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Technology trend in education - Attila Főző

Plenary presentation by Attila Főző (Budapest eTwinning Contact Seminar 2016)

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Technology trend in education - Attila Főző

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY TRENDS IN EDUCATION Attila Főző PhD ICT Association of Hungary
  2. 2. Myth? Misconception? Urban legend?
  3. 3. Digital citizenship Industry 4.0 – smart factories, smart world Digitally competent people Digitally competent schools Technology in education
  4. 4. Focus on pedagogy Developing skills
  5. 5. BLOOM’S TAXONOMY REVISED Towards the higher ordered thinking skills
  6. 6. 21st century skills Learning outside the classroom Memory is less important Encouragement instead of guidance Literacy is evolving Many ways of learning
  7. 7. DigComp 2.0 Information and data literacy •Browsing, searching and filtering data, information and digital content •Evaluating data, information and digital content •Managing data, information and digital content Communication and collaboration •Interacting •Sharing •Engaging in citizenship •Collaborating •Netiquette •Digital identity Digital content creation •Developing digital content •Copyright and licences •Programming Safety •Protecting devices •Personal data and privacy •Health and well-being •Protecting the environment Problem solving •Technical problems •Identifying needs and technological responses •Creatively using digital technologies •Identifying digital competence gaps Vuorikari, R., Punie, Y., Carretero Gomez S., Van den Brande, G. (2016). DigComp 2.0: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens. Update Phase 1: The Conceptual Reference Model. Luxembourg Publication Office of the European Union. EUR 27948 EN. doi:10.2791/11517 Digital competence is an evolving concept
  8. 8. DigCompOrg Digitally competent schools 7 topics 74 criteria
  9. 9.
  10. 10. 2016
  11. 11. TRENDSCHALLENGES 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 TECHNOLOGY MAKERSPACES ONLINE LEARNING ROBOTICS VIRTUAL REALITY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY • Coding as a Literacy • Students as Creators • Collaborative learning • Deeper Learning Approaches • Redesigning learning spaces • Rethinking how schools work Mid-term Short-term impact Long-term SOLVABLE • Autenthic Learning Experiences • Rethinking the Role of Teachers DIFFICULT • Advancing Digital Equity • Scaling Teaching Innovations WICKED • Achievement Gap • Personalizing Learning
  12. 12. „For your students YOU are the educational system” Sir Ken Robinson Teachers’ (new) role
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!