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How to Feel Like a Superhero in Your Business


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The eVoice virtual phone system professionally manages your business phone number, 24/ you don't have to! Choose a local or toll-free number, create a professional greeting, route calls where you want, and listen to or read your voicemails from anywhere.
With this fully-featured virtual phone system, you can truly be a superhero in your small business.

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How to Feel Like a Superhero in Your Business

  2. 2. The eVoice® Virtual Phone System PROFESSIONALLY MANAGES YOUR BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER 24/7 II J9 1. Choose your business 4. Have yourvoicemails phone number emailed to you 69 2. Professionally greet 3. Use advanced call routing callers 24/7 so you never miss a call L
  3. 3. CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS PHONE 888 NUMBER Select a Toll-Free Number (800, 866, 888, etc. ), and project a big-business image. Or choose a Local Number, to reinforce that your business is a neighborhood hero.
  4. 4. RESEARCH SHOWS TOLL-FREE BUSINESS NUMBERS. .. Are Easier to Remember "Vanity 800 numbers are more memorable than URLs. " MarketingCharts Increase Calls from Prospects "When our clients add an 800 number to their advertisements, they increase their response rates by 30%! ” Ad Agency BillboardConnection Demonstrate Quality "86% of consumers believe an 800 number connotes a auality product. ” Technical Assistance Research Programs
  5. 5. RESEARCH SHOWS LOCAL BUSINESS NUMBERS. .. Offer Callers the Promise of More Personal Attention "Consumers prefer working with small businesses — because they believe these businesses will provide more personalized experiences. ” Research firm Toluna Group Can Bring in Up to 156% More Leads "When consumers are looking to do business locally, it would serve you well to be using a local telephone number. " Marketing firm DAC Group
  6. 6. 2 SET U P YOU R PROFESSIONAL GREETING 8,» Greet your callers 24/7 like the superhero you are! eVoice will record a custom message for your business, so callers hear a professional greeting 24/7. " Include Extensions with your greeting, to direct callers to the right person or department. .. and to project a big-business image, no matter the size of your company! ll El
  7. 7. SET UPYOUR ADVANCED CALL ROUTING Route your calls like a boss. Create a call routing schedule to route your calls to any number or sequence of numbers when you can’t get to the phone. You can even send calls straight to your voicemail.
  8. 8. HAVE YOUR VOICEMAILS SENT TO YOU eVoice emails your voicemails to you as . wav or . mp3 files. You can even send you a transcription of your voicemails so you can read your voicemails.
  9. 9. THAT'S ALL YOU'LL NEED TO FEEL LIKE A SUPERHERO IN YOUR BUSINESS 0 O Toll-Free or Local Number 0 Professional Greetings & Extensions 0 Ca| |—Routing Schedules Q Voicemails Emailed to You