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Digital Restaurant eMenu | Increase Business Revenue


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eWineDine application has been packed with unique features of the restaurants and hotels that will definitely fasten the activities around the place.

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Digital Restaurant eMenu | Increase Business Revenue

  1. 1. Digital Restaurant eMenu How to increase the Restaurant and Hotel business’s revenue with Digital iMenu?
  2. 2. About eWineDine Organization • eWineDine organization started its business of developing mobile app developments since 2013 in India. • This organization is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India. • It has developed a restaurant app. • The organization consists of expert team of engineers.
  3. 3. eWineDine Digital Menu Application • eWineDine Digital App is an innovative app designed mainly for the enhancement of the Restaurant and Hotel Industry. • This application has been packed with unique features of the restaurants and hotels that will definitely fasten the activities around the place. • It will increment your revenue and also, increase the satisfaction of the guests’ dining experience.
  4. 4. An Application for the Restaurant and Hotel Industry
  5. 5. Enhanced Restaurant Features Flexible Menu Allows you to add or remove food items from the menu as per the requirements. You can increase or decrease the food items prices instantly. Multiple Languages Supports your menu in multiple languages, thus, enhancing the food ordering experience of every diner.
  6. 6. Contd… Social Share Enables you to share latest events and special meal offers on social sites. Message Broadcasting You can easily broadcast any emergency messages to every customers at one time.
  7. 7. Contd… Call Waiter Enables your guests to place the order without the need to call or wait for the waiters. Analytic Menu Helps you generate various reports of restaurant or hotel activities.
  8. 8. eWineDine Digital Menu App flow
  9. 9. Benefits of Digital Restaurant eMenu To the Restaurant and Hotel Managers – • Brings benefit in the business’s revenue. • Order placing on tablets is simpler and kitchen gets instant notification and creates no confusion in the orders. • The service is must faster and efficient with minimum human errors. • Promote specials and up sell items with vivid visuals.
  10. 10. Contd… To the Restaurant Guests – • The eMenu provides more detailed description of the items giving customers a better idea about the order. • Easy to use attractive menu and interactive tablet menu will make everything far more appealing. • Customers can find their favorite food item with quick search.
  11. 11. Digital eMenu for Restaurants
  12. 12. Conclusion • Digital Restaurant eMenu can surely bring improvements in the Quick Restaurant Service Industry through its instant restaurant services. • Over a short period of time, it will eliminate the traditional paper menu and with it, enhance the restaurant dining experience of every diner.
  13. 13. Contact Details Of eWineDine eWineDine | Digital Menu Address : 418, Building no: 2, Sector 1, MBP, Mahape Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400710 Email Id : info[at] Website : APP : ails?id=com.ewinedine.enterprise
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