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Working WITH Workforce Diversity


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Eric Lynn, Management Coach, speaking about ’ Working WITH Workforce Diversity – A Mindset Approach to Real Integration’

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Working WITH Workforce Diversity

  1. 1. Working WITH Workforce DiversityA Mindset Approach to Real Integration Eric Lynn © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  2. 2. Defining the Problem Our Attitude towards Diversity The Problem is ...We treat Diversity as a Problem! © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  3. 3. Defining the Problem Our Attitude towards DiversityWhat organisations attempt to ‘do about Diversity.Why this approach is counter-productive as well as a waste of time and resources. DiversityTraining is ineffective because ... 1. Goal is conformity. Conformity contradicts diversity. Conformity encourages assimilation, not integration. Result: inner resistance. People dont like being told what to do! 2. Focus is behaviour change. Behaviour is only what you see. It may or may not be genuine. Positive behaviour can hide a negative attitude. 3. Conformity blocks innovation. Diversity is a natural foundation for innovation. Without innovation, organisations die. © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  4. 4. Layers of Culture national ethnic culture cultureorganisation professional culture The culture Individual age / generation belief gender © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  5. 5. Culture ... A world view that governs ourperspective on any aspect of life. = ATTITUDE © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  6. 6. Your Business Integration Question ...What do I really want from WITH my people? nt in t e natural er e m curiosity ac tio lv vo nin drive po passion ible? tewhy? p os s nt ial hats w © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  7. 7. Some Organisation Design Questions What do you want your corporation to BE?DIV001© Eric Lynn ● © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  8. 8. Some Organisation Design Questions HOW does your corporation need to BE to innovate and grow?DIV002© Eric Lynn ● © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  9. 9. Some Organisation Design Questions What needs to happen so people say ... "I want to work with you"?DIV003© Eric Lynn ● © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  10. 10. Some Organisation Design Questions Who do we invite to our think tanks innovation centres, etc.?DIV004© Eric Lynn ● © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  11. 11. Some Organisation Design Questions How do we make decisions? Who do we involve?DIV005© Eric Lynn ● © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  12. 12. Some Organisation Design Questions How do we design our business to enable free-flow innovation?DIV006© Eric Lynn ● © 2012 Eric Lynn ●
  13. 13. INTEGRATION SUCCESS STORIES UK, D, S, DK, B Electrical, Civil, Environment EngineersRAVEL:Rail Service Providers ManagementDesign for Systems manufacturers University ProfessorEnvironment Reasearch Institutes, University IT, Finance, Business Sub-suppliers, European Commission UK, D, F, B, P, CH, CDN Engineers, Project Managers,Corporate IT, Finance, Business, Prod. Man,Acquisition Adtranz (D,UK, CH) Sales, Marketing, HR Bombardier (CDN) Senior ManagementInsurance: UK, D, S IT, Finance,IT Systems 3 x Country HQ Managing DirectorsIntegration External providers © 2012 Eric Lynn ●