Best of eZanga's Small Business Spotlight


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Why should you care about content marketing? Lexion Capital Management, Console & Hollawell, and CBG Benefits have seen results.

How can email marketing increase sales without even offering a coupon? StorkGifts explains how it works for them.

Why is it so important to have a robust presence on search engines through PPC and SEO? Go Get Funding and explain it perfectly.

For the past few months, has been interviewing small business marketers about their experiences with online marketing. Twelve quotes in particular stood out to us, and we wanted to share them with you.

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Best of eZanga's Small Business Spotlight

  1. 1. The 12 BestSmall BusinessSpotlight Quotes
  2. 2. We interviewed marketerson their experiences withonline marketing for smallbusinesses.
  3. 3. Here are some ofour favorite thingsthey said…
  4. 4. “Our marketing strategyhas always beencentered on sharing.”via Pink Cake Box
  5. 5. “A key part of our mission…is toeducate and empower…so wefocus on positive and informationalcontent.”via Lexion Capital Management
  6. 6. “We have been…producing high-quality content that our potentialclient…would find through the searchengines and once they find it we’reable to demonstrate that we’re experts.”via Console & Hollawell
  7. 7. “[Email marketing] is important forrelationship building which, in turn,increases customer loyalty. I can predictthat on days when I send out an email,sales will increase (even when the emaildoesn’t contain an offer).”via StorkGifts
  8. 8. “Our overall marketing strategy iscentered on helping prospects and clientstruly view CBG Benefits as a partner. Weprovide content, tools, and other resourcesthat will help our prospects and clientsachieve their goals.”via CBG Benefits
  9. 9. “It has been hard to find a balancebetween informative, product-focusedcontent and company culture posts…Whilewe do want our customers to see thepersonality…we also want to keep theproduct at the center of the conversation.”via Formstack
  10. 10. “SEO is time consuming and itdoes take patience to see yourselfmove up in rankings on the searchengines result pages.”via Hirease
  11. 11. “Without social media, we couldhave the best PPC and SEOprogram, but it would fall flat if ourcustomers weren’t given an outletto express and share their stories.”via CastCoverZ!
  12. 12. “Online, whenever someonesearches for somethingrelated to our niche, wewant to make sure that weare in front of them.”via MyBinding
  13. 13. “For the most immediateresults, paid search is themost beneficial. You paytoday, you get traffic today,you make a sale today.”via MyBinding
  14. 14. “Our industry isn’t reallyexciting or sexy, and becauseof that we have to getcreative in the ways that waysthat we market ourselves.”via MyBinding
  15. 15. “When someone has anonline fundraising need, theyknow it and they immediatelystart searching for a solution.”via Go Get Funding
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