave to move on to looking at the mid- andlong-term parts of your strategy.”via MyBinding
  13. 13. “Focus on improving your websitefirst…There’s no point in spendingtime, money and effort in drivingtraffic to your website when youhardly get any conversions.”via GoGetFunding
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