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Getting to Yes Faster – Accelerating Your Sales Cycle


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Learn how DocuSign the global standard for eSignature helps you get to yes faster
– accelerating your sales cycle.

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Getting to Yes Faster – Accelerating Your Sales Cycle

  1. 1. Getting to Yes Faster– Accelerating Your Sales Cycle Kevin Livingstone - DocuSign Tim Foster – TAS Group05 December 2012 DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. Sales Velocity
  3. 3. What needs to be Measured? x Value x Sales Deals Win Rate Velocity = Sales Cycle
  4. 4. What‟s happening to sales cycles? 2008 2009 -19% 2010 -22% 2011 -25%
  5. 5. 70% DONEZzzz… 70% DONE 70% of buying process completed before sales contact Buyers are technologically savvy & socially connected
  6. 6. The Buying Cycle The Selling Cycle Identify Needs Qualify Visualize Solutions Requirements Evaluate Alternatives Evidence Negotiate Terms Acquisition Purchase Order Re-evaluate Manage
  7. 7. The Buying Cycle The Selling CycleSolution Discovery ?(Search)Experience Check(Network) ?Evaluate Alternatives ?(Network)Best Practices Study ?(Network)Trial Use / Free Pilot (First Free TrialVendor Contact)Negotiate & Buy Negotiate & Sell
  8. 8. The Buying Cycle The Selling CycleSolution Discovery Monitor and Network(Search)Experience Check Reference Customers(Network)Evaluate Alternatives Influencers(Network)Best Practices Study Industry Group(Network)Trial Use / Free Pilot (First Free TrialVendor Contact)Negotiate & Buy Negotiate & Sell
  9. 9. Winning and losing sales cycles
  10. 10. Winning and losing sales cycles
  11. 11. “How do I convert quicker?” Sales Methodology Sales ProcessHow am I doing in this Account / Opportunity Where am I in this Opportunity and what compared to the competition? must I do next to progress it? Sales Skills How do I execute the Sales Methodology and Sales Process to improve performance and sustain results?
  12. 12. TAS Sales Methodology + Technology = Like Assessment Political Decision Collaboration Competitive PRIME Coach Me Map Criteria Map Strategy ActionsTAS Methodology 1 2 3 4 5 Is there an Can We Can We Is It Worth Test and Approve Opportunity? Compete? Win? Winning? the Plan Early Qualification Competitive Positioning Alignment Risk Assessment and Compelling Event and UBV
  13. 13. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.
  14. 14. Free Resources Score your sales effectiveness. Get advice. See how you compare. Create a customized sales process. Read our blog featuring insights on sales effectiveness. @tgfoster @thetasgroup Follow us on Twitter.
  15. 15. Common Challenges We Hear “Our employees spend too much time getting contracts signed after getting to „yes.‟” “We completely lose visibility into contract status after emailing/ faxing/posting.” “We need to send/sign on mobile devices.” “We need to integrate into a number of existing systems.” “We need a solution that works globally.” DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 15
  16. 16. DocuSign Value Proposition Printing, faxing Increased Speed Slow execution to Results Shipping (Multiple Signers) Reduced Costly operations Operating Costs Lost contracts Error prone & Accurate & Secure unsecure Transactions Missing signatures Poor customer Delighted Rekeying data experience Customers DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 16
  17. 17. DocuSign Sample Customer Results Receive Signed Contracts within 2 hours instead of 2 weeks Increased Revenue by $3.094M Annually Close Rates Up 30% Order Provisioning Reduced from Days to hours Cut Days To Cash From 120 to 30 Use Of Salesforce Up 300%; 500 Non-Productive Admin Hours Slashed Close Rates Doubled From 24% to 50%; Not In Good Order to 0 One branch saving £4,000 Annually in Paper and Ink
  18. 18. About DocuSign Our Vision Empower anyone to sign anything, anywhere, anytime. DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 18
  19. 19. DocuSign Sample Customers Across Industries DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 19
  20. 20. Inevitable