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White paper: The Case for Electronic Signatures


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It’s no secret that customers are a vital part of company success. An equally fundamental and essential part of a booming business is the employees. Companies can differentiate themselves with potential job candidates through their interactions with applicants. Given the fluctuating job market, where health and tech sectors are rapidly growing, small companies are hiring and large companies are laying off, it is more important than ever to gain and retain the strongest employees.

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White paper: The Case for Electronic Signatures

  1. 1. The Case for Electronic Signaturesfor Human Resources & StaffingWHITE PAPER docusign.comIt’s no secret that customers are a vital part ofcompany success. An equally fundamental and “Using DocuSign has solved the headache of getting employee documents completed and signed. Nowessential part of a booming business is the the entire process is fast and easy for us and theemployees. Companies can differentiate themselves signer. And the time-savings is huge as DocuSignwith potential job candidates through their automatic signing reminders eliminate the need forinteractions with applicants. Given the fluctuating us to continually follow-up.”job market, where health and tech sectors are rapidly Carrie Robuck, Human Resourcesgrowing, small companies are hiring and large Orschelncompanies are laying off, it is more important thanever to gain and retain the strongest employees. The time consumed by paperwork and signing isn’t solely in theWhile there are countless ways to make a strong, positive hands of the potential employee. There are layers upon layersimpression on your candidates, a surprising—and cost-saving— of approvals required internally in order to finalize your new hire.way to build the relationship is by using electronic signatures in A process that could take weeks in a larger company or days inall your documented interactions with them. a smaller could be shrunk to a day or just a few hours with an electronic signature solution.Bring ‘Em on BoardDespite elevated unemployment rates, it’s not always easy for The Green Effecta company to find and hire good talent. According to Forrester An underappreciated facet of electronic signatures being usedresearch, while unemployment rates are at an average of 10%, as staffing solutions falls under the “green” umbrella. Electronicwithin the tech sectors and related fields its closer to 4%. Baby signatures virtually eliminate the need for paper for signingboomers are retiring and there is a disconnect between open jobs legally-binding agreements. And according to Time magazine,and viable candidates, so holding on to the strongest talent you recent studies show that generations born after the normalizationcan is more important than ever—in fact, it’s being christened a of recycling don’t want to work for companies known for“talent shortage.” In May 2011, the index for recruiting difficulty polluting practices. Recent studies by staffing firm Adecco USArose in both service and manufacturing sectors compared with show that 33% of workers are more inclined to work for a greena year earlier, based on the LINE employment index. Thus, company, and more than 50% of workers wish their companyperception is becoming even more important when it comes were more environmentally friendly. So when it comes to theto employers looking to staff up, in order for them to compete dividing line between your company and any other, electronicwith the industry giants who can offer benefits and salaries that signatures could be the deciding factor.younger companies cannot. Electronic signatures can enhanceyour company’s reputation as an innovative company that cares Gain and Retainabout making the lives of employees better. Electronic signatures speed up the recruiting process while also reducing administrative time spent on other HR documenta-Timing Is Everything tion—that way HR can spend time retaining the employeesTime is money—and electronic signatures are the fastest and you’ve gained, offering a competitive advantage over othereasiest way to sign documents, such as offer letters. No paper, companies. After all, in a 2011 survey done by Lumesse, ano faxing or scanning and emailing. Electronic signatures show projected one out of every three employees are expecting tothe applicant the speed and efficiency they can come to expect leave their jobs due to dissatisfaction. A key way to improvewithin your company. That speed and efficiency when applied to satisfaction is to give employees resources that help them saveon-boarding also diminishes the window of time in which your time in things like annual open enrollment.talent can be found by and lost to another company. Continued
  2. 2. W HI T E PA P E R docusign.comWhat to ConsiderWhen considering an electronic signature provider to reduce on- • 33% of workers are more inclined to work for aboarding cycles, it’s important to consider a few crucial aspects: green companyEase of Use – When in discussions with a potential employee, the • 52% of workers wish their company was moreeasier and more painless you can make the process, the happierand more accommodating they will be. Find an electronic environmentally friendlysignature solution that is efficient and simple, that doesn’t • Unemployment rates are at an average of 10%require expensive programs or delayed downloads. Remember,the easier it is, the faster it is to complete. • Unemployment rates in tech-related sectorsVisibility – It is important to track each step as the document are 4%goes through the levels of the on-boarding process. Insteadof spending time personally going from approval to approval, Source: Adecco USAfind an electronic signature service that does it for you, one thatenables you to have multiple people sign the same document In It to Win Itin the correct order, as well as sending reminders to speed up It’s a dog-eat-dog job market out there, and only the strongestthe process. companies survive. To equip your company with the best candidates and the best tools for survival, you must beginLegally Binding – With the personal information used during the to differentiate yourself from the competition. Prove to youron-boarding process, you want a secure solution for both you candidates that you are efficient, establish yourself as green-and your new team member. A complete audit trail and tamper- friendly, and prove that there is a finite and simple process andproof virtual seal of the signed documents, as well as through a solution within your company. When Human Resources spendssecure and encrypted web page. their valuable time guarding your most pivotal resource instead ofMobile – With the increasingly mobile way people are managing getting lost in the maze of approvals, signatures and paperwork,their lives and the relatively short window during which skilled your company wins.professionals are on the job market, the speed and accessibilityof a company can be the difference between them signing with Employees’ Green Preferencesyou or signing with something else. Look for a solutions providerwith a versatile and secure mobile option that lets you send, signand track contracts and documents. 15% More Inclined to WorkBranding – You want to provide a positive and consistent for a Green Companyexperience for employees—especially as they are looking to join 33%the company. Look for a solution that allows you to incorporate Wish Their Companyyour branding so the signers will feel the experience is consistent Was More Greenwith your company’s identity: one that’s efficient and fast. 52% Indifferent Source: Adecco USAAbout DocuSign, Inc.DocuSign transforms the way people like you work, live and connect by helping you finish business faster than ever before. DocuSign makes it easy forbusinesses of all sizes to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. With virtually no paper waste, you can cut costs, “go green” and improvethe customer experience because it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Your world works better with DocuSign. To try DocuSign, go or call one of our Corporate Account Executives at 1-877-720-2040. 1301 Second Avenue, Suite 2000 | Seattle, Washington 98101 | toll free 866.219.4318 | Copyright © 2003-2011 DocuSign, Inc. All rights reserved. DocuSign, the DocuSign logo, “Close it in the Cloud”, SecureFields, Stick-eTabs, PowerForms, “The fastest way to get a signature”, The No-Paper logo, Smart Envelopes, SmartNav, “DocuSign It!”, “The World Works Better with DocuSign” and ForceFields are trademarks or registered trademarks of DocuSign, Inc. in the United States and or other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.