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Download escan internet security suite v11 free & review


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Download escan internet security suite v11 free & review

  1. 1. eScan Internet Security Suite v11Best ReviewDownload Link: overall design and look of eScan Internet Security Suite v11is a littledifferent from other comparable Internet Security Suites but doesn’t gooverboard with the overall look and feel so much so to confuse anyone. Themost notable aspect is the ‘dock’ at the bottom of the GUI – which hosts allthe necessary icons pertaining to each module. The first glance itself willremind you of a Mac style interface which is easy to comprehend. The rest ofthe GUI is much simpler, with a plain tab for each module providing start/stopbuttons, information on status, reporting of events etc.Malware ProtectionThe latest version of eScan Internet Security Suite v11features awhitelisting system which eliminates any risk of false alarms on importantOperating System files. The product’s scanning speed has gained aconsiderable boost when compared to older versions but can be a littleunpredictable – with some scans taking notably more or less time than thesame job run just moments earlier. Running a standard basic scan – coveringonly memory, registry and so on – took a few minutes at most, but a thoroughcheck of a large, well-stocked system can take a few hours and is usually bestleft for an overnight run when the machine is not in use (of course, acomprehensive and well-designed scheduler system is rightly made availableto simplify and automate this). This is quite reasonable considering the depthsat which malware infect PCs these days.
  2. 2. Both RAM and CPU usage have also decreased and eScan ISS v11has aconsiderably light impact on the system when performing common tasks. Inaddition to the standard protection offered by this file scanning and monitoringmodule, there are a couple more elements covered in the main ‘File Anti-Virus’ section of the interface which definitely need a mention here. Buried onthe second tab of the settings dialog for this section is a checkbox marked‘Enable Proactive Scan’, which applies an extra layer of heuristics fordetecting suspicious activities at run-time, including monitoring registrychanges and so on. However, the option is disabled by default, but is usefulwhen users need an extra layer of protection. This additional protection wascounter balanced by a slightly increased tendency to warn about legitimateitems performing unusual actions though – so this option is perhaps bestreserved for experts and the extremely paranoid.A nifty little addition is the ‘Folder Protection’. When enabled it helps lockdown specified folders from being modified thus preventing any changes tothe files stored in them. A major plus as it allows one to secure importantitemsand keeps them safe from damage.Additional FeaturesThe second and third tabs on the GUI dock are mail anti-virus and anti-spam.They are differentiated by their icons – one featuring the look of a mailbox andthe other featuring an envelope. The mail scan feature is prettystraightforward and its default setting itself blocks a wide range of executablefile formats and specific file names commonly used by malware. Additionaloptions include checking inside compressed files, looking out for attachmentswith multiple file extensions and watching out for attempts to exploit
  3. 3. vulnerabilities in mail clients. The option to block all HTML emails containingscripts has also found its way here. There is also an extra feature in the formof a mail backup system, which can be set to archive all mails andattachments to a selected location. All of this is clearly laid out and generallypretty self-explanatory.
  4. 4. The firewall feature is a fairly standard implementation, with a scale ofprotection ranging from allow all to block all, via ‘Limited filter’ (only applyinga basic set of rules) and ‘Interactive filter’ (prompting for user decisionswhen something is not defined). The basic settings seem fairly well definedand work reasonably well, while the interactive mode is much more thoroughbut presents a lot of pop-ups if not configured carefully. Fortunately, a gooddepth of configuration is provided once again, and it evidently shows a decentamount of effort has been made to assist less skilled users. The tweaking andadding of rules is well presented allowing even not so experienced users toget a hang of it quickly.The ‘Endpoint Security’ section covers application and USB device control.The USB section scans flash drives for malware and disables autoplay, blocksSD Cards and Web Cams; it can also be set to block or insist on a passwordfor all USB devices and to whitelist known devices. Application control isconsiderably more complex, with a huge list of known applications groupedinto categories and blockable on a per-application basis. The categories covergaming, messenger, media player and P2P software – extending the alreadythorough parental controls settings to a more business-ready level.
  5. 5. Another interesting feature is the Security Suite’s ‘Privacy Control’. Itbasically focuses on browsers and can clear history, caches, cookies etc. ondemand or on a schedule. It can also be used to browse history and cachesand delete individual items and clear Windows recycle-bin and recentlyaccessed lists. However, it currently is only limited to clear junk left behind byInternet Explorer and Firefox. For Chrome, Opera and Safari users canspecify the path that would need to be cleaned.Nevertheless a default cache clearing option for the previously mentionedbrowsers would have been more than welcome for the average user. Onceagain, the controls are clear, simple and comprehensive and most of therequired and important features seem to have been covered to ensure thatwhatever you’ve been up to can be erased in a single click or scheduled fordeletion – ideal for the paranoid user.ConclusioneScan Internet Security Suite v11comes with a whole bunch of features builtto satisfy a wide range of users. It maintains, and even improves upon theexcellent levels of detection and proactive protection provided by previousversions. The suite comes with a professional layout and features a fine set ofconfigurations and controls not seen in a handful of other competing products.The extra set of features is more than impressive and the addition of parentalcontrols makes it a versatile competitor to a large set of Security Suites
  6. 6. present in the market. With certifications from ICSA Labs, VB100, WestcoastLabs (Checkmark), AV-Comparatives you can be rest assured that your PCwill stay safe & secure from web based threats.Download eScan Internet Security Suite v11 freetrial and Full Version From Avangate 1. Download Free Trial Here: 2. Download Full Version Here: Download eScan Internet Security Suite v11 From Official Site Here:Preview eScan Internet Security Suite v11 Site To Review:More Review on Top :