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Workshop on Crowd-sourcing


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Introduction to the Workshop on Crowd-sourcing at the 1st Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Published in: Technology, Education
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Workshop on Crowd-sourcing

  1. 1. Crowd-­‐Sourcing  Workshop   Heidelberg  Laureate  Forum  2013   Dr.  rer.  nat.  Gianluca  DemarCni  
  2. 2. Gianluca  DemarCni   •  M.Sc.  at  University  of  Udine,  Italy   •  Ph.D.  at  University  of  Hannover,  Germany   –  EnCty  Retrieval   •  Worked  for  UC  Berkeley  (on  Crowdsourcing),  Yahoo!  Research   (Spain),  L3S  Research  Center  (Germany)   •  Post-­‐doc  at  the  eXascale  Infolab,  Uni  Fribourg,  Switzerland.   •  Lecturer  for  Social  Compu,ng  in  Fribourg   •  Tutorial  on  EnCty  Search  at  ECIR  2012,  on  Crowdsourcing  at   ESWC  2013  and  ISWC  2013   •  Research  Interests   –  InformaCon  Retrieval,  SemanCc  Web,  Human  ComputaCon   2 Gianluca  DemarCni  
  3. 3. Schedule   •  Intro  and  Crowdsourcing  Overview   •  The  HLF  crowd  on  “Crowdsourcing  your   Research”   – MaYhias  Hagen:  understand  Web  search     – Dongrui  Wu:  make  flights  more  efficient   – Ioannis  Psorakis:  classify  astronomical  images   – Trung  T.  Pham:  recognize  geometric  objects   – Rose  Yu:  anomaly  detecCon  on  social  networks   •  Ethics  in  Crowdsourcing  &  Conclusions  
  4. 4. Are  humans  or  machines  beYer  at   •  Music?   •  Art?   •  ComputaCon?  
  5. 5. Are  humans  or  computers  beYer?     •  We  are  good  at  doing  some  things   •  Computers  are  good  at  doing  others   •  Machines  have  helped  us  in  MANY  domains   •  Can  WE  help  them?  
  6. 6. Crowdsourcing   •  Portmanteau  of  "crowd"  and  "outsourcing,"  first   coined  by  Jeff  Howe  in  a  June  2006  Wired   magazine  arCcle   •  [Merriam-­‐Webster]  the  pracCce  of  obtaining   needed  services,  ideas,  or  content  by  soliciCng   contribuCons  from  a  large  group  of  people  and   especially  from  the  online  community  rather  than   from  tradiConal  employees  or  suppliers   7  
  7. 7. Crowdsourcing  IncenCves   •  Paid  Crowdsourcing   – Amazon  MTurk   •  Fun  (enjoyment)   – Game  With  a  Purpose   •  Community  (belonging,  desire  to  help)   – Wikipedia   8  
  8. 8. Crowdsourcing  Examples  
  9. 9. CiCzen  Science   10  
  10. 10. QuesCon  Answering  Systems   11  
  11. 11. ParCcipatory  Culture  –  Implicit   12     John  Murrell:  GM  SV  9/17/09   …every  Cme  we  use  a  Google  app  or  service,  we  are   working  on  behalf  of  the  search  sovereign,  creaCng   more  content  for  it  to  index  and  moneCze  or  teaching   it  something  potenCally  useful  about  our  desires,   intenCons  and  behavior.      
  12. 12. OCR  errors:  reCAPTCHA   13  
  13. 13. Case-­‐Study:  Amazon  MTurk   •  Micro-­‐task  crowdsourcing  marketplace   •  On-­‐demand,  scalable,  real-­‐Cme  workforce   •  Online  since  2005  (sCll  in  “beta”)   •  Currently  the  most  popular  plarorm   •  Developer’s  API  as  well  as  GUI   •  1M  workers  (10%  acCve)   14  
  14. 14. Challenges  and  OpportuniCes   •  OpportuniCes   – Get  the  best  out  of  efficient  systems  and  effec8ve   human  intelligence   – Design  new  soluCons  to  old  problems   – Interdisciplinary  effort   •  Challenges   – Deal  with  Human  Non-­‐determinisCc  Quality   – Be  ready  for  slow  data   •  Ethics  
  15. 15. Schedule   •  Intro  and  Crowdsourcing  Overview   •  The  HLF  crowd  on  “Crowdsourcing  your   Research”   – MaYhias  Hagen:  understand  Web  search     – Dongrui  Wu:  make  flights  more  efficient   – Ioannis  Psorakis:  classify  astronomical  images   – Trung  T.  Pham:  recognize  geometric  objects   •  Ethics  in  Crowdsourcing  &  Conclusions