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Tess Longfield Travel PR 2012


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Presentation by Tess Longfield at E-Tourism East Africa Conference Nairobi March 2012

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Tess Longfield Travel PR 2012

  1. 1. ONLINE PRFOR TRAVELTess Longfield
  2. 2. ONLINE PR • Background • The online media landscape • Twitter tactics • Crisis PR online • Bloggers – rules of engagement
  3. 3. £1bn AVE2011/12
  4. 4. BIGBRANDS… … and small businesses
  5. 5. TRADITIONALMEDIAVS ONLINE The US newspaper industry has shrunk by 43 per cent since 2000Network TVnewsconsumptionup 4.5 % in US Many TV travel programmes axed
  6. 6. TRADITIONALMEDIAVS ONLINE National news publications going global 1. MailOnline 2. New York Times 3. HuffPo MailOnline nearing the 100m user mark TV has become “socialized” #
  7. 7. TRADITIONAL VS ONLINE MEDIAKENYA AIRWAYS NEW ROUTE• Circulation: approx 1m • Johnny Jet travels around 150000 miles and visits 20• Travel Editor: Christine Walker countries each year• Copy deadline: Thursday 3pm • 22,465 followers on Twitter • Host of the Travel Channels Hot Spots 2012
  8. 8. Customer service Blog communities Virtual Discussion forums worlds MicroblogsSocial networks Blog Platforms Niche networks Blogs Groups Wikis Video Search Widgets Tagging Audio Lifestreams Music Livecasting Social bookmarks Location Documents Comment and reputation Events Pictures Mobile Slideshows Crowd-sourced
  9. 9. HOW TO WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCEPEOPLE IN 140 CHARACTERS • Start following journalists/bloggers • Listen…then interact • Be a good citizen in the Twitterverse • Show personality • Host a tweet-up • Twitter special offer/flash saleMore than 60 per cent ofjournalists have a Twitterprofile
  10. 10. OH-OH!
  11. 11. BLOGGERS:THE RULES OFENGAGEMENT• Read their blog. Then read • Be honest it again• Remember: youre • Be responsive developing a genuine • Be respectful relationship• Comment, share some link • Be transparent love• Dont try to spin your news • Be even-handed - let them decide if its • Dont market. Listen and important• Surprise and delight them converse • If something isnt clear, make it so • Only engage when you have the right to do so - dont shoehorn
  12. 12. Email: tess@longfieldpr.comMobile: +254 706 600585 (Kenya) +44 7736 302271 (UK)