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eSavvy Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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eSavvy Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. 1. Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Click Dimensions
  2. 2. Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  3. 3. Marketing Automation with Click Dimensions Email Marketing Web Tracking Lead Scoring Nurture Marketing SMS Messaging Campaign Tracking Form Capture Surveys Landing Pages Social Discovery Integrations (GoToWebinar) Training & Support
  4. 4. Email Marketing
  5. 5. Drag and Drop Simple Drag-And-Drop Advanced Image Editing Block Editor Simple Wizard-driven No HTML involved Freestyle Editor Medium Very flexible Optional ability to edit HTML Custom HTML Advanced 100% control of HTML 4 Editors to Create Email
  6. 6. Workflow Send from any CRM workflow process Single Send any template directly from a lead or contact record Bulk Send to any combination of leads, contacts, accounts and/or marketing lists 3 Ways to Send Email
  7. 7. Create Email
  8. 8. Create Marketing Campaign
  9. 9. Link Email To Marketing Campaign TO TRACK RESULTS
  10. 10. Create Marketing List TO SEGMENT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE
  11. 11. NEW – Drag and Drop Editor
  12. 12. NEW – Drag and Drop Editor – Image Editor
  13. 13. Block editor No HTML knowledge needed!
  14. 14. Block editor
  15. 15. Block editor - Result
  16. 16. Free Style Editor
  17. 17. Custom HTML Emails Upload HTML or HTM Files Sites with free HTMl email templates: 100+ free templates from Campaign Monitor Free template examples from Mail Chimp Free templated from Benchmark Email TIP!
  18. 18. 137% increase in open rate from personal note approach Marketing Sherpa Blog, November 27th, 2012
  19. 19. Personalised Emails
  20. 20. Social Sharing Share Share
  21. 21. Social Sharing Statistics
  22. 22. Dynamic Content Based on Your Audience
  23. 23. Email Statistics
  24. 24. Email Statistics – Open Rate, Click Rate
  25. 25. Email Statistics – Clicks Report
  26. 26. Email Statistics – Clicks Report
  27. 27. Emails sent as part of the campaign
  28. 28. Export files (CSV, PDF, etc),
  29. 29. Individuals’ Email Statistics
  30. 30. Score Tip: Increase a Lead or Contact’s Score via CRM Workflow
  31. 31. Email Statistics – Click Heat Map
  32. 32. CRM Dashboards – Overall Performance
  33. 33. Test Emails
  34. 34. Test In Your Inbox
  35. 35. Spam Assassin Report
  36. 36. Inbox Preview
  37. 37. A/B Split Test
  38. 38. Distribute Emails - Subscriptions
  39. 39. Add Recipients - Marketing List/s - Contact/s - Account/s Or combinations of all
  40. 40. Schedule When to Send Email Send Now VS. Send on a particular date and time
  41. 41. Trigger Auto Emails Nurture Program CRM Workflow
  42. 42. Manage Your Email Subscriptions VS. Generic Unsubscribe Managed Subscriptions
  43. 43. Managed Subscriptions A Subscription List can contain many Marketing Lists
  44. 44. Manage Bounced Emails
  45. 45. SMS / Text Messaging
  46. 46. Bulk SMS
  47. 47. Personalised SMS
  48. 48. SMS Statistics
  49. 49. Nurture Marketing
  50. 50. Nurture Program Tip: Use CRM Workflows to create other nurture conditions and rules
  51. 51. Website tracking and scoring
  52. 52. Anonymous Visitors ClickDimensions tracks all website visitors and their activity Identified Visitors Through email link clicks or form captures visitors identify themselves ClickDimensions calls social discovery ClickDimensions links past anonymous browsing Can be new CRM lead or existing CRM lead or contact Qualified Visitors Through social discovery, form capture, web behavior, lead score, etc. qualified leads become obvious Sales wins opportunities more quickly and efficiently Marketing measures, refines and improves Identified Organizations ClickDimensions discovers the organizations from which visitors are browsing Maiking the Visitor Connection
  53. 53. Visits from search engines
  54. 54. Track Your Online Ads
  55. 55. Track Links to Files and External Websites • Track all clicks from your site to a partner site • You want to create a landing page where clicking on a PDF file is considered a conversion (instead of completing a web form) • Track all clicks to links on your corporate overview PPT file or PDF data sheet • Automatically trigger an email to be sent to someone who downloaded a certain file or files on your web site • Track every time a visitor clicks on your link to a certain file; even if that file is not on your web site make sure that the link is absolute – complete URL
  56. 56. Track clicks on links from Outlook emails
  57. 57. Individual Tracking Summary – Profile View
  58. 58. Web Content Landing Pages, Forms, Surveys
  59. 59. Landing pages
  60. 60. LP – Block Editor
  61. 61. Surveys
  62. 62. Drag and Drop designer for Surveys and Forms
  63. 63. Surveys with Skip Logic
  64. 64. After Survey Actions CRM WORKFLOWS
  65. 65. Forms
  66. 66. Event Registration
  67. 67. After Registration Actions
  68. 68. eSavvy – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Certified Partner 1300 799 723 Contact Us If You Are Interested In Improving Your Marketing Activities