Andre Milteer Visual Cv Resume


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Professional Visual Portfolio of Andre V Milteer, M.A., Psychology

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Andre Milteer Visual Cv Resume

  1. 1. Andre Valentino Milteer Jobs CHIEF RESUME WRITER & JOB COACH We're Hiring: (917) 508-6437 • General interest eResumes4Vips • View All Jobs Central Texas , TX United States VisualCV Creator About eResumes4Vips VisualCV Creator eResumes4Vips is a online career and resume writing resource for Entry through C-Level workers experiencing job exploration. All of the resume examples and career resources are free. Should the reader or visitor desired customized and targeted job coaching and tailor-made resumes, for-fee professional services are available. My Rs4Vips Blog Page, via RSS, keeps you up-to-date with the latest and greatest career building tools only available at eResumes4Vips. For more valuable information, go to my Slideshare, Technorati, and YouTube portfolios. Profile Experienced Sales and Marketing Professional with a High Expertise in reaching Target Audiences to Make decisions with a Sense of Urgency. Ability to transform Job Candidate Resumes and Cover eResumes4Vips and VisualCV letters into a High Impact and Highly Responsive Marketing tool that quickly results in a Job Interview. have partnered to help you to present your Best Visual- Resume-Self. Feel free to contact Key Skills me for a NO-COST Consultation. Click on the VisualCV Creator *Job Targeted * Specific * Clear * Measurable * Expertise- Driven *e-Resume conversions button or telephone (917) (Microsoft Word, ASCII, Adobe pdf) *Resumix On-Line expertise *Resume Keyword Optimization 508-6437. *Internet Job Bank Resume expertise *Dubai, Iraq, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates Job Targeting Chief Resume Writer Need to Look for or Make a Free Printable Resume? Chief Resume Need to look for a FREE Printable Resume that Make Employers Call You! Writer How Can You make an "e-Resume" for online submissions to multiple employers??? Make your own FREE printable resume...Waitress, Preschool Teacher, Executive, and/or College 5 Tips to a Great Student--No sweat--with the resume help of Resume Sales & Marketing Consultant• Achieved Sales Leader (Production), for 3 consecutive years • Grew Client List by 40% annually • Expanded product offering that increased household products by 25% annually Store Management Your resume is your 'call-in card.' • Motivated 30 Service Team Members to achieve a Quarterly 90% satisfaction rating The key to getting past the HR • Continued to achieve Grocery Sales Goals while undergoing a $5M renovation "smell test," is to be specific & measureable. Psychology Associate • Helped 15 Job Transition Clients with Military anxiety and separation I strongly recommend using issues custom-tailored resume objective • Diagnosed, Treated, and Case Managed 25 Adolescents within a Military Hospital Setting statements. Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Education eResumes4Vips University of M-H Baylor Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology (1996) Texas-United States Need to look for a FREE Printable American Writers Artists Inc (AWAI) Resume that Make Employers Professional (Advanced) Resume Writer Course Call You! How Can You make an "e- Resume" for online submissions VisualCV Examples to multiple employers??? Make your own FREE printable resume...Waitress, Preschool Graphic Designer, Karate Cat Author, Marcello, M., Visual CV Teacher, Executive, and/or College My Own Personal VisualCV Student--No sweat--with the resume help of Affiliations Member: • American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI) Dirty Little Secrets of HR • LinkedIn, Retired Army Veterans Group Resume Handling • HR Talentbar • Site Build Group • Linked HR Group • Resume Target Group • Guerilla Marketing Group Resume workshop for high • Internet Affiliate Marketers Association school business professionals. • Link Eds & Writers Videotaped October 2008 SiteSell Military Resume Service Dept of the Army After serving 20 years as a Military Musician and a Graduate Intern Psychological Associate, I am very proud of my honorable veteran status. Transitioning Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Success Gallery Military Officers and Non-Comms will truly benefit from the resume writing and job coaching services My Mission Positive Mental of Andre @eResumes4Vips. eResumes4Vips Statement Attitude Resume Sample Credentials Master of Arts, Psychology Personal mission A short list of positives Sample of my resume statement. Help tool from Napoleon Hill work courtesy of Nightingale- Conant, Inc Graphic Certificate Psychological Associate Dad and I, Aug Dale's Work Resume 2007 Ethic Questionaire Texas Licensure (former) Certificate Professional Dad, R.I.P (1920-2008) Poster work created by Career columnist and Resume end-product starts with a powerful Recommendations best-selling author, Dale fact-gathering tool. Dauten Professional Recommendations LinkedIn Recommendations Karate Cat Obama Visual Wall Street Chief Resume Writer at CV Journal 5 visible recommendations for this position: [ Edit ] “Great site for writing any resume! Check it out, you will love the help you get!” September 12, 2008 Diane Fernandez , Trainer , SUNY@Buffalo was with another company when working with Andre at Barack Obama also has News Headline of a VisualCV Obama's 2008 Election Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. Illustrated novel from Win in the race to “Andre is detail oriented. With Andre's rising star author, become the Nation's help I was able to capitalized on Marcello Milteer 44th President Major Savings on my Home.” August 17, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity USA Today Austin LinkedIn HR American Group Celia George hired Andre as a Insurance Agent in Statesman 2001 , and hired Andre more than once “Andre is a detail-oriented worker who has great experience and expertise. His leadership skills are impeccable. He is a hard worker who is willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Andre is both dependable and a man of great integrity and character. He is a professional with incredible personality and geninue love for News Headline of Professional Affiliation News Headline of people. He is a team player who Obama's 2008 Election Win in the race to Obama's 2008 Election works well with others. I highly become the Nation's Win in the race to recommend Andre to your 44th President become the Nation's organization.” August 14, 2008 44th President Heath Peloquin , Pastor , Brighton Park Baptist Church worked with Andre at Resume Target U.S. Army (Ret) TalentBar HR Group Group Group “I wanted a great resume for my career endeavors, he has been writing resumes for me for over 5 years, and I always get the job! His work WILL get employers to call you. 100% satisfaction.” August 12, 2008 Marcello Milteer , Graphic Designer , Merit Industries was a consultant or contractor to Andre at “I have been inspired to work on my linked in page because of the Professional Affiliation Professional Affiliation Professional Affiliation connection with Andre Milteer. I would recommend him for resume services to improve your professional career documentation.” July 26, 2008 SlideShare Desiree Richardson , Division Officer , Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes SlideShare Badge Insurance Agents worked with Andre at Profile and Obama 08 Playbook White Paper about Social media marketing Online Portfolio Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Resume Partner Karate Cat Blog Updates from rising star author, Marcello Milteer and webpage example of a resume for a graphic designer. Interview Prep Tips Audio podcast cortesy of, Deloitte, and Apple iTunes Insurance Agents and Obama 08 Insurance Agents will have more success by borrowing the Web 2.0 techniques from the Obama 08 Playbook Job Interview Tips This next-generation resume was created using VisualCV Page 5 of 5