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6 Phases of Website Design and Development


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Website design and development is a time taking process which requires lots of experience and industry expertise. Here we have describe Six major phases of developing a truly performing website.

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6 Phases of Website Design and Development

  1. 1. 6 Phase of Website Design andDevelopment ProcessHaving a business website is the need of everybusiness owner nowadays. Designing anddeveloping a truly performing website is a timetaking process.Following are six main phases of creating a websitewhich can lead your business to new heights.
  2. 2. 1. Information Gathering2. Design3. Development4. Testing and Delivery5. Make SEO Adjustments6. Maintenance of the Website
  3. 3. Information GatheringAsk These Questions to Gather Required Information What is the Purpose of the Website? What is your Goal for building the website? Who is your Targeted Audience? What is your targeted Audience’s Expectation? What Functionalities you want to integrate?
  4. 4. Website DesigningMost Important Factors To Consider While DesigningA Website. Consider your Business Niche while designing website layout? Dose it provides good User Experience? Color scheme and Graphics used Don’t forget to keep SEO Friendly Architecture? Overall Look and feel
  5. 5. Website DevelopmentIt Is The Phase Where You Actually Start DevelopingWebsite What Development Technology you are using? Does it contains all required Functionalities? Proper Internal Linking and Navigation. Does your programmer know all Front-end and Back-end Development techniques?
  6. 6. Testing and DeliveryIt is the next step after development of website.Web design and development experts check allthe customization and functionalities in website.They check all the Images, Videos, VisualEffects, Internal Linking and Content of website.After doing proper Quality Analysis thy deliver thesite to the client.But it is not all over yet, check out for the nextphase.
  7. 7. Keep Website SEO FriendlyCheck Following Points To Check If Your Website IsSEO Friendly Or Not. Does it offers Better User Experience? Does your website contain Meta Data and HTML Tags? Does your website have proper navigation and Internal Linking? Does your website contains Unique and Informative Content?
  8. 8. Maintenance of WebsiteIts Not All Over Yet, You Have To Keep Your WebsiteWell Maintained To Get Better Results. These AreRecommended Website Maintenance Activities Update Unique and Informative Make your website more visible on web through SEO and SEM activity Implement new functionalists and customization Change in Design and layout according to current trends
  9. 9. Hire ProfessionalsWebsite Design and Development is a processwhich require lots of skills and hard work. It is betterto hire Professional Web Design and DevelopmentExperts to create your new online identity. Theyhave the vast industry experience and technicalexpertise to give your business new heights ofSuccess.
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